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[Guestpost] Travel, Photography and Food: A Match Made in Heaven

This is a guest post by Adam & Susan of – One bule, one WNI travelling the world one bite at a time.

For centuries people have explored the world out of a desire meet new people, discover new riches extinguish the boredom which may exist in their lives and today things are no different. Migrants move to new countries such as the USA to become more highly educated and get better jobs and backpackers like us travel to different countries to meet new people, discover the living conditions of the local people and to ensure we don’t get bored with a traditional career and traditional lifestyle.

One thing that we’ve noticed on our travels and also through the Indonesian travel blogging community is that travellers also like other things beside travel. They often love eating great food and taking photos as well! Take @twitDebbZie of for example. She has travelled all over the world, but when she is there she eats all different foods and then takes photos of that food. In recent times she has started putting those photos of food and the places she loves up on her travel blog.

We’ve also been doing something similar with a recent post about makanan di Laos. We also love to try new food when we travel and we also love taking photographs so of course it’s a cool idea to combine all the together.

But then again, you also have some people who are avid travellers and simply prefer to take photos of the landscape or of the people without delving into the realms of food. People such as @travelographers and @wiranurmansyah.

But for us, it always comes back to food, photos and adventure while travelling.

Like this banana pancake in Nong Khiaw.


And this bubur in Sam Neua.


How about this fruit salad?


Or this pad thai.


What do you think? Are travel, photography and food a match made in heaven? Do you like to taste local food when overseas? Let us know in the comments below.

Mixed Up Already

The things that I love are movies, music, and travel. I have an extended family in the movies world, called MoviegoersID, and we love to hang out and watch the movie together. How about music? Well, do you know The Corrs? Yep, they are a very talented family/musician that I deeply love since high school! If you love them, then we might get a long well ;-) . My love to music then grow to Sugarland, Christina Aguilera, The Script, and of course the one and only Anggun. Travel is the love that grows in me very late. At around 2011, I fell in love with travelling, and I tried my best to travel each month since that time. You can contact me at .




  • Mabarmalie

    Wow, awesome! I am so jealous! Can’t wait to see more dishes from more countries. 🙂

    • timothywpawiro

      Yes, me too. Even when I prepared this post and look at this yummy food, I just want to taste them right away! Haha! …

      You can also follow @PergiDulu journey in Twitter and their website 🙂

  • lesuperkikke


  • cityoftheweek


  • The Letter "B"

    I agree wholeheartedly! The three are a match made in heaven. Photos of places, people and food we encounter during our travels help cement the experiences in our minds. The colors in that fruit salad are gorgeous!

    • timothywpawiro

      True … everytime I look at some of travel photos, my mind just bring me back to the place 😉

      The fruit salad looks good, but I want to eat that pancake 😛

  • Sinthya

    Wow udah jadi aja nih blog culinary. YUMMY……

  • yohannahu

    Those pictures are successfully make me hungry :3

  • Marcos C.

    Once again, I don’t wanna be redundant, but all this food loos amazingly good! 🙂

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