Working at the corner of Warkop Modjok

The name of this café that always on my mind was ‘Warong Modjok,’ but apparently the name is ‘Warkop Modjok’ haha! So ‘warkop’ stands for ‘warung kopi’ or coffee shop, and in Singapore, people like to call it as ‘kopitiam’, while ‘modjok’ means hmm … it’s a bit hard to explain, but when you said ‘modjok’ it means that you want to sit alone or with your friend at the corner, and don’t like to be disturbed. Am I right? Haha. But of course, this doesn’t apply to Warkop Modjok as there is no place for ‘modjok’ privately.


Welcome to Warkop Modjok (Bandung)

Is it easy to find

The place is actually already quite famous in the social media since several months ago, but I only got a chance to visit it on my recent visit in Bandung. The place is easy to find using the Google Maps, and it is actually located inside a housing complex in Setiabudi area (or it’s near Ledeng), hold on, let me reiterate, inside an expensive housing complex – I think! So I think the location of this place is really unique.


Vintage stuffs displayed at Warkop Modjok (Bandung)

Why popular

Even though the location is (what I saw) inside a housing complex, but there are still people coming to this place. The reason is simple. The place is so Instagrammable aka good for taking pictures. And, the place could get crowded sometimes, so I came early at that time, and I was the only visitor at first. Hooray!


Can I bring this cute hanger home? – at Warkop Modjok (Bandung)

‘Warkop Modjok’ has a different style of design compared to other houses in the complex. It’s a little wooden vintage house at a garden with white picket fences. As it was a quite morning at Warkop Modjok, so I can freely take pictures of the place, and made the staff wondered, what I was actually doing? Then I saw this notice board saying ‘Dimohon minum kopi’ or we should buy the food or drink first, and not just taking pictures of this cute settings.


Don’t just take pictures, you need to buy the food or drink also – at Warkop Modjok (Bandung)

The space

There are plenty of seats at the garden and inside the little house, and I was wondering what it looks like when the place is full! Most of the seats and tables are made from wood, except the place also uses barrels for some of the seats at the outdoor and all of the seats inside the house. Somehow, when I look at the table, it seems quite familiar to me, and then I saw this:


The table at my school looks like this! – at Warkop Modjok (Bandung)

Haha … The table looks like the table from the school!

As this place is located in Setiabudi area, which is still considered to have a cool weather, then I think it is okay to sit outside – when the sun was not too strong. However, well, if you want to be always connected – I mean your gadget and the laptop, then there are many power sockets inside the house. I think you can guess where I sat at that time, yep … inside the house and at the corner! Plus it has a Wi-Fi connection.


Outdoor is also fine, as the cool weather – at Warkop Modjok (Bandung)


Although it’s only a little house, but it has a wide selection of food and snacks. The food comes with nasi – nasian, such as fried rice, chicken with sweet and sour sauce, chicken soto, beef steak, and more! Hmm … I was not in the mood of trying something new, so I ordered the basic one. Fried Rice!

I know that I should order a coffee for a drink in Warkop Modjok, but again, I wanted to try drink other than coffee, so I ordered Ice Milo haha!


Keep your tummy satisfy with some food at Warkop Modjok (Bandung)

What do you think?

Do you want to come back to this place again? I guess so, but next time, I will bring along my friends, as this place is a good one to hang out with friends. I also love the cool weather in this area, so I would love to sit outside next time 😉

Warkop Modjok

Pinus Raya no. 73B Pondok Hijau Indah
Sersan Bajuri – Bandung

p: 082115111896 / 082217355515

Location on Google Maps


Find interesting in the menu of Warkop Modjok (Bandung)?





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