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The Real WOW Concert

The Real WOW Concert - Group Photo (Before The Concert)

Sinthya, Idfi, Adhie, Lidya, and Me

The Real Wonder Of the World (WOW) Concert was held on 15 December 2011 at Ballroom, Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta. I got the invitation for the concert when I attended the Blogger party ON|OFF 2011. I got 2 invitations, so I invited Sinthya to join me in this concert. Apparently, I also met with other friends in the show, Lidya, Adhie, Ainel, and Idfi 🙂

The show started from 6:30PM until 10:00PM.

The Real WOW Concert - The Invitation

Photo Credit: Sinthya

The show was held by Marketeers Magazine and supported by MarkPlus & Co. There’re many stars on the show, such as Lea Simanjuntak, Elfa’s Singers, Seruti, Ivan Nestorman, Zaneta Naomi, and Bayang Pasir (Fauzan Ja’Far). The emcee of the show was Duma Riris.

This show was held to promote tourism in Indonesia. They have listed 50 places that are categorized as The Real WOW, The Real WOW Concert - The Bookletand of course the places that you should visit in Indonesia. Here’s the list:

1. Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon, Jawa Barat
2. Taman Nasional Komodo
3. Candi Prambanan, Yogyakarta
4. Candi Borobodur, Jawa Tengah
5. Cartensz Pyramid, Papua.

They’ve distributed a booklet with the complete list of the Real WOW. And if you remember my trip to Banten Lama, my friends and I actually got that from this list. Banten Lama is listed in number #17

Other places that makes into top 50:

16. Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat
20. Yogyakarta (Jogja) Palace Complex, Yogyakarta
25. Sukuh Hindu Temple, Central Java
48. Karimunjawa

To be listed in the Real WOW, the tourism spot has to be:

1. One of a Kind
2. Local Wisdom, has a strong local culture
3. Human Spirit, has a story that upholds humanitarian values and sustainability

The songs in the concert were all traditional songs, and also there’s one traditional dance 🙂

Myself and my friends took some pictures of the performers, and recorded the performance. So here are some pictures and the videos of the concert 🙂

Opening Dance
The Real WOW Concert - Opening Dance (1)
The Real WOW Concert - Opening Dance (2)

Ivan Nestorman
Ivan comes from Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, and he’s music genre is actually jazz. But here, he sang a medley of Indonesian traditional songs 🙂
The Real WOW Concert - Ivan Nastorman (1)
The Real WOW Concert - Ivan Nastorman (2)

Elfa’s Singers
It’s a quartet that’s formed by Elfa Secoria. The members of Elfa’s Singers are Lita Zein, Yana Julio, Agus Wisman, and Uci Nurul.

The Real WOW Concert - The Booklet

Agus, Uci, Lita, and Yana

They also performed with Lea Simanjuntak at their second appearance.

The Real WOW Concert - Elfa's Singers & Lea Simanjuntak

Photo Credit: Lidya

Here’s the clip of their performance with Lea Simanjuntak

Lea Simanjuntak
My favourite singer! I always amaze when she sings! She can reach high note easily 🙂

The Real WOW Concert - Lea Simanjuntak (2)

Photo credit: Lidya

The Real WOW Concert - Ivan Nastorman (2)

And here’s a clip of her performance that night, and thanks to Sinthya with her stable hands 😀

Zaneta Naomi
She’s young, and talented. She’s even being selected to the ‘Born To Sing Asia‘ contest, where she performed live with David Foster on his HITMAN tour. NICE ONE!! 🙂
The Real WOW Concert - Zaneta Naomi

I like her voice and singing style. She sang like a pesindhen 🙂

The Real WOW Concert - Seruti

Photo credit: Lidya

Here’s a clip of her performance that night:

Tari Saman (Tari = Dance)
Tari Saman is originated from Aceh. Below I put a clip of their performance. And see it by yourself 🙂
The Real WOW Concert - Tari Saman


Well that’s what I covered for the show. Actually there’s more, but we left before the show ended 🙂

Mixed Up Already

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