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A nice escape place at Warung Kopi Kiwari Farmers

kiwari farmers bandung

Coffee and coffee shop are two things that I love at the moment, and I found this new coffee shop in Bandung, called Warung Kopi Kiwari Farmers (next I only say this as Kiwari Farmers). Well actually I saw it from Febri’s Facebook post and apparently this Kiwari Farmers is owned by Febri’s friend haha! It was a great decision to check this new coffee shop during my recent visit to Bandung, and I think you will love this too!


Kiwari Farmers coffee shop is attached to its owner’s house (Bandung – Indonesia)

The place

The design of the place is simple, yet lovely. There are 3 seating areas at Kiwari Farmers, such as at the front yard that has been redesigned into stages of floor, the back yard with a gazebo, and a lovely deck upstairs. My choice was of course the upstairs. They have prepared regular tables and seats here, but they also have set 3 low tables on the left side if you prefer to sit on the floor. I preferred the latter as it is easier for me to enjoy the wonderful view from this side, plus it has a big and comfortable pillow to sit haha!


My favourite side on Kiwari Farmers (Bandung – Indonesia)


Another seating area on the front yard of Kiwari Farmers (Bandung – Indonesia)

Even though the owner said that the place is not 100% finished yet, but I thought that this place is already done! Then, I realized what the owners meant, when the rain came. The stairs to upstairs doesn’t have a canopy at that time, and there was no curtain or cover on the left side of the upstairs, so my side was a bit wet haha!

And as it’s still a new coffee shop in town, the place is only open on the weekend.

Here’s the opening hours for Warung Kopi Kiwari Farmers:

Friday                 : 16:00 – 22:00
Sat & Sunday   : 07:00 – 13:00 & 16:00 – 22:00

The coffee and the food?


Coffee menu on Kiwari Farmers (Bandung – Indonesia)

They serve various type of coffees including the Luwak coffee, called Luwak Manglayang. The best thing with luwak coffee is it has a low level of acidity, which I love. And if you are a truly coffee lover, then you will love this place even more. They manually brewed the coffee, and you can request which method you want, such as V60, French Press, Vietnam drip or Aero Press. V60 is quite common for manual coffee brewing.

Then you will confuse with the menu of the coffee as it only has the price for the Luwak Manglayang? Well, they want you to taste the coffee as much as you want, and it’s a ‘pay as you wish’. You can just sit at the bar and order the coffee or just chat with him about coffee.


Sit on the bar and chat with the barista about coffee!

How about the food? They serve simple and traditional food with affordable price, such as cireng, cilok, baso aci, roti bakar (toast bread), and pisang panggang (grilled banana). The best choice for a cool weather is the baso aci (meatball that is made from tapioca flour), which is served with warm soup. Bakso aci is actually served with the chicken feet, so if you don’t like the chicken feet, then you can ask them to change it.


Baso aci and fried banana plus the coffee! – at Kiwari Farmers (Bandung – Indonesia)

Why I love this place

I love the view from up here. I could see the valley, and when the rain came, I could see the valley was covered with fog. It was a really nice place for an escape.


The view of the valley from Kiwari Farmers (Bandung – Indonesia)

When I came, it was not that crowded so I imagine myself opening my laptop and work, or read a book here. Wait, laptop? Yep, there are some power sockets upstairs.


Werk werk werk werk werk … at Kiwari Farmers (Bandung – Indonesia)

Anyway, I would love to come back to this place and stay here until the evening, as I want to see, how the valley looks like in the evening 😉

I also had the chance to talk with some of the guys and owner of Kiwari Farmers, apparently the owner, Ms. Karlina, also owned a coffee and Luwak farm in Bandung. The point of the story is they want to give the ‘fair trade’ to the farmers, as usually the price of the beans before the roasting process is quite low compare to the roasted one. More about this on my next blog post.

Is Kiwari Farmers easy to find?

The place is very easy to find, but it seems, there is no public transport going to this place. It has some space for the motorbikes and cars.

So, if you know Surapati Core, then you just take the Padasuka road. Kiwari Farmers is located near Gudang Cartil. Anyway, here’s the location on Google Maps:

Don’t forget to follow their social media account:

Facebook        :
Twitter            :
Instagram       :


Me with the people behind Warung Kopi Kiwari Farmers (Bandung – Indonesia)

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  • andry

    Nice article. thank you 🙂

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Thanks for visiting!

  • winny

    makan sambil pemandangan pegunungan begitu asyik ya timohty

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Bener banget nih, Win 😉

  • Joselito Bernardo

    I visited Kiwari Farmers coffee last March. It’s really a nice cool place to have coffee. I love the place. I like your article, its well written and vividly evokes the feelings i had when i was there. Thank you and i highly recommend the place.

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Thanks Jose! Yes, it’s a very cool place to sip a warm coffee 😉

  • Iqbal Kautsar

    waaah.. i like coffee and this article makes me wanna to drink a cup of coffee tonight. Manual brewing is koenci..


    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Grind that beans, Mister! 😉


    Kamu nulis nya pake bahasa inglis aku ngak paham dech hahaha
    Warung kopi lagi naik daun sekarang, semoga ngakmusiman doang

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hihihi … kan sambil belajarrr kaaak :3
      Iya nih, semoga langgeng coffee shop-nya 😉

  • Pink Traveler

    salam kenal mas Timo, waduh telat baca ulasannya padahal minggu lalu baru balik dari Bandung dan nginep di dago Highland Resort di Dago Pakar, lumayan dekat dari sana padahal aku pecinta kopi. selalu ada alasan ya utk datang lagi ke Bandung

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Yuk ke Bandung lagiii … Tempatnya enak kok buat nongkrong 😉

  • vira

    seems like a cool place to hang out at. and the name is so kiwari (kekinian).. hihihi..

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Yes, right! So Kiwari haha!! …

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