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A view of Lake Toba from Sigarantung Hill …

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir Island - Sigarantung - Lake Toba - Thumbnail - 1
Indonesia - Medan - Samosir Island - Our car

Our car when doing a road trip in Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

When myself and friends visited Samosir Island, we did choose to stay in Tuk-tuk and by the Lake Toba.

But to get a more beautiful and interesting view of the Lake Toba, we needed to view it from above … That’s why we went to Sigarantung hill, near the place that is usually used for paragliding competition. I can see why that they use this place as the starting point of the glide as the view is beautiful and the hill is covered with green grass and trees.

There’s not much thing to do here besides eating boiled noodle with slices of chilli (cayenne pepper), and enjoy the scenery 😉

So here are a few shots of the view of Lake Toba from above :-), oh and my friend Lidya take a video when we up there 😉

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir Island - Sigarantung - Lake Toba

The view of Lake Toba from Sigarantung hill (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir Island - Sigarantung - Lake Toba

Another view from Sigarantung hill in Samosir island – Medan (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Mixed Up Already

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  • Nella

    Pemandangannya bagus, apalagi pas lihat videonya, jadi kangen kampung nenekku :Wink: .

    • timothywp

      Wuihhh .. Kapan nih terakhir ke Medan? Hehe 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Hi, cara menuju ke Sigarantung bagaimana ya ? Thankyou

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hiii … kemaren karena ramean dan waktu di Samosir cuma beberapa hari saja, jadi kami sewa mobil. Kabarin kalau mau kontaknya. 😉

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