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Indonesia - Jogja - Sendratari Ramayana - Taking photo with the casts

A tourist is taking picture with the casts of Sendratari Ramayana in Jogja – Indonesia

Sometime ago, I was contacted with Withlocals, and telling this concept about empowering the locals in the travel industry. I am kind of interested with the concept, where the locals can earn money by doing what they like, such as cooking, showing some arts activities, and so on.

Withlocals itself is a start-up from Netherlands, and they will go live this September in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

So if you’re interested with this concept, and want to take part in it, you can visit Withlocals website.

But here’s an article of Withlocals to give you more insight about it.

Let’s hang with the locals! Unique way of visiting Indonesia

Everyone recognizes it: you are visiting a new city and all the streets seem unfamiliar yet exciting, but you have no clue where to start exploring. Often, you find yourself ending up in one of those already crowded touristic places, while missing out on a whole lot of fun that is going on a few streets down the block. Touristic places like to sell the idea of being authentic, but mostly, they are all providing you with the same experience. On your journey abroad, the real magic happens when you step out of the touristic comfort bubble, and start thinking like a local. Ever wondered where the locals live, eat or do their shopping? You probably did, but it was hard to find these places in your touristic information booklet.

Now there is a new kid on the block in travel land, Withlocals, which aims to change some things in the travel industry. By removing the intermediary travel agencies, Withlocals connects locals and travelers directly through food and experiences.

Now what exactly does this mean? Imagine yourself going on a trip to Yogyakarta, and being invited for dinner at a local family’s home. You will have a meal for a cheaper price, discover a different culture and taste a real authentic dinner you will never forget. The hosts can set up their own prices and make new friends all over the world by simply using skills they already have, such as preparing authentic homemade meals.

The idea is to enable people to show their own strengths and skills. After all, everybody is good at something. Next to dinners with locals, you can also have tours and exciting activities with them. Learn for instance how to make your own milk, how to drive the tuk-tuk, or where to find the best street food stalls!

Withlocals will kick off in Indonesia. After this, the organization will expand to other countries to Asia. Got excited? You can find more information and even subscribe for the first launch in September on the website of Withlocals.

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