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Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - featured

Have you ever seen this building – especially the building with a unique dome-shape roof, when you passed it on Jalan Gatot Subroto in Jakarta?

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - The building

SMESCO building (picture taken from SMESCO website)

Well I did, quite a few times, but really did not know what is inside that building, until I was invited by Badai to attend the event held by SMESCO on 25 October 2015. I have also found out that SMESCO itself stands from Small & Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives, where one of its purposes is to promote and market the local product made by the small & medium enterprises to domestic and international market.

Apparently on the day that I visited, there was an event called SMESCO Netizen Vaganza. It’s an event, where SMESCO Indonesia collaborates with the netizens to help promoting SMESCO – the place, the product, and the service. At the same time, there was a Youth of The Day event also happened inside the SMESCO complex, where there were food bazaar and also dance and music show performed by the youngsters.

The Netizen Vaganza event was held at Paviliun Provinsi or also called SMESCO RumahKU (Koperasi & UMKM = Small & Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives) on the 12th floor. The schedule for that day are the photo competition, sharing session, and winner announcement for some of the contests.

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - RumahKU

RumahKU building

The sharing session with the president director of SMESCO Indonesia – Ahmad Zabadi, was giving quite enlightment for me who did not know about SMESCO at all. He shared that SMESCO invites every entrepreneurs to utilize all the facilities in SMESCO. It already has the Co-working Space that can be used for a meeting room, that can be fit for about 30 people or for the virtual office and there is also a Maker Space, where it is a place to produce – and there are mentors too.

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Co-working space (1)

The Co-Working space

He encouraged the local SME companies to display their product there, so SMESCO can help market their products, although he said that there will be a curation process too.

Talking about the display places in this building, from what I saw, they have two kind of display areas. One is what it’s called Galeri Indonesia WOW, or Pak Ahmad called it as the Curated Concept Stores, and the other one is the display area by provinces at the Paviliun Provinsi (Provincial Pavilion).

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Galeri Indonesia WOW - Sculptures

One of the curated products at Galeri Indonesia WOW

I think it is also important for the local SME to collaborate with SMESCO and display their product here, as they will get a better exposure. Not only will the product be displayed physically in the SMESCO building, but SMESCO also has an online shop called, and has collaborated with other online store, such as and They also have cooperated with 7-eleven to display some of the SME products in their 200 outlets. Plus they have a plan to cooperate with international online shop and the Indonesian Embassy. All of these, will truly give a great exposure to the local brand!

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Sharing session with the Director

Sharing Session with Ahmad Zubadi, the President Director of SMESCO (Jakarta – Indonesia)

The process in submitting the product to be curated and displayed in SMESCO is easy, just bring the product, then the product will be curated, and if the product passed the curation process; the product will eventually be displayed!

But how about the price?

Pak Ahmad said that they will increase the price given by the seller by (maximum of) 25%.

So, not only the local SME from all the provinces in Indonesia will get a better exposure, but they will have a chance to get more sale from here too 🙂

As I was already in the building, so I took this chance to also explore a bit the place, especially the Paviliun Provinsi and the Galeri Indonesia WOW.

From what I can see, if I did not have much time to search for the products, I will go to the Galeri Indonesia WOW, as it is similar to a store – some of the selected product will be displayed here. Meanwhile, if I have more time, I could browse the Paviliun Provinsi, as I could see the variation of products from provinces in Indonesia.

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Paviliun Provinsi - Jakarta section

Souvenirs from Jakarta section that can be bought at Paviliun Provinsi

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Paviliun Provinsi - Papua

Products in Papua section at Paviliun Provinsi

As I visited only floor 12 and 15 of the Paviliun Provinsi, I could only see several provinces, such as Papua, Jambi, South East of Sulawesi, Bengkulu, Riau, West Sumatera, North Sulawesi, and Jakarta. I just cannot believe that I could find many things in this place, from the handicrafts, traditional clothing – including many batik collections, shoes, bags; and of course the food. The prices are also varies, and I could find the expensive mask from Papua province, where the price could reach millions of Rupiah!

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Paviliun Provinsi - Papua section - Me holding an expensive mask

Me holding an expensive mask from Papua – Paviliun Provinsi

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Paviliun Provinsi - North Sulawesi section

Look at that beautiful seat and table set from North Sulawesi at the Paviliun Provinsi

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Paviliun Provinsi - West Sumatra section (2)

Food from West Sumatra that you could also find at the Paviliun Provinsi

The Galeri Indonesia WOW is located on the 1st and 2nd floor. As it is a gallery, than it has a different arrangement of the products compared to the Paviliun Provinsi. This is just like when you visited a boutique in a mall.

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Paviliun Provinsi - Galeri Indonesia WOW - Batik

The batik section at Galeri Indonesia WOW

On the first floor, I could see that there are plenty of batik collection, from men’s wear, women’s wear, to children’s. Meanwhile, the 2nd floor is the place where I could find many arts, shoes, bags, and some households.

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Galeri Indonesia WOW (1)

Various products at Galeri Indonesia WOW

Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Paviliun Provinsi - Galeri Indonesia WOW - Wayang

Wayang collection at Galeri Indonesia WOW

Wow, this place is just full of Indonesian products!

It’s just like, if you want to collect products from all of the provinces in Indonesia and you don’t have the chance to visit all of them, you could visit this place. Then … If your friends asked for souvenirs when you had a trip somewhere in Indonesia, just asked them to visit SMESCO 😉

SMESCO Indonesia

Gedung SME Tower
Jend Gatot Subroto Kav. 94
Jakarta Selatan 12780, Indonesia
p: +62 21 27535454

Location on Google Maps:


Indonesia - Jakarta - SMESCO - Paviliun Provinsi - Galeri Indonesia WOW - Vintage radio

You could also find this vintage radio at Galeri Indonesia WOW in SMESCO

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