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Let’s go to Taman Safari


Well, to be honest, I haven’t gone to Taman Safari since ages ago! Goodness! Haha.

Anyway, one day, I read someone’s blog about her trip going to the zoo, then in the next couple of days, I got the invitation from my colleague about going to Taman Safari! Coincidence?!?!

So myself and the others (my friend, and colleagues) decided to rent a car for this trip. Why we didn’t drive, because we thought after the whole day in Safari, we’re going to be very exhausted. So it’s a good thing, that we rent a car!


The map of Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari was located in Puncak, Bogor. Puncak means ‘top’. The area is above Jakarta. Also, it’s going to have a cool weather. Love it!

In the middle of the trip, the driver decided to fill in the tank before we went further up. In that gas station, he asked his friend about an alternative route besides the toll way. The traffic ahead is usually bad. His friend said that we just needed to follow the road beside the toll road (not go inside the toll road), and we just needed to prepare some coins for the people along side the road.

And yes, it’s worth it! When we drove on that road, we could see that the traffic in the toll road was practically bad (well, it’s weekend!). Lucky for us! We exited that road, and returned to the main road. Not long after that, we finally reached Taman Safari! Yayy!!

Near the entrance, we could buy some vegetables for the animals. The entrance fee for adult was IDR85,000 + IDR15,000 (for car).

Things to do in Taman Safari

The drive through

In Taman Safari, first we entered the drive through section. It’s the park where the animals are wandering around freely. So no cage. That’s why we could feed the animals with the vegetables that we bought earlier. However, pleases be careful when feeding the animals.


passing through the barbary sheep at Taman Safari


Hey Rhino! – at Taman Safari

Some of the animals walked freely, but some not. We passed many animals, from tame animals to wild animals. It’s forbidden to go out from your car, especially in the wild animals area (leopard, african lion, bengal tiger, and so on).


Feeding the deer at Taman Safari


Ssttt … The lion is resting! – at Taman Safari

This part was so fun!

After this drive through section, we parked our car. There are many parking spaces in the zoo. So no need to worry of the parking space.

Next section was the shows. There’re many shows. They reminded me of the shows during my Ancol trip. Although the show seemed similar with the Ancol trip, but the environment and the weather were different. In Taman Safari, I could see hill full of trees, and the weather was cool. Love the weather!

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The Penguin Expedition

Before we went to see the show, we entered the Penguin Expedition. Inside there’s a pool with penguins, and the funny thing was, when we put our finger on the glass, the penguin would follow your fingers. Cute!! 🙂


Cute penguins at Taman Safari

Oh ya, there’s a trivia quiz that I found in that room. Why penguins and polar bears don’t live together? It’s because the original location of the polar bear is in the north pole, while the penguin is in the south pole. And beside, if they lived together, the penguins will definitely become easy targets by the polar bears …

The dolphins show

Then, it’s time to watch the show. The first show that we watched was the dolphins show. The show was a bit late, and the dolphins seemed very excited to start the show. They jumped here and there. Cute dolphins!


The staff of Taman Safari showed how they take the blood from the dolphin for regular examination


The dolphin show at Taman Safari

During the show, the staff also gave us some information about the dolphins, such as the water that they use for the dolphins pool is actually not the sea water, but freshwater that they gave some ingredients so it has the similar structure as the sea water. Then, how to take blood from the dolphin for regular examination, and that dolphin can swim really fast? If I’m not mistaken until about 30 Km/h. Also, when someone was drowning, and there’s a dolphin that wanted to help, the person can easily hold on to dolphin’s fin. Next thing was, the dolphin could use it’s rostrum (bleak/the long nose) as a weapon, and the power of its tail when the dolphin swings it. They demonstrated this by throwing a ball to the dolphin’s tail, and the audience was asked to pay attention with the ball. Not to worry, the ball flew high in the air so the audience could catch it later :D. Lastly, on how to differ a female dolphin from a male dolphin. It’s easy, the male dolphin has two holes underneath its body (the genitalia and the anal), while the female only has one hole.

The Cowboy Show

After the dolphin show, we went to the Cowboy show! The setting was a town, similar with the one that I saw in a cowboy movie. With a bar, barbershop, motel, and many more. The story was about the bunch of bandits versus the sheriff and the Indians. It’s quite fun, but I think the sound was not that clear, and too soft. I barely heard some of their voices. But overall the show was fun!


The Cowboy Show

Before we went for another show, we decided to have lunch first. There are some food courts there. The price is a bit expensive, but okay. There are a few variations of food, from Padang food, noodles, fried chicken, and so on …

Circus Performance

After the lunch, we decided to go to the Safari Theatre. It was a circus performance, but it’s only a snippet of their regular circus performance. The full show was still on going at that time in Jakarta. The circus was an acrobatic show, but no animals. There’s an elastic girls, some guys jumping through a circle, and later they lit the circle with fire, and so on. Quite entertaining!


The elastic girls performed at the Safari Theatre at Taman Safari

The elephant show

Next, was the elephant show. It’s an outdoor show. We thought there’d be no show, because it’s started to rain, a light rain; but apparently they still did the show. The staff showed us what the elephant could do, gave us some knowledge about elephant, and also did a role play of a doctor and a patient 😀


Let me examine you, dear! – The elephant show at Taman Safari

We didn’t watch the tiger show though. When we reached the venue, it’s already started and full, so we decided to leave the venue …

The bird park

Before we went home, we entered the bird park. It’s like a big dome, where some of the birds could fly freely inside the dome.


It’s not Harry Potter’s owl! – at The Bird Park of Taman Safari

Aahh, it’s already around 6PM, and it’s time for us to go home

Anyway, it’s really a fun trip to Taman Safari, after a very long time I didn’t visit it. In Safari zoo, they also provided track for trekking, and there’s a camp ground there too. So if you want to try … 😉

So before I end this post, can u spot an animal in this picture 😀


Spot the animal! – at Taman Safari

Mixed Up Already

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  • LonelyTravelog

    Sounds fun! Have you been to Surabaya Zoo? I heard about the news a couple weeks back that their zoo has become infamous for its appalling conditions and the inhumane treatment of its inhabitants. Likely because of overcrowding and diseases. Pretty sad case actually. I hope they do something about it.

    • timothywp

      No, I haven’t been to Surabaya zoo. I read the news about it, sad, isn’t it 🙁

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