The Club Villas at the heart of Seminyak

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas

The Club Villas located at the heart of Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]

It is very easy to find accommodation in Bali. Just choose an area where to stay, and you will find a lot of places to stay, especially if you chose to stay in Seminyak area. Besides there are plenty of Seminyak villas with various prices, you will also find stores and a lot of eating places (if you are a café lovers, you will love staying in this area). One of the accommodations that you can find in the Seminyak area is The Club Villas that located very strategically at Oberoi Road (aka Jalan Kayu Aya). The Club Villas is the accommodation under the Tjendana Resort Management.

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - Near the Oberoi Road 2

Oberoi Road is just a walking distance from The Club Villas [Bali – Indonesia]

The Club Villas complex is just like a letter ‘U’, where the first entrance is just beside a restaurant on that streets with another entrance on the same street located after a few restaurants / places from the first entrance. The villas are just located between those entrances.

The villas are just like an individual houses with private pool, so the reception area is placed inside the first building on the right of the complex. You will notice this building after you passed the security post.

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - The reception building

The reception area of The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]

The check-in was flawless, and after the process was finished; wI was escorted to the villas, the one bedroom villa with private swimming pool.

In my mind, the villa that I was going to stay, was just like a one bedroom plus a bathroom, similar to the one that I stayed at Lembongan Villas & Club (which is also under the Tjendana Resort Management).

After I opened the gate, there was a pathway to the house and the pool is just located beside the pathway.

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - Number 8!

The number 8! – The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - Welcome

Welcome to the villa! – The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - Take a peek at the private pool

The private pool at Villa No. 8 – The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]


When I opened the door of the house … I know that my imagination about ‘the villa’ was absolutely wrong … It was completely different with what I have imagined before. The house is just like a house, complete with big living room with LCD TV, kitchen area with the dining table, and a big one bed room with another LCD TV. The living room and the bed room are both have access door to the swimming pool.

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - The living room with the LCD TV 2

The living room at The Club Villas @ Seminyak with big LCD TV and an access to the private pool [Bali – Indonesia]

Now how about the bathroom?

The bathroom itself can be accessed from the bedroom, and heyyyyy …  When I opened the bathroom door, whoaaa … the bathroom was very wide! It has three sections, yes … sections lol. First sections was the sink with the toilet closet. Second section was for the wide-round-bathtub. The bathtub was not from the fiber plastic like the ordinary bathtub, but it was made from cement! Lastly, the third section … The third section was the shower section with transparent glass as the wall 😉 Well I used mostly the first and the third section, and would love to use the second section but I had too many activities at that time and did not have much time to relax there *sad*

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - The big bathroom

Very big and wide bathroom just for you! – The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - The panoramic view of the bathroom lol

The bathroom is so big until I needed to use the panoramic feature of my iPhone 5 to take the whole room! lol – The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]

Why I love staying in this place?

First, I would say that it seemed that I stay in a real ‘house’ rather than a villa or hotel. That’s because the place itself like a residential complex. When I walked out from the complex, I met the real Seminyak area which could get crowded on the evening, but when I walked into The Club Villas complex, I felt like I walked in some residential complex as it was quiet with not many cars inside the complex.

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - The complex looks like residential complex 2

The Club Villas complex just looks like a residential complex [Bali – Indonesia]

I know that Oberoi Road is considered to be a crowded street, but I did not hear the noise from the street when I was inside of the villa.

Second, it has a kitchen area. The easiest thing to cook was of course something instant, just like the instant noodle. Just buy the instant noodle in many minimarts nearby, and cook it at night when you are feeling hungry 😉 Loove it! When I said ‘kitchen area’, so it meant the real kitchen with the stove, cooking utensils and the plates plus the spoon and fork. Well if you need extra water, there was no mineral water in a gallon haha!

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - The kitchen and dining area

A complete kitchen set – The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]

Third, it has the private swimming pool! I just love private swimming pool, so I could swim on the evening after I have done all of my activities on that day, or in the morning before I started doing anything.

Fourth, this place is really comfortable. It seemed that I could just everywhere … Well I meant not ‘everywhere’ everywhere. The couch was so comfortable that I accidentally fell asleep on that couch on my second night! I knew that the bed was the most comfortable to sleep inside the villa, plus it has many pillows!

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - The comfortable bed 2

The comfortable bed at The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia]

I thought these four points made this villa becomes really homey!

Located on the Oberoi Road makes The Club Villas is a good choice to stay if you do not want to use car or just want to explore the Seminyak area and nearby – as at certain hours the traffic could be worse, so I think it is better to use bike or motorcycle 😉

If I want to experience the real Seminyak feeling; I just needed to walk out from the complex, and tadaa!! Plenty of restaurants, plenty of cafes … You just name it, from Ultimo, Favela, Bistrot, and others. If you walked a bit further, you will find Junction, Sisterfields, and others more … Many café to try, depends on your time and budget.

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - Seminyak - It is near Ultimo Restaurant

The Club Villas is very near with many famous cafe and restaurants, such as Ultimo, at Oberoi Road [Bali – Indonesia]

I really recommend this villa if you are looking for a place to stay in a very strategic location in Oberoi Road at Seminyak area. This villa is really suitable if you came here with your friends, couple, or family. If you are having your honeymoon trip, The Club Villas has the One-Bedroom Honeymoon Private Pool Villa. If you came with your family, The Club Villas has the Three-Bedroom Private Pool Villa. 😉

The Club Villas is one of the Private Villas in Bali that is really awesome! 🙂

Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak - The Club Villas - The Honeymoon One-Bedroom Private Pool Villa

The Honeymoon One-Bedroom with Private Pool Villa – The Club Villas @ Seminyak [Bali – Indonesia] (Photos provided by The Management)

The Club Villas

Jalan Kayu Aya (Oberoi)
Seminyak – Bali 80361
t:  (62) (361) 736 260
f: (62) (361) 737 320

Fb page:

Thanks to Tjendana Resort Management for having us at The Club Villas!

Although I was a guest at The Club Villas, but all opinions are my own :-)

All photos are taken using my humble iPhone 5 camera, unless stated ;-)




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