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4 Fun water activities in Nusa Lembongan

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Staying in an island such as Nusa Lembongan [Bali – Indonesia] will give us plenty of things to do, from many water activities and exploring the island itself. My friend and I got a chance to taste some of the Lembongan watersport provided by Equator Beach Club [which is group under Bali Tjendana Adventures].

Indonesia - Bali - Bali Tjendana Adventures - Equator Fast Cruise

Going to Nusa Lembongan island from Serangan using fast boat provided by Equator Fast Cruise [Bali – Indonesia]

When going to Nusa Lembongan island using the speedboat, I saw some ‘floating house’ or a big boat with a slider near the beach. We called this as ‘pontoon.’ Perhaps you are wondering why there’s even such thing near the beach. Well, the pontoon is actually used as the temporary base for people who wants to do the water activities. It’s already filled with many equipment that is necessary for the water activities, including the life vest, but it’s not an obligation for you to do the water activities once you are in the pontoon. You can also be in the pontoon and just seat and watch, but … why don’t you want to join the others and jump to the water? 😉

Indonesia - Bali - Bali Tjendana Adventures - Equator Fast Cruise - The Pontoon as the base during water activities

The Equator Beach Club Pontoon near the beach in Nusa Lembongan island [Bali – Indonesia]

Here are 4 water activities that provided by Equator Beach Club while we were in Nusa Lembongan Island [Bali – Indonesia] where you should definitely check these water activities by yourself later 🙂

Banana Boat

Well who doesn’t love riding a banana boat, especially when we fell to the water haha! As this was not my first banana boat ride, I knew that I will be ‘thrown’ to the water, the result was a mix feeling of scared and excited. I automatically grabbed the rope so strong to prevent me from falling to the water. A bit contradictory, right? Lol …

Indonesia - Bali - Bali Tjendana Adventures - Equator Beach Club - Banana boat

Riding the everyone’s favourite ‘Banana Boat’ while you’re in Nusa Lembongan Island [Bali – Indonesia]


Frenzy is quite similar to ‘banana boat’ but instead of me sitting on the inflatable boat; but I laid myself on that boat [aka the ‘fish’]. It’s not as extreme as the ‘flying fish’ where the ‘fish’ will jump / fly off the water, but … I still needed to grip the rope tightly … if not, it’s not the ‘fish’ who will fly, but I would be the one who ‘fly’ to the water when the boat is taking the ‘sharp turn’ … Lol!!!!

Indonesia - Bali - Bali Tjendana Adventures - Equator Beach Club - Frenzy (02)

Having Frenzy while in Nusa Lembongan [Bali – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Bali - Bali Tjendana Adventures - Equator Beach Club - Frenzy! (01)

Grab that rope tightly or you will get frenzy! Lol … – At Nusa Lembongan [Bali – Indonesia]


This is the one that I’m waiting for as I’ve never done it before. As the name said that you will literally walk on the bottom of the sea … No worries … It’s not ‘that’ deep as the location of the pontoon is near the beach 😉 and it’s a safe activity as there are dive masters who will monitor ‘the walker’ [not ‘the walker’ from the Walking Dead lol].

The equipment is not complicated, I just used the big helmet made of steel. The helmet steel is heavy, so the weight of the helm plus the gravity will eventually ‘close’ the gap between the helm and your shoulder. The purpose of this is to prevent the water from coming in. So how do we get the oxygen? The helm is connected with the oxygen tube through a hose, that’s why there’s a limit on how far we could walk. Anyway, they have actually already set a small boundaries below the pontoon :-).

I need to remind you one thing … The temperature of the water is cooollllllddd!!!! And I didn’t wear any shirts! I felt cold from the moment I walked down the ladder!! Yikes hahaha!!

Indonesia - Bali - Bali Tjendana Adventures - Equator Beach Club - C-Walker

Getting ready to walk under the water! – Nusa Lembongan [Bali – Indonesia]


Hmm … Should I explain more about this? 😉 Just grab the snorkeling gear, jump to the water, and enjoy the underwater scenery 😉

Indonesia - Bali - Bali Tjendana Adventures - Equator Beach Club - Snorkeling

Who doesn’t love snorkeling? – Nusa Lembongan [Bali – Indonesia]

Fun things to do, right? Well at least for me, I could experience the one thing that I’ve never done before … The C-walker!

Now it’s your turn to join the fun and experience these water activities by yourself 🙂

Bali Tjendana Adventures

Sunset Road #88X, Kuta, Badung
Bali, Indonesia
p: (62) 361 8947209
f: (62) 361 8947209

If you’re looking for place to stay in Nusa Lembongan Island, why don’t you try ‘Lembongan Beach Club & Resort‘ located near to the Equator Beach Club. It has a wonderful private villa with a pool! Love the stay there. You can check my blog post about my stay here >> Lembongan Beach Club & Resort  🙂

Thanks to Bali Tjendana Adventures for letting us experience series of fun water activities!

Although I was invited to try the water activities , but all opinions are my own :-)

All photos are taken using my humble iPhone 5 camera ;-)


Indonesia - Bali - Bali Tjendana Adventures - Equator Beach Club - Clear sky is good for our water activities

Loving this clear water near Nusa Lembongan Island [Bali – Indonesia]

Mixed Up Already

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  • Cityoftheweek

    Oh man, it’s freeeeeezing here, and you’re posting articles about water sports. Jealous? Yes I am! VERY! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! 🙂

    • timothywp

      Yes we had so much fun!

      So why wait? Book a flight to Bali soon then 😉

  • Wayne

    Very interesting. water sport is an activity which is are very fun and can be done by anyone. and The children also loved it. This are very informative at all. nice info. thanks.

    • timothywp

      Thanks Wayne!

      Water sport is always a fun things to do during the holiday 😉

  • angela

    i want to enjoy bali too, but i hate dirty places. Is it sanitary?

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Of course it is 😉

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