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The Parlor Bandung, not just a cafe

the parlor bandung cafe featured image - mixedupalready

I knew about The Parlor Bandung when I saw my friend’s photos on Instagram, but the photo was taken at the Art Space. So at first I thought it is only the art space, just like NuArt Bandung, but my friend said that The Parlor Bandung is actually a combination of a few things, such as the cafe, art space, and distro.

the parlor bandung cafe art paintings murals - mixedupalready

Welcome to The Parlor Bandung

The Parlor Bandung

The location of The Parlor is at Dago Atas area in Bandung. That’s why, it has become one of my favourites cafe in Bandung, as it has a cool weather. The other reason is because the place is so Instagrammable, I think most of its corners haha. From the entrance of The Parlor Bandung has a painting on the wall. And after the parking space area, there’s another painting of the feet of a man and some women. It seems this spot is the must spot for your photo’s background haha.

the parlor bandung cafe art paintings murals happy feet - mixedupalready

Happy feet at The Parlor Bandung

At the center of The Parlor Bandung, there is an open area surrounded by the cafe and distro. Perhaps it’s the area where there is a music performance, as there are benches made from woods circling the area, or we can use this as our Instagram photo set haha!

For the parking space, The Parlor Bandung has two parking areas. The main parking area is at the main entrance of The Parlor Bandung, while the other parking space is just below the café. You need to drive further down to the left from the main entrance.

What else to love from The Parlor Bandung?

Oh, the wall! Look at the wall, and you can see that the style is the naked bricks wall style, so you can see the layers of the bricks creating the walls. The naked bricks wall gives a homey and comfy effect to the place too. It looks so natural as well. Sometimes, they just leave the colour of the brick as it is, and some they painted the bricks to white, just like inside the Art Space.

the parlor bandung cafe floor directory - mixedupalready

Loving the naked bricks wall style ?

the parlor bandung cafe stairs - mixedupalready

Another spot for your Instagram photo shoot? ?

First, let’s look at the cafe.

The cafe at The Parlor Bandung

I have included The Parlor Bandung on one of my blog posts on my other blog about the hip hangout places in Bandung.

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the parlor bandung cafe restaurant - mixedupalready

The cafe at The Parlor Bandung

I think the most favourite spot at the cafe is at upstairs, where in one area, there are plenty of bean bags on the floor. It’s a good spot to chill and relax with your friends. Sadly, I’ve never got a chance to sit at that area! Lols.

However, I have another favorite seating area at The Parlor Bandung. It’s at the first floor, located outdoor, and it looks like the balcony plus it has a good view. It’s really nice seating there, with a cool weather, and sipping hot drinks and hot meals.

the parlor bandung cafe outdoor seating area 1 - mixedupalready

The outdoor area or can I say ‘the balcony’ of the cafe ?

the parlor bandung cafe outdoor seating area 2 - mixedupalready

Seating area at the second floor of the cafe

the parlor bandung cafe seating area downstairs - mixedupalready

The view of the cafe downstairs from the top

The café serves variations of food, from light meals to real meals haha. When I came here with my friend, we tried their black pepper beef and the fish ‘n chips. Somehow, I preferred their fish ‘n chips better than my black pepper beef. Love the sambal on top of the fried fish. I think I moved some of the chilli to my plate haha.

the parlor bandung cafe food fish n chips with sambal matah - mixedupalready

Dory fish with sambal matah at The Parlor Bandung

the parlor bandung cafe food black pepper beef - mixedupalready

The black pepper beef of The Parlor Bandung

Their light meals are also interesting, but somehow, I could not find my photo of the meals. I did try their crispy tofu, where they cut the tofu to cube and mix it with chilli padi.

The Distro

There are plenty of distro at The Parlor Bandung, but I only visited one of the distros, called 3 Second distro, which is just next to the cafe. It sells clothing line, such as 3 Second itself and Moutley. Bought two pieces of Moutley’s T-shirts, and my friend even bought more clothes and a cargo trousers haha! This distro has a good spot, so while the guests are waiting for their food to be served, or after they have their meal, they can just walk inside to distro to pass the time. I didn’t just pass my time here, I bought a few T-shirts of Moutley, while my friend – who was curious on why I spent some time inside this distro, then followed me inside – managed to buy more clothes than I did, and a cargo trousers lol.

the parlor bandung cafe distro 3 second moutley - mixedupalready

3 Second distro at The Parlor Bandung

Luckily, I only visited this distro, not sure what happened with my wallet if I entered all of the distros haha.

The distro occupies some of the area at The Parlor Bandung. If you see a yellow school bus near the cafe, I think it’s a distro too. Not sure why I didn’t enter it just to check it lols. If I am not mistaken the house at the front near the parking space, is also a distro that sells shoes and some clothing lines too.

the parlor bandung cafe distro - mixedupalready

More distro!

I did see two containers installed at the second floor of the house in front of the cafe. I guess that’s a distro too.

the parlor bandung cafe distro container - mixedupalready

I didn’t enter these containers, but my guess that it is a distro too haha!

The Art Space

The Parlor Bandung is not entirely art space just like NuArt, but it has a small area inside the building, dedicated to art. When I visited the Art Space, the arts that are being displayed mostly are paintings and a few statues. I think the paintings that were displayed, were more to contemporary style of paintings. Well, I have no clue about paintings, so I just really enjoyed seeing the paintings.

the parlor bandung cafe space art 1 - mixedupalready

The Art Space

the parlor bandung cafe art space - mixedupalready

More paintings at the art space

the parlor bandung cafe space art statue little atlantis by zeihan iqbal muhammad - mixedupalready

Clay statue called The Little Atlantis by Zeihan Iqbal Muhammad

What do you think of The Parlor Bandung?

Which one is your favourite spot, and which one is your favourite meals? 🙂

The Parlor Bandung

Rancakendal Luhur No. 9, Dago Atas, Bandung
p: +6285956474717 , +622220454439
Instagram    :

Location of The Parlor Bandung on Google Maps:

the parlor bandung cafe timowp - mixedupalready

Where’s your favourite spot at The Parlor Bandung?

the parlor bandung cafe restaurant bar barista - mixedupalready

The cheerful barista at the cafe

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  • Matius Teguh Nugroho

    The place looks good, with awesome design, cool view, tempting dishes, and many things to do. But i think it seems too touristy that I don’t want to go there 😀

    Am i right?

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      It is crowded at some point, but still love going there 🙂
      So it really depends on what your liking is 😉

  • Estka

    Bandung, always stunning with everything it has..

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Yes, it is stunning :3

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