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Sitting beside the pine forest at Waroeng Pinus

waroeng pinus bandung

At first there was only Armor Kopi, but now there is Waroeng Pinus and some other coffee shops or eating place.

Yes, I was talking about the coffee shop at Taman Hutan Raya Juanda or also known as Tahura in Bandung. I was quite surprised to find out that now there are more choices of coffee shop there, after reading Pashatama’s blog about it. When I visited the place, I counted that there are now around 5 coffee shop and eating places there, including the famous Armor Kopi. However, after I looked around, I decided to try the new Waroeng Pinus, where the name ‘pinus’ is actually the translation of ‘pine forest.’

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Welcome to Waroeng Pinus (Bandung)

Is Waroeng Pinus easy to find?

It is very easy to find Waroeng Pinus. Just head to the Tahura Bandung, and you will arrive at the destination. You can enter to Waroeng Pinus from the parking lot, or you can go from inside the forest. Well, the coffee shops there are placed ‘side-by-side’ at the entrance of the pine forests, so you can literally walk out from Waroeng Pinus to other coffee shops from inside!


Well, you can go to Waroeng Pinus, from inside the forest 😉 (Bandung)

Design okay or not

The design of the café is actually quite similar to the one in Armor Kopi. The main small house uses the element of wood and glasses for the window. Compared to Armor Kopi that has a wide open space for the seating area, Waroeng Pinus chose to contain the area from the surrounding with hedgerows or a line of plants.


Isn’t lovely eating beside the forest?! – at Waroeng Pinus (Bandung)

They also has installed a fiberglass roof at the main dining area, as nobody knows when the rain will fall. I think it would be interesting to see the drop of the water from the sky from below? Right? Well, I did not experience it at that time, as it was not raining 😉


Great view on top of my head! – at Waroeng Pinus (Bandung)

One thing that I love about the design of this place is they built the place without cutting the trees. That’s why you will see the tree in the middle of the small house, or they make holes at the ceiling for the trees.


No cutting trees! The design of the house, adjusting with the tree. Love it 😉 – at Waroeng Pinus (Bandung)

The space

The space of Waroeng Pinus is not as wide as the Armor Kopi, but it is enough. You can choose to sit under the roof, or sit under the sky (no roof), beside the small house. The area under the roof seems ‘too cramped’ for me, as there are two long tables with some small tables.


Sitting under the roof? – at Waroeng Pinus (Bandung)

At first, I decided to sit beside the small house, where there were only a few of small tables. It felt nicer to sit there, as it’s just like sitting at the forest haha. Then, I heard the sound of the rain from other area (actually, I wasn’t sure where was the sound of the rain coming from), so I moved to the area with the roof. But then … there was no rain after I moved!!


I prefer to sit here!

And talking of this small house, there are actually some cute seats and small tables inside the house. But I guess, it’s hard to put your food and drinks together at that small table, right? 😉


Lovely setting of table and sofa inside the small house – at Waroeng Pinus (Bandung)


Besides drink, it also has some varieties of food. And somehow, I was interested to eat a light food at that time, so I ordered a chicken porridge.

Other foods that are available to order came from the Italian food area, such as spaghetti or penne. There is also some traditional food, such as pecel and fried rice 😉


Porridge, anyone? – at Waroeng Pinus (Bandung)

What do you think?

To be honest, all of the coffee shops there have the same view of the pines forest, but some of them also have the view of the lake.

I chose Waroeng Pinus, as it is located not that closed to other café, plus it’s not as crowded as Armor Kopi.

Would I come back again? Absolutely! I love the cool weather, and the ambiance of the forest 😉

To be honest, it’s just my personal preference. All of the coffee shops there has the same view of the pines forest, but some of them also have the view of the lake. I chose Waroeng Pinus, as it is located not that closed to other café, plus it’s not as crowded as Armor Kopi. Thus, I love the ambiance of this place.

The pine forest at Taman Hutan Raya Juanda (Bandung)

Waroeng Pinus


Location on Google Maps


Great place to read book or work too! – at Waroeng Pinus (Bandung)

Mixed Up Already

The things that I love are movies, music, and travel. I have an extended family in the movies world, called MoviegoersID, and we love to hang out and watch the movie together. How about music? Well, do you know The Corrs? Yep, they are a very talented family/musician that I deeply love since high school! If you love them, then we might get a long well ;-) . My love to music then grow to Sugarland, Christina Aguilera, The Script, and of course the one and only Anggun. Travel is the love that grows in me very late. At around 2011, I fell in love with travelling, and I tried my best to travel each month since that time. You can contact me at .




  • Deny

    Ini baru ya Tim? Aku dan suami tahun 2014 ke Tahura ga nemu kafe2 sama sekali didalam area. Malah kami makan jagung bakar depan Gua Belanda. Pengennya sih ke Air Terjunnya sekalian, tapi kesorean. Duh aku sebel banget kalo ingat Tahura ini. Jagung bakarku direbut sama monyet disana! *malah curhat :)))

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Ini baru sih, aku ya baru tau … dulu cuma ada Armor Kopi malah hehe.

      Waduhh … kok jagung bakarnya ga direbut balikkk?! #eh *kabuuuur* wkwkwk 😀

  • Vika

    My whistlist!

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Bilang2 kaakk kl ke sana 😉

  • Lindaleenk

    Kesananya ada angkot ga sih?

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Ktnya sih ada, cuma mesti jalan lagi kl ke atasnya wkwk … Naik Uber aja kaaakkk … pake ubertwp yaaa kodenya *teteuup* 😀

  • Jalankemanagitu

    Kalo ke bandung tar ke sini ah,~

    Btw, salam kenal dari Batam

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Salam kenal juga kakaakkk … 😉

      Ajak2 ya kl ke sini hehe!

  • Shasya

    aku juga suka Waroeng Pinus kalau dari sisi lokasi dan design tempatnya, tapi sayang mereka ga jual makanan kesukaanku : Cireng dan Bala-bala.

    Tapi buburnya lumayan kan yaaa.

    Oh dan mereka juga buka paling pagi di antara coffee shops yang lain lho 🙂

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Benerrr, buburnya lumayan kokkk … Wuih demen bala2 juga yaa :3

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