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To the west of Lombok (2): The other gilis …

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Kedis - Cover page

After my ‘reef-journey’ in Gili Nanggu, I thought we still have some time to go to other gilis nearby, but I didn’t feel to explore more. So we just rode the boat around the other gilis.

Gili Tangkong
Gili Tangkong is next to Gili Nanggu. It’s much bigger and wider than Gili Nanggu, even the hill (I think) is higher than the one in Gili Nanggu.

Gili Nanggu is considered quite small, as I could walk around it less than 1 hour; but it seems, judging from what I saw … It will take more time and effort to walk around the island 😉 … I think you need to walk up to the hill to walk around the island 😉

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Tangkong

I think you need walk up to the hill to walk around the island 😉

I can’t remember whether there were a lot of people visiting this island during that day or not, but I believe there would be quite a few lah! If not, perhaps they just snorkel nearby the island.

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Tangkong - The trees

Plenty of coconut trees on Gili Tangkong

Gili Sudak

I was told by my guide that some of the locals who lives in Gili Sudak has pearl farm, as I could see the ‘farm’ on the sea, which was like an area that was circled by some balls (buoys?) Haha.

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Sudak - Pearl farm

Pearl farm?

From what I could see, Gili Sudak doesn’t have hill like Gili Tangkong or Gili Nanggu. It’s more like a flat island. Not sure what’s in the middle of the island, but there are a few of houses near the beach, plus (looks like) an accommodation at the end of the island. Nice isn’t it, to stay there? 🙂

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Sudak - Fisherman

Fishing in Gili Sudak

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Sudak - Accommodation

The accommodation in Gili Sudak

Gili Kedis
‘Is that the island?? Is that it??’

That’s my first reaction when I looked at Gili Kedis. It’s sooo small!! Haha.

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Kedis

Yes … You’re right, that’s an island … A small island! 😀

It’s soooo small that I decided to stop here and jump to the island.

Apparently there were some people already here. They even brought a tent and one gallon of water to the island. Hmm picnic on an island looks nice 😉

I could see that there’s an abandon post on the island, well some of them used it as their changing room. I didn’t check it 😉

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Kedis - Family camping

Family camping in Gili Kedis

So this is it … The final gili for the day … But hold on … What is that??

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Kedis - Weird looking stone

Something something?

Nahhh … It’s a rock … A very unique looking rock! 🙂

Indonesia - Lombok Barat - Gili Kedis - Weird looking stone (1)

It’s a unique looking rock 😉

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  • Halim Santoso

    Wahh ternyata masih banyak Gili-gili kecil yang menarik buat dikunjungi yah….
    Banyak turis cuma terkesima tiga Gili doank… Eh tapi lebih baik sepi ajah biar nggak penuh sesak ama turis 🙂

    • timothywpawiro

      Emang masih ada lagi bbrp gili yg blm dikunjungi haha … 😀

  • pursuingmydreams

    Di Lombok banyak sekali pulau-pulai bernama “Gili ..” ada artinya kah? :D. Saya baru pernah ke Gili Nanggu, sering dengar juga Gili Trawangan, ini yang terkenal selombok kali ya ;).

    • timothywpawiro

      Gili itu artinya ‘pulau kecil’, jd emang pasti sering denger org sebut2 gili, soalnya emang banyak haha. Paling terkenal emang Gili Trawangan, nama lainnya ‘Island Party’ haha >> (promosi :D).

      Di sktr area Gili Nanggu benernya ada lagi gili yg lain, tp agak jauh ya … Namanya Gili Poh, itu gili kecil jg, mirip Gili Kedis katanya 😀

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