TRAIN is in the town … on 05.12.2011

What: TRAIN Jakarta Concert

Where: Epicentrum Walk, Jakarta

When: 05 December 2011

I’ve never thought that I would see them performed live here …

First is because I like them, but not a big fan of them.

Second, I only know a few of their songs. I remembered when they won a Grammy awards for their song ‘Drops of Jupiter.’ Other than that, only their catchy song ‘Soul Sister’ and their recent song ‘Marry Me.’

Third, I only remember few words of their songs … haha!

But were these stopping me to come to their concert. Apparently NOT. 🙂

I came anyway … 🙂

Learning from the previous concert that I attended, this time I browsed the internet for their concert setlist, just to prepare me for the concert, and try to familiarize with the songs.

I found one from setlist website, then I started to play their songs in youtube while I opened their lyrics. Not that I remembered all the words, but at least I know the songs that they’re going to play.

And the second thing that I learned from the previous concert is ‘BRING CAMERA’ haha!

The venue was at Epicentrum Walk in Kuningan area. This is the first time I attended a concert inside a shopping centre.

The day before, I went to this shopping centre, and I saw the crew was installing the stage, lighting, speakers, and so on … So the location was inside the shopping centre, but it’s outside the building, so they called it semi-outdoor 🙂 It’s in the middle of the building … The area is not that big comparing to other venues, or even the ballroom from Pullman hotel for The Script concert.

Train Jakarta Concert - Preparing the stage (the day before)

I arrived at Pasar Festival (straight from the office :D), which is located near Epicentrum Walk, around 5:45PM to meet my friend, Josep Xavier, at McDonald. He said that we needed to leave around 6PM, so I decided to have a quick dinner there.

It’s important to eat something before the concert, so you will have energy to stand 🙂

After a quick dinner, we then walked to Epicentrum Walk.

Train Jakarta Concert - Dion, Lidya, and Me posingI met Lidya and her friend, Dion, around 6:15PM at the shopping centre, then we went straight to the venue. Our goal were to get the spot as closest as possible to the stage!

We thought there would be many people there, but apparently not so many people at that time. So we could get the spot in front of Jimmy Strafford, the guitarist, and in the front row too! Awesome!! 😀

Waiting in the venue was quite hot actually. I couldn’t feel the wind blow, I think it’s because it’s surrounded by the building. Oh well … 😀

Train Jakarta Concert - Opening Act - Anugrah Aditya of AdityaThe concert started around 8PM, with Aditya, as the opening act. He sang a few songs …

First I didn’t know who’s the guy, but it seemed I’ve seen him before. Then after he sang ‘Be Mine’, now I know who’s this guy 🙂

During Aditya performance, I already felt exhausted, thirsty, and I was sweating all over the place! It seemed that I almost fainted lol …

Not long after Aditya got out from the stage, they sounded the train horn sound! 🙂

YESSS … it’s TRAAIIINN!!! Hahaha … Finally!

Suddenly I didn’t feel exhausted any more! I feel energized!! 😀

Train Jakarta Concert - Opening Act - Anugrah Aditya of Aditya
Train Jakarta Concert - Jimmy Stafford - Lead Guitarist
Train Jakarta Concert - Scott Underwood - Drummer
Train Jakarta Concert - Hector Maldonado - Bassist
Train Jakarta Concert - Jerry Becker - Keyboardist, Guitarist

The setlist was almost the same with the one that I saw before, but they didn’t do a cover from Blondie/U2/Rihanna, instead they did a cover from The Journey, singing Don’t Stop Believing. And I think with this song, they rocked the stage! Even Patrick Monahan (Pat) asked an audience to come sing this song with him on stage 🙂

Hey, he didn’t only asked one audience to come on stage, but later on in the show, he invited more audience to come on stage!! And, could you believe that, my friend, LINA also went to the stage! Haha! Every girls surrounded Pat, but Lina stood next to Jimmy Stafford haha!

Train Jakarta Concert - Lina (Trainette) & Jimmy Stafford on stage

Train Jakarta Concert - Train and The Trainette on stageBy the way, before the girls went on stage, each one of them were given a Trainette T-Shirt! 🙂

So why Pat asked the girl to come on stage?

To sing with him! Correct haha … They sang a part of ‘Soul Sister’ song 🙂

Pat’s FUN!

.. He used cowboy hat and sang in a country style
Train Jakarta Concert - Patrick (Pat) Monahan with the cowboy hat

… He took the video camera from the crew, and pointed the camera to the audience
Train Jakarta Concert - Patrick (Pat) Monahan with the video camera

…. He used a megaphone in one of the song 😛
Train Jakarta Concert - Patrick (Pat) Monahan with the Megaphone

He’s also NICE!

.. He threw a few T-Shirts!

… Even he gave a guitar, which was signed by him to one of the audiences! Can you imagine that? A Guitar!! Lol … 😀

One thing that I remember, which made this the best concert that I attended so far was when he sang ‘Marry Me’.

He walked down from the stage to the audience, and what did he do? He climbed a step at the fence, and took a picture with the audience.

Train Jakarta Concert - Patrick (Pat) Monahan using my cameraWait!! Did I say that he used my camera too?!?!

Hahaha, yes … He used my camera to take the picture!!

That’s the highlight of the concert :):):)

Anyway, if you’re not a fan of TRAIN (yet), and TRAIN is in your town, hey, you should go! You will definitely enjoy the show! 🙂

And here’s the complete setlist of the Train Jakarta Concert that I got from setlist website:

1. Parachute
2. If It’s Love
3. Meet Virginia
4. Get to Me
5. Don’t Stop Believing (Journey cover)
6. She’s on Fire (Half of this song was played in country style)
7. Hey, Soul Sister (Chorus only, Pat asked the Trainette to join him on stage)
8. Calling All Angels
9. Save Me, San Francisco
10. I Got You
11. Marry Me (Pat came down the stage to sing together & take pictures with the crowd)
12. Hey, Soul Sister
13. Words
14. Drops of Jupiter

Train Jakarta Concert - The band


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