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So … This is the famous Tebing Keraton in Bandung

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - Thumbnail

I’ve never heard about ‘Tebing Keraton’ in Bandung until just recently. I also never realized that it has become a big hit in Bandung, it’s like a must-place to visit when you are in Bandung – Indonesia. My friend said that it was quite quiet before, with a few visitors visiting that place. Now after there are many circulation of photos of the place – or even the selfie photos taken in that place, in the social media; there are many people visiting this place.

I didn’t really have any plans to visit it before, but after many friends said that I should visit it now before it getting more crowded, so I finally decided to visit it. Even my friends said to visit it during the weekdays. Well I did plan to visit it on Friday morning, but well well well … the plan only became just a plan, as I am not really a morning person haha! So then I decided to visit it during the weekend.

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - On the way to the cliff (02)

One of the views on the way up to Tebing Keraton [Bandung – Indonesia] 

‘Tebing Keraton’ is the place to see the sunrise and I missed this moment as I woke up quite late. Although I left around 5AM, I could already see the sun ray lighten the day. But it didn’t make me stop visiting this place!

With the guidance of my friends, Ardi and Andrian; I finally went there!

Going to Tebing Keraton is in the same direction if you want to visit ‘Taman Hutan Raya’ Ir. H. Juanda, but you need to go further up.

Some friends said that we actually can use our car to go up to the ‘Tebing Keraton’, but some others said that the road is not good, and they advised me to just park the car, then go up using the ojek. I was a bit traumatized using my small city car going up the hill where the road condition is bad, so I preferred to just park my car.

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - The road condition

The road to Tebing Keraton [Bandung – Indonesia]

Andrian who already went there three times told us just to walk up instead of using ojek. So we walked!

When we decided to walk, there were a few ojek guys who followed us while riding their motorbike and told us to just use the ojek service instead of walk as the distance is quite far. If you prefer to walk, just say no, then they will leave you.

If you decide to just walk, you need to bring mineral water. We forgot to bring it, and also we didn’t get our breakfast … So thirsty and hungry accompanying us during the walk! Haha.

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - On the way to the Tebing Keraton - The vine

Isn’t it beautiful? – The view on the way up to Tebing Keraton [Bandung – Indonesia]

I didn’t quite remember how long is the distance from the car park to the ‘Tebing Keraton’ … Is it 3 or 5 KM? Well anyway, we rarely saw people walking up, but we did see many people using motorbike, and even a few using bicycle!

The walk was quite tiring, especially for us who rarely doing exercise! – it’s a good exercise for us too! Haha … But we determined to keep going up, so we just focused on our walk. The view on our right side when we walked up was mostly the valley, the green hills, and then farms. We also saw a few houses there, and I thought that it must be really lovely to have a house on the hill and breath fresh air every day!

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - On the way to the cliff - The valley - It's smoke not fog (01)

The smoke [it’s not a fog!] gave a great effect to the sun ray- On the way up to Tebing Keraton [Bandung – Indonesia]

Half-way up we finally reached a village and bought some mineral water. Not far from there, we then reached the famous ‘Tebing Keraton’.

There’s an entrance fee to enter the ‘Tebing Keraton’ area. Some friends said that it was actually free at first to the ‘Tebing Keraton’. Anyway, the entrance fee is still affordable.

We predicted that the visitors were quite many as we saw many motorbikes were parked near the entrance. I then walked with great curiosity to the cliff, and yes, we were right. There were many people on that cliff. They standing on the rocks, taking pictures on the cliff, or just enjoying the scenery. There’s also a rope that you can use if you want to go down to a lower part of the cliff.

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - The crowd (01)

The crowd at Tebing Keraton on Saturday morning [Bandung – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - The crowd (02)

If you want … You can go further down using the rope – At Tebing Keraton [Bandung – Indonesia]

Can you guess what is the thing that most people bring after the ‘camera’?

Yes! The ‘tongsis’ aka ‘tolong dong sist’ oops I mean ‘tongkat narsis’ or in English, it’s the ‘selfie stick’! Even Andrian brought one too so we could also did the selfie photos! Haha.

From the cliff, I could see the vast area of the valley with plenty of green trees on the valley. The opposite of us is the famous ‘Gunung Tangkuban Perahu’.

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - The beautiful view with Tangkuban Perahu (04)

The view from Tebing Keraton with Mount Tangkuban Perahu at the background [Bandung – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - The beautiful view with Tangkuban Perahu (03) - Panoramic view

Panoramic view from the Tebing Keraton [Bandung – Indonesia]

Andrian said that there are interesting things that people should take in the photo.

First is the Mount Tangkuban Perahu [as the background] with two electrical towers in front of it.
Second, the paddy field located near the bottom of the cliff.

I didn’t know any of these, but I lucky to get both things in one photo! Lucky me! Haha.

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - The beautiful view with Tangkuban Perahu and the farm at the bottom

The must have photo in Tebing Keraton [according to my friend – Lol] – Mount Tangkuban Perahu in the background, and the terracing at the bottom [Bandung – Indonesia]

So why the name is ‘Tebing Keraton’?

At first my friend said that there’s a myth surrounding the area.

There’s actually a palace [Keraton just like in Jogja or in Solo] that will ‘show up’ in the evening. The cliff is actually the entrance to the Keraton.

But when I was there, there’s actually an announcement with information about this area.

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - The beautiful view of the valley (01)

The great view of the valley from Tebing Keraton [Bandung – Indonesia]

This place is actually called ‘Tebing Karaton’ [not kEraton] by the first person who discovered this place. And the word ‘Karaton’ is actually a Sundanese, which means ‘the natural beauty’! The person then said that this place is actually already exist since a long time ago with the name of ‘Cadas Jontor’. I think ‘jontor’ is a slang word – just like when someone fell and his lips hit the ground, then the lips will be swelling to the front. In other words, this is a jutted out area comparing to the other areas.

Walking up and down was quite tiring and made us really hungry. That’s why you can restore your energy with some healthy food, just beside the car park. The place is called ‘Bumi Herbal’ [‘bumi’ is the Indonesian word for earth]. It has some traditional food, from ‘karedok’, ‘lotek’, and ‘kupat tahu’ – so all vegetables! Just to remind you that the food portion is quite big, but the taste is nice and the food is healthy! So the food is a good thing after a nice exercise in the morning! 🙂

Indonesia - Bandung - Tebing Keraton - Eating place - Bumi Herbal

A comfy restaurant near the car park of Tebing Keraton – Bumi Herbal [Bandung – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Bandung - Bumi Herbal - Lotek, Ketupat tahu

The traditional food in Bumi Herbal [Bandung – Indonesia]: Kupat Tahu and Lotek

PS: I only used my iPhone 5 camera to take pictures! 🙂

Selfie at Tebing Keraton [Bandung - Indonesia] - Me, Ardi, and Andrian

Us [Ardi, me, and Andrian] taking selfie at Tebing Keraton [Bandung – Indonesia]

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  • Meidi

    Huwaaatt itu pake rope turun ke bawah =,=
    demen banget nyari bahaya yah 🙁
    kan serem itu tebing ujungnya 🙁 btw kalo hari minggu gitu pada sibuk ga sih? mau main ke Bandung nihh

    • timothywp

      Hahaha … Demi foto Meiii kayaknya 😀

      Eh km ke sini minggu ini ato minggu depan sih? Minggu ini aku keluar kota *pisssss* 😀

      • Meidi

        Aku 15 – 17 Nov ke sana, temenin yaah pokoknya om 😀 *wajib* hahaha udah bela-belain mau jenguk om Timot nih, takutnya kesepian di Bandung sanaah 😛

        • timothywp

          zzz … Aku ga kesepian di sini … Ditemani @travelerkere *hossip lagi* 😀

  • Matius Teguh Nugroho

    Jiah, si oppa udah duluin aja ke sana. Berarti lebih bagus ambil pagi ya daripada sore-sore.

    Btw, kakak ‘kan jago bahasa Inggris nih. Mau jadi kontributor JapanTravel nggak? Bisa dapet poin buat ditukerin ke Metro Rewards hihihi 😀 *promosi*

    • timothywp

      Iya lagian itu cuma sampe jam 6 sore aja bukanya …

      Lebih bagus itu sptnya pagi2 dan pas weekdays haha!

      JapanTravel? Aku kan blm pernah ke Jepun hahaha … 🙂 | ini kode kl dirimu kerja di sana ya? 😛

  • Halim

    Rameee amat meski bukan weekend… sepertinya mereka mereka ini kurang piknik ke tempat lain hahaha…
    Oh ya Tim, keraton itu bukan cuma istilah “istana” di Yogya aja lo, Solo dan beberapa daerah masih ada yang menyebut bangunan kerajaan sebagai keraton 🙂

    • timothywp

      Wkwkwk itu malahan pas weekend kohal …

      Siap .. Nti ditambahin kota ‘Solo’! 😉

  • Taufan Gio

    So, this is the trending Tebing Karaton! It’s worth the walk, right? Hehehe.. Btw gimana review makanan di Bumi Herbal? *malah fokus di makan*

    • timothywp

      Makanan di Bumi Herbal: enak, sehat, dan wareg! Hahaha …

  • tesyasblog

    Duh cakep banget ya… Jadi tour aku ama suami ke sini donk Oom Timot:)

    • timothywp

      Waaaahhhh kapan nih ?? 😀

  • Cityoftheweek

    Beautiful place! 🙂 and nice post too!

    • timothywp

      Thanks, Audrey! 🙂

  • Adie Riyanto

    Aku mau diajak ke siniiii :'(

    • timothywp

      Hayuk kapan hehe 🙂

  • Sharon Loh


    • timothywp

      Km pasti masih tidur jam segituuu …. *kabuuuur* 😀

  • hi stumbled upon this blog while googling about Tebing Keraton.

    Sudah sering loh padahal ke THR DJuanda dari kecil, tapi ya gitu baru ngeh akhir2 ini setelah byk org ngPath kalo itu ternyata ada di dalamnya..hahaha

    salam kenal ya..mampir balik ke blog kita yah : The Traveling Cows

    • timothywp

      Hi Vari,

      Terima kasih sudah mampir juga ke sini ya …
      Wah dirimu seru ya udah ke Afrika segala. Dulu juga pernah ke New Zealand, tapi waktu itu blm jamannya ngeblog, jd blm diabadikan deh T.T

      Btw, cepetan ke Tebing Keraton lah … 🙂

  • Fahmi

    Tebing keraton memang keren ya kakaa~ sekali ke situ rasanya kurang~ sepinya hari apa ya? Pas kesitu kemaren rame banget~

    • timothywp

      Huahaha … Sepinya (katanya) pas weekdays kaakkk … Dicoba kaakkk :3

  • cikfuza

    Nice reading your blog about tebing keratong.
    Am actually from Malaysia and end of March 2016 will be my first solo travel to bandung and this tebing keratong seems like a must visit place. Thanks for the info!

    • timothywp

      Hi cikfuza,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Yes, Tebing Keraton is a nice place to visit as it has a beautiful scenery 🙂

  • Ting Ting

    Thank ypu for this useful info! 😀 Big help! How much does the ojek cost?

    • timothywp

      Glad that this post can help you 😉

      I think the ojek cost around IDR20,000 or more … Depends on ur haggling skill :p

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