Working From Home …


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Have you worked from home?

Perhaps many of you have tried that before.
What do you think about it?

I did try working from home before.
I feel more relaxed, I can work whenever I feel I want to work, I can save some money that I usually use for transportation (I use train to the office), and money to buy lunch.

I don’t need to think, what dress should I wear on that day, or worry whether that I missed the train, and so on.

I feel joy! Or I think I feel joy …

That’s what I thought.

But after several days working at home, I feel that my working hours become longer than if I work at the office. I started sleeping in the morning, whilst most of the people in the housing complex started preparing themselves to the office.

Wow … this is not right. I should enjoy more when I’m working at home.

I tend to multi-task, err … I mean changing task. So when I am working at something, I tend to look at other things, checking other things, such as my phone, whether there’s a new message (I set the phone to: Phone calls only), or check my Twitter account whether there’s someone mentions my name, etc.
That’s why, I tried to challenge myself to focus on my work just in 15 minutes, if I failed, then I need to start again …

It’s really hard at first, but well, I’m still doing it.

So my suggestion is if you work at home (I am still single, so I think this is the suggestion for singles?), try to work as if you are working in the office. I know there will be some distractions, but try to keep yourself working in the office hour (some is 9-5, or perhaps if you start at 10AM, then you need to finish at least at 6PM).

Close your door, or if you live with your family, tell them, that you are working at home, so it will prevent them to ‘disturb’ you. (but sometimes for me, if my mom asked me to drive her to a supermarket, I will try my best to accompany her for a while and continue my work after that :D).

Try to sleep like a normal people :D. I know that I still like that to postpone in doing something, because I know that I can do it later and later and later … , but I tried to sleep like a normal people.

Anybody wants to add more suggestion?
Feel free to add 🙂 🙂

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