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Semarang Trip (Part 2 – end)

Semarang Trip - Sam Poo Kong Temple - Welcome Banner

After Kota Lama with Gereja Mbledug and Lawang Sewu in the previous part, my next destination in this Semarang Trip was to Sam Poo Kong temple.

So I used a cab from Lawang Sewu to this place, which is not that far.

It has a big parking area in front of the entrance gate.

Semarang (Indonesia) trip - Sam Poo Kong Temple - The main gate

Semarang Trip - Sam Poo Kong Temple - The Banyan Tree with the lanternsAfter I paid the entrance ticket, I just went straight inside the area, and I was amazed that they have this really big field! I guess they use this for praying in some religious event?

On the left-side of the field, there’s a stage, with a big banner saying ‘Welcome To Klenteng Agung Sam Poo Kong Semarang’ (Welcome to the Holy Temple of Sam Poo Kong, Semarang), and in front of the entrance there’s a big gate. And it’s really big! Lol. But the gate was closed at that time. At the right-side of the field there’re 2 buildings for praying. Semarang (Indonesia) trip - Sam Poo Kong Temple - The Back GateI didn’t enter here as it said that this area is for praying only.I think what stole my attention beside this big field, was the big bronze statue of Zheng He near the big gate.

Finished taking pictures in a very hot day, I went to the entrance of the field, realizing that my camera battery was running low and I haven’t taken any pictures of the entrance area and the gate! ;o)

Semarang Trip - Sam Poo Kong Temple - The Temples

Semarang (Indonesia) trip - Sam Poo Kong Temple - The Bronze Statue of Zeng HeApparently there’s a rental shop for traditional Chinese cloth at the entrance. I forgot how much the rental fee for the cloth was. I could see some little kids using this traditional Chinese cloth and posed 🙂 Very Cute.

Semarang Trip - Sam Poo Kong Temple - Me

Sam Poo Kong temple was my last tourism spot in Semarang during this trip. I know there are still plenty to see in Semarang.

Semarang trip - BanjirKanal Project

Photo Credit: My Dad

In the future, you could expect more tourism spot in Semarang, like the one in Banjir Kanal (canal). Before it’s only a canal, nothing much there, but now, they’re redesigning the canal! They will use this for water activities, and from the information that I got from the taxi driver, they use Singapore consultants for this one!

Now, let’s talk about the food and eating place in Semarang.

Semarang trip - Nasi Goreng BabatMy favourite food in every trip to Semarang is always nasi goreng babat or tripe fried rice! And for this time, I ordered 1.5 portions! Haha. When he handed me the plate with full of rice, I was surprised of how big is the portion was, and I think he’s also confused whether I could finish this alone! Haha!

Next place is Jalan Pandanaran. Semarang trip - Jalan Pandanaran - Bandeng Juwana - ElrinaI went to this street if I want to buy something for my friends, because in this street, I could find ikan bandeng (milkfish), wingko, moci cake, and many more. People usually buy these foods as they are unique to Semarang city.

Then, the new eating place that my family took me was called KoenoKoeni. It’s located in Candi (the name of the area), Semarang trip - Koenokoeniwhich is in the hill which made the weather cool at that time.

From this restaurant, I could see the city from above. The view was great!

This restaurant is unique. Inside the restaurant they displayed unique cameras, unique vases, and there’s a traditional wooden door.

Semarang trip - Koenokoeni

Photo Credit: My Dad

For the food, they provided Javanese and Western food. Because I love lamb, so I ordered lamb rack. Love the food! I preferred eating eat without the sauce.

Semarang Trip: Part 1

More photos, please visit my Flickr Page.

Additional Info:
– Taxi Blue Bird call centre in Semarang: (024)6701234
– Entrance fee to Lawang Sewu: IDR10,000
– Guide Admin fee in Lawang Sewu: IDR30,000 (not incl. tip to the guide)
– Entrance fee to Sam Poo Kong temple: IDR3,000

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Semarang trip - A view from Koenokoeni at night

Semarang trip - A view from the plane

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