24-hours supply of Durian in Ucok, Medan

Indonesia - North Sumatra - Medan - Durian Ucok

The staffs in Ucok Durian is opening the durian – Medan (North Sumatra – Indonesia)

What crosses your mind when you heard the word ‘durian’?

The smell? Love it! The most delicious food on earth?

No matter whether you are a durian-lover or not; I think you will be amazed with an eating place called ‘Ucok Durian’ in Medan, North Sumatra – Indonesia.

Ucok Durian is an eating place that sells durian 24 hours in Medan. Yes you read that right! 24 hours supply of Durian!

Can you believe that there are people still eating durian at around 1AM? ๐Ÿ˜€

I visited this place with my friends around that time, and the visitors were not only us. There were already a few more people in this place!

Indonesia - North Sumatra - Medan - Durian Ucok - The tables

The โ€˜After Midnightโ€™ visitors in Ucok Durian – Medan (North Sumatra – Indonesia)

Well, of course there are not many people come at this hour, but still there are a few who comes. We’ve also prepared some durian-to-go for people who’s going to buy this in the morning for take-away‘ one of the staffs answered when I asked about the customers of Durian Ucok after mid-night.

When I saw plenty of durian lying on the floor, I asked how many durian that they sell on average per day.

Around 7,000 durian‘, the staff told me.

What??? 7,000 durians. O M G! That’s a lot of durian for just one day! Amazing!

Indonesia - North Sumatra - Medan - Durian Ucok - Plenty of durian lying on the floor

Plenty of durians on the floor! At Ucok Durian – Medan (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Then I asked my friend who ate the durian (- I don’t eat durian -), and some said that he could eat three durians as it’s so cheap there compares to durian’s price in ย Jakarta. Plus the taste of the durian is so nice.

This place is also famous withย its ‘satisfaction guarantee’ policy. If your durian is not good, you can exchange it with the new one! Love this!

So if you’re in Medan and craving to have durian in the middle of the night, you can go straight to Ucok Durian.

Ucok Durian
Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim
Medan, North Sumatra – Indonesia
Phone: (62) 819 859 540 / (62) 813 7506 1919


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