A stopover at Sipiso-piso waterfall

Sipiso-piso waterfall is located just in the north of Lake Toba of North Sumatra – Indonesia, and it’s the highest waterfall in Indonesia. My friend, Khai, has the best word to describe this waterfall … ‘Plunge’. Yes the water is just plunge out from the hill as like somebody is forgot to close the tap 😀

Indonesia - Medan - Sipiso-piso waterfall - The Sipiso-piso waterfall

The famous Sipiso-piso waterfall in North Sumatra (Indonesia)

My friends and I visited this waterfall after a long road trip from Parapat. It’s actually only took around 2.5 hours, but it felt like forever haha.

We did discuss about whether we should go downstairs to the bottom of the hill to see the waterfall from below, but we just felt lazy to walk down and up again in an empty stomach. We also thought that the view from above is amazing! So we decided to look around first before we had a quick lunch in this place, and continue our trip to Medan.

Indonesia - Medan - Sipiso-piso waterfall - The food stalls (2)

The food stalls near the parking area of Sipiso-piso waterfall

Indonesia - Medan - Sipiso-piso waterfall - A farm beside the food stall

While you are eating at the food stalls, look outside, and you will get this view of grape vine err I mean (it seems to be) a strawberry farm (?) – at Sipiso-piso waterfall (North Sumatra, Indonesia) 

There are a few of lookout points in this area just beside the parking lot.

The Sipiso-piso waterfall is actually can be seen from above too, and I believe if we go downstairs and stood quite near to the waterfall we would be soaking wet! The speed of the fall is really fast and the volume of the water was a lot too!

The water from Sipiso-piso waterfall will eventually end up in Lake Toba where we could see the northern part of the lake from another lookout in this place.

As I look at my photo collections, it seems that I took so many photos of the same spot with the same angle! I don’t know why I always do this, as it seems I don’t want to miss any good shots of this place. But actually I have already had a good shot! (I think!) Lol …

We did spend more time then what we have planned in the beginning, and I even didn’t feel hungry when we walked around this place. The place is quite big too. I think, a wonderful spot can override a hungry feeling in your brain 😉

Indonesia - Medan - Sipiso-piso waterfall - Another view of the northern part of Lake Toba

The northen part of Lake Toba from a lookout at Sipiso-piso Waterfall (North Sumatra, Indonesia)


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