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The enchanting Senaru of Lombok …

Senaru Lombok trip - Gunung Rinjani National Park

Mount (Gunung) Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani National Park in Lombok has many interesting things to see, which includes the Mount Rinjani itself, Segara Anak Lake, some hot springs, Senaru , Sembalun, and so on.

And the place that I’m going to share is Senaru.

Senaru is a part of North Lombok, where it’s also acted as one of the getaways for trekking up to the Mount Rinjani. However, Sembalun is more popular than Senaru in terms of the starting point for the trekking. The people will start from Sembalun and go up to Mount Rinjani, and when they go down, they will trek down to Senaru.

As one of getaways to Mount Rinjani and part of the National Park, Senaru has many accommodations and restaurants in it. They also have some tours around the traditional village, rice terraces, and to the waterfall.

We went here because of the waterfall, so we chose the waterfall.

I think, trekking to the waterfalls needs a tour guide, which is part of the Rinjani Trek Management Board. The staff there showed us the map, and then explained about the waterfalls. There are 3 waterfalls, where two of them are quite famous, Sendang Gile (Sendang Gila) and Tiu Kelep; while the third one, Betara Lenjang waterfall, is not really famous (I think!), because to go there, you need some hiking skills, and preparations. So of course, we decided only to go to the first and the second waterfall.

Then he showed us the rate for the tour guide …

The rate is surprisingly expensive!

The price to the first waterfall is the cheapest, and goes up if you plan to visit the next waterfalls.

Of course we bargained for a lower rate, because we needed and wanted to see the waterfalls, as we’ve already reached there (it’s better if you go in a large group so you can share the cost 🙂 ).

So after we agreed on the price, he then appointed Jan to be our guide.

Senaru Lombok trip - The entrance

Welcome to Waterfall

Sendang Gile (Sendang/Sindang Gila) Waterfall

Going to the first waterfall is actually easy. We just followed the the pathway and the step that led us to the waterfall.

The scenery is beautiful, even we could see Mount Rinjani from afar.

Senaru Lombok trip - Mount Rinjani from afar

Mount Rinjani from afar

And finally we reached the waterfall … Sendang Gile waterfall … !!

It is actually really beautiful … It flowed from up above of the hill, which was covered with many trees.

More interesting thing was … The waterfall formed a rainbow … Probably that’s because of the refraction 😉

Senaru Lombok trip - Sendang Gile (Sendang Gila) waterfall

Sendang Gile (Sendang/Sindang Gila) waterfall in Senaru, Lombok

Senaru Lombok trip - Sendang Gile (Sendang Gila) waterfall

Senaru Lombok trip - Sendang Gile (Sendang Gila) waterfall - Rainbow

The rainbow at Sendang Gile (Sendang/Sindang Gila) waterfall

It’s really wonderful!

This place is actually good if you come with family and friends, as they’ve already paved this area a bit, with some seats and tables.

Unfortunately we didn’t bring spare T-shirts, so we couldn’t play under the waterfall … 🙁

Then we moved on to our next waterfall …

Tiu Kelep waterfall

Senaru Lombok trip - The water tunnel - exit

The exit of the tunnel near the pathyway to Sendang Gile waterfall

We started from the pathway to Sendang Gile, and walked off to the dirt road.

Nearby, there’s some kind like a small tunnel, where the current of the water was quite strong, and then suddenly Jan said … ‘If you want, we actually could walk through that tunnel on our way back from Tiu Kelep waterfall’

Huh?? That’s interesting …

The path to Tiu Kelep is actually more interesting than Sendang Gile.

We climbed the stairs and walked pass the hollow bridge …

Senaru Lombok trip - Trekking to the Tiu Kelep waterfall - Crossing the bridge

Crossing the hollow bridge

We walked through many trees and along side a river … Jan said that there are two kind of monkeys that lives in this area, the black and grey ones.

Senaru Lombok trip - Trekking to the Tiu Kelep waterfall

Trekking alongside the river

We walked pass a fallen tree, where Jan said that the tree fell a couple of months ago during the hard rain ;o))

Senaru Lombok trip - Trekking to the Tiu Kelep waterfall - The fallen tree

The fallen tree

We passed a dam where it’s initial objective was for the power generator, but the villagers prefer to use the dam as a tool for the irrigation
Senaru Lombok trip - Trekking to the waterfall - Passing a dam

Then trekking on a river …

Trekking on a river is actually not that hard, but as I didn’t wear a proper trekking shoes/sandals (even I would say slippery sandals), it became harder!

Senaru Lombok trip - Trekking to the waterfall - Crossing the river

Trekking on the river

Senaru Lombok trip - Trekking to the waterfall - The river with strong current

And finally we arrived in Tiu Kelep waterfall …

Senaru Lombok trip - Tiu Kelep waterfall

Tiu Kelep waterfall in Senaru, Lombok

It was not as nice as Sendang Gile, but it’s bigger, and the current was stronger!

But still, Tiu Kelep is beautiful, and after trekking on the river, and almost losing my sandal two times in the river (thanks to Jan who saved my sandals! lol), it looks more beautiful 😀

Senaru Lombok trip - Tiu Kelep waterfall - Jan the tour guide with me

Jan, the tour guide, with a Japanese tourist

It’s time to walk back and with the same route … which was trekking on the river! Oh my my … And that time I was hoping that I used a proper trekking sandals, rather than kept worrying of getting fall! Lol.

Still remember the tunnel that we saw earlier?

Well, yes we decided to walk through the tunnel!

We entered the tunnel through the opening near the hollow bridge and exit through the one that we saw near the pathway to Sendang Gile.

Senaru Lombok trip - The water tunnel - opening

The water tunnel – The openning

Jan said that we should listen on what he’s going to tell us, because some of the paved of the tunnel was already damaged, and so on.

The current was so strong, even when I wanted to dip my foot in it, the current already wanted to drag my foot to the tunnel … ;o)))

After we managed to put our feet inside the water, we started to walk slowly inside the tunnel.

We didn’t really care of what we stepped on haha …

One more thing … Even though there were some hollow alongside the tunnel, the tunnel is still a tunnel, and it’s dark! So keep close to the guide, and you will be okay.

We walked quite long inside the tunnel, and I think half way to the exit, the tunnel became deeper …

But nevertheless, it was really fun!!

So don’t miss it 😉

Senaru Lombok trip - walking through the tunnel

Walking through the tunnel 😉

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    aaaah! gilaaaak gue mau ke sanaaaaa 😯 keren abis.

    • timothywpawiro

      haha iya!

      Jgn lupa bawa pakaian ganti jd bs maen2 di bwh air terjun ahaha. Tp kl di Tiu Kelep ga bs terlalu dkt ke air terjunnya deh, ada warningnya, mungkin terlalu kenceng …

      En … jgn lupa pake sandal/sepatu gunung haha!

      • randompeps

        yah gue kan demennya pake hiheels hahahaha :mrgreen: too bad padahal yang seru malah pas main air terjun itu.

    • Nicholas

      I hear hiring a guide is scam . You don’t really need one.

      • timothywp

        Hi Nicholas,

        Yes, hiring a guide is actually optional, as I can see people walk by themselves even to Tiu Kelep waterfall 😉

  • Sinthya

    Jan the tour guide with a Japanese tourist???
    Oooooh please… It should be with a Javanese tourist 😀

  • @gwerilla

    tunnel itu kayak selokan ya..itu airnya bersih tim?

    • timothywpawiro

      Iya selokan, tp lbh mirip kayak terowongan gitu haha … jd kita jalan di dalemnya …

      Airnya bersih kok, kan sptnya dr air mancurnya …

      Kl kotor si Sinthya mana mauk #eh

  • Hero

    Impressive waterfall and that rainbow, pretty!

  • cityoftheweek

    beautiful place!

    • timothywpawiro

      Yes it is … My future plan is to climb that Mt. Rinjani. The view was great ;)))

  • andreiplimbarici

    I want there…:(
    Amazing place!

    • timothywpawiro

      Yes, I guess you will like it here. You can climb Mt. Rinjani in Lombok 🙂

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