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Beach, market, and water park at Surfing Bay Cottages

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages - Thumbnail

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages

Surfing Bay Cottages [Pacitan – Indonesia]

Pacitan which is located at the southern part of Java Island and quite close to Jogja has many beautiful beaches. In those beaches, you can find quite a few accommodation that you can choose to stay, from homestay to hotel. Some beaches have quite a few number of choices, but some has limited choices. A quite popular beach in Pacitan is called Teleng Ria beach, which is located near the Pacitan city. Teleng Ria beach is located inside a bay, but unfortunately swimming is not allowed there.

This was my first visit to Pacitan, so that was why I chose a more popular beach to stay, which is Teleng Ria beach. I booked in the place to stay, called Surfing Bay Cottages. I did not really know how Teleng Ria beach looks like, so I just booked the ‘beach front’ room and hoping that I would love to get a wonderful view of the beach from my room. Right?

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages - Row of bungalows

The ‘beach front’ row of Surfing Bay Cottages [Pacitan – Indonesia]

Apparently I was wrong … I think I misinterpreted it.

Yes my room is located in front of the beach, meaning it is the opposite of the beach, but you cannot really see the beach as between the beach and my room, there were a garden of Surfing Bay Cottages, a road, an eating place on a big green field, then the beach which is at the lower level than this cottage haha!

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages - Teleng Ria beach

I went up to the front of Junior Suite room to take this view of Teleng Ria beach [Pacitan – Indonesia]

While I was waiting for my room, as always, I walked around the place to take some photos.

This place has three type of accommodation. First type is my room – the beach front room, then there was another row of bungalows behind the ‘beach front’ rooms, and last was the Junior Suite which is located at the main building and above the lobby.


Around the place, there were two eating places around the place. Just beside Surfing Bay Cottages, there was a restaurant called Sea View Restaurant. Although it was not that ‘sea view’ from inside the restaurant, but it is actually quite a nice restaurant to dine in. The food was nice, the staff was great, and there was also a live music during the evening. This restaurant is also the place where you will have your breakfast. The main choices for breakfast are actually fried rice and fried noodle, but sometimes if there were plenty of guests, they would have a buffet style breakfast. It seems that this place is also quite popular, as quite a few of visitors came for dinner.

Usually if there was a holiday, Surfing Bay Cottages like to organize a BBQ party, but this of course depends on the weather as they do this in the outdoor area.

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages - Sea View Restaurant (3)

Sea View Restaurant at Surfing Bay Cottages [Pacitan – Indonesia]

The other eating place is called, Kampoeng Nelayan, which is located in front of the place. It has less variations then the Sea View Restaurant, but I think it has more light meal menu.

All the room at Surfing Bay Cottages are actually inside the individual bungalows (except the Junior Suite), so it is like you are staying at your own place lah, as it looks like a small house. The bathroom itself attached with the room at the backside of the bungalow. Nothing much inside the room besides big and clean bed, a TV and a simple cupboard, which I think these are already enough.

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages - The bungalow

The room looks like a small house to me 🙂 – at Surfing Bay Cottages [Pacitan – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages - The bedroom

The bedroom of Surfing Bay Cottages [Pacitan – Indonesia]

This place actually also has Wi-Fi service, but unfortunately it only covers a small area, which is the lobby and nearby, so the signal did not really reach my room. So when I did not have anything to do in the room, I just went to the lobby and utilized the Wi-Fi. While I was using their Wi-Fi, I could also order something to drink or eat even during midnight time. Apparently it has the same menu with Kampoeng Nelayan haha … but, this one opens 24/7 😀

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages - The lobby

The lobby of Surfing Bay Cottages [Pacitan – Indonesia]

Surfing Bay Cottages is actually located inside a big complex runs by the El John group (the name sounds familiar to you?). In this complex, besides … well the beach – I think this complex only occupied 1/3 of the beach, the accommodation, and the restaurants; there are also markets and water park on the right side of the complex from the entrance gate (the cottages is at the left side of the entrance gate).

Do you know that Pacitan is famous for its ‘batu akik’ or agate stone? Well you can find plenty of collection of this ‘batu akik’ at the market here alongside with the fish market.

Asia - Indonesia - Pacitan - (07) - Teleng Ria beach - Akik (agate) stone for sell

Batu akik for sale! at the Teleng Ria Market [Pacitan – Indonesia]

If you stay at Surfing Bay Cottages, you could also enter the water park for free. It is not that big, but it is quite okay as it is for kids.

Sometimes, they had an event at the parking area in front of the water park, such as the live music performance during the day, and I think during the weekend.

Indonesia - Pacitan - Surfing Bay Cottages - The water theme park

Water park for kids at Teleng Ria beach [Pacitan – Indonesia]

I think what I did not like during my stay there was the noise of the music in the middle of the night from the beach. Apparently they were preparing for an event in the morning, but how come they did the sound-check in the middle of the night? Lol …

Other than this, it was actually quite lovely to stay near the beach, as I could just spend my day in the afternoon walking and exploring Teleng Ria beach, and do not need to worry when the night comes as I stayed nearby the beach.

The staff at Surfing Bay Cottages also very friendly, especially the night-shift staff that made my light meal and drinks order during the midnight 😀

Moreover, by staying here, you will get to experience the beach, visit the market, and playing at the water park 😉

Book a room at Surfing Bay Cottages via Agoda from here.

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