Good ambience and good food at Wild Grass Bandung

Wild Grass Resto or in short just Wild Grass in Bandung (I think) is another new addition in Ciumbuleuit area, and it’s one of a good restaurant in Bandung too. The thing that I love with the restaurants in this location is the spacious area that the restaurant has, say Maxi’s Resto, or Miss Bee. The area usually also has a big yard beside the restaurant area.


Welcome to Wild Grass in Bandung

How does Wild Grass look like?

Wild Grass is a two-story big house with a big yard beside it. There are plenty of dining area inside the house separated in some sections, even guests can also have a private dining moment upstairs, which can fit up to 20 persons in one long table. There’s also a seating area where guests can sit beside the window with the view of the small garden. Outside, there are more seats beside the yard, including the tables beside the bar.


Outdoor seating area


Indoor dining area at Wild Grass


Private dining area on second floor

Where did I sit? I prefer to sit outside, so I can feel the fresh air and cool weather. I sit at the table beside the bar under the canopy, so I don’t need to move to other table when the rain falls haha.


Rather sit outside beside the yard 😉

Talking about the design, well, just like what my friend said, the restaurant has the ‘unfinished design’ or with the cool language, it has the industrial and simple design. Just look at the wall, some are naked as we can see the bricks, and some is the concrete wall. But it looks simple yet cool, don’t you think 😉


Well, my friend said that this the ‘unfinished design’

How’s the food?

To be honest, there are lots of food that I want to try here, just like the one that is recommended by the staff, which is the T-bone steak. But my friend and I tried different food — dunno why, it seems, most of the time I would choose a different menu than the one is recommended by the staff lols.

Permesan Pesto Crusted Tenderloin

I ordered the Permesan Pesto Crusted Tenderloin. I love the meat here, it’s so tender and juicy, plus the topping of crushed nuts and cheese. The sauce itself is the mushroom sauce. The thing that surprise me is the carb accompanied the meat. They use the sweet potato for the carb with cream and cinnamon powder. It’s kinda weird to eat the sweet potato, but luckily the sweet of cinnamon really helps me eating it haha.


Errr … okay, not so good photo of the food, but guarantee that this food is delicious! 😀

Pepperoni Pizza

The other food that my friends and I ordered was the pepperoni pizza. Well, yeah, it’s pizza. It’s a thin pizza, and I thought it would be like the thin pizza cooked with wooden stove or something. But no, it’s not. It’s just like a regular pizza, but it’s thinner and yummy. If you love cheese, then I think you would love it too. Not only the cheese and pepperoni, but the pizza also has a ‘running’ egg in the middle. This made the first bite becomes nicer!


Pepperoni Pizza


For dessert — yes we still managed to have dessert, we ordered Chili Choco Lava. We were curious with the taste, and how spicy it would be. Well, the chili here will not disturb your digestive system. It said in the menu that it’s only ‘a hint of chili’. What I love when I ordered Choco Lava cake is to see the melted chocolate slowly flowing outside the cake when I sliced it open. Apparently in here, they put the cake inside a bowl — well, not really a bowl, but I didn’t know the name of it haha. As it is inside the bowl, I could not see the choco lava flowing out from the cake *sigh* lols. But, not to worry too much, as the chocolate tasted good!


Chili Choco Lava


I ordered hot tea this time as I had a sore throat! gheez. But my friend ordered something like a fusion fruity drink, which tasted really fresh. I didn’t remember the name of it. It’s kinda unique on how they served the drink. Looks like that we could not take a peek what’s inside haha. So dare to see what’s inside? Lols.


So, what’s inside this fruit infused drink?


My Dilmah tea …


The drinks factory 😀

Any tips if I decided going to this place?

I think it is best to come during the weekday after lunch time haha. That would be the ideal time to visit this place, as you will know that this place is still new, and could be crowded during the weekend.

And don’t forget to order the T-bone steak, and let me know the taste 😉


Some photos from Wild Grass 🙂

Wild Grass Resto

Jalan Gunung Kareumbi No.10, Cimbeluit, Bandung

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Well, my table at Wild Grass, was just next to this table lols


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