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Recently I had a chance to visit Purwakarta, which is located between Jakarta and Bandung. This was my second visit to Purwakarta. My first visit was to attend the special event about Festival Steak Maranggi late last year. And it was nice to visit this place again, especially meeting with Kang Dedi Mulyadi, who is the regent of Purwakarta. He is very humble, visionary, and also care to his people in Purwakarta. This time, the visit was only 2 days, and I think it’s not really enough to explore this city haha.

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Welcome to Purwakarta 🙂

What to do

Museum Bale Payawangan

This was my second visit to this museum. It’s a very interesting museum, and I think a must visit if you love history. It’s not only just an archive of Purwakarta and Sundanese kingdom in the past, but it has digitized most of its archive. You can read the history from a touch-screen LCD, where it is shown a book, so you just tapped the side of the book, to turn to the next page. We can read the history from the Dutch colonization, Japanese colonization, until the present time.


Entrance of Museum Bale panyawangan in Purwakarta

In this museum, you can also explore the city on a bike at the museum. Hold on … Ride a bike inside a museum? Well, yes, but you explore the city virtually haha. While you bike, you will face 3 LCD screens that show the street of Purwakarta and the surrounding. It’s fun! Haha. Another fun thing to do in the museum is that you can take a picture of you with Kang Dedi himself. Okay, he’s not there physically though, just virtually 🙂


Digital history books


Ride a bike to explore the city 😉

This museum is also equipped with mini theatre, where you can watch a video about interesting places in Purwakarta, and other things.

The parks

The other thing that I love about Purwakarta is the parks. It has a big complex of park near the regent’s office. Although the parks are located in the same big complex, they have different names, such as Taman Panca Warna and Taman Maya Datar. If you have accessed to enter the regent’s office, it has its own beautiful park and pond, also a pavilion in front of the house.


Enjoying one of the parks in Purwakarta


Taman Maya Datar …

I visited the parks during the weekend, so I could see many people visited the place. If there’s an upcoming event in town, such as the Independence Day of Indonesia which is happened in August, there will be people practicing for the event.


Practicing for the Independence Day event

If you love arts, crafting, clay pot, then you should go to the Maya Datar park. Near the tilted traditional house, you will see three people creating traditional arts, such as the wayang golek, traditional bamboo flute, and of course the clay pot. I did chat with the person who making the wayang golek. His name is Pak Djani, and he’s done this for a long time. The crafting skill was passed down from his parents. Seeing from the result, the crafting is so detail, love the colour and the cloth that they put on the wayang. And you know what, he has displayed the wayang at several places in Jakarta too, including in Kemang area. Didn’t really ask, where in Kemang, but supposedly a gallery.


Some of the artists doing their ‘magic’ at the park

Waduk Jatiluhur

This is the first time I went to Waduk Jatiluhur (Jatiluhur dam). The dam is also used to supply electricity to areas in Purwakarta. I visited the dam on my last day there, so not much things to do there at that time.

Besides the dam as the attraction, there is also an accommodation available, a café, and also some Instagrammable spots haha. There is also a boat that can take you to the village across. It should be interesting to visit the village there, but we didn’t have much time at that time.


The Jatiluhur dam …


The turbines to ‘change’ the power of the water flow into electricity

Sadly, during my visit, the famous water fountain on Sri Badega is under construction, so I could not witness this beautiful attraction. There are still more places to visit, such as the Jatiluhur Waterworld, climb the Badega Gunung Parang, and Giri Tirta Kahuripan. I guess, I will do this on my next visit to Purwakarta then 😉

Where to stay

Harper Purwakarta by Aston

There are some choices of place to stay in Purwakarta, including the Harper Purwakarta by Aston. Although it’s located in Bungursari, which is not that close to the city — I mean the Alun-alun Purwakarta (Purwakarta Square), but it’s a really nice place to stay. Apparently many people stayed at this place, as I could see many families enjoying the swimming pool on Sunday morning 🙂


Harper Purwakarta by Aston in Bungursari


Comfy room with … of course Wi-Fi connection 😀

The room is clean and the bed is comfortable, plus the Wi-Fi is also available inside the room haha. It seems Harper Purwakarta is still new, as there is a part of it that is still under construction — a property in front of the main building.

There are more hotels to come in Purwakarta, so more choices of place to stay soon 😉

What to eat

Sate Maranggi

Well, Purwakarta is famous for its Sate Maranggi (sate = satay). The use lamb and beef for the meat. There are of course, plenty of eating places that provide Sate Maranggi, but I did try Sate Maranggi Cibungur, which is located quite near with Harper Purwakarta.


I love … Lamb satay Maranggi

The place is so big, with semi-open simple property, and it’s always crowded. I heard that this place can finish up to tons meat per day haha!

As a lamb lover, I definitely love love love this satay. Just poured some soy sauce and the chilli padi that has been mixed with slices of tomato, then it becomes a more delicious food haha.

Traditional food

Every weekend, there will be a lot of traditional food being sold using carts at Singawinata Street, such as seblak. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to try it at that time. But would love to try the food one by one next time. It must be yummy!


Plenty of traditional food

How to get there?

Well, there are many alternatives on how to get to Purwakarta. First, if you drive your own car, you can use the same toll road with the one that you use to go to Bandung, i.e. Cipularang. Then take the exit on Sadang or Jatiluhur, depends on your itinerary.

If you use public transport, you can take a shuttle service (minibus) from Pancoran area, called Arnesh shuttle or bus called ‘Warga Baru‘ from Kampung Rambutan terminal.

However, if you go from the Soekarno Hatta International Airport (Jakarta), just take the Damri Bus with Purwakarta route.

What’s happening on Purwakarta

July and August are the months of celebration in Purwakarta. As Purwakarta’s anniversary falls on 20 July, the city has series of event that is held for a month, until end of August. On my visit, the event was Panggung Nusantara, where there were many stages on the main road of the city for various performance. Some of the road were closed for this event, so you need to make sure, where to park your vehicle to see the event.

There are still several events will be held until 27 August 2016, so don’t miss it! 😉


List of events for August 2016 in Purwakarta


I was one of the bloggers that was invited by Kang Dedi and the team to promote Purwakarta and the anniversary event. Thank you so much for the inviting me 🙂 You can also check the hashtag #PiknikPurwakarta on Twitter and Instagram.


We had a great fun in Purwakarta 🙂


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