A primate conservation centre called Schmutzer

Schmutzer Pusat Primata is a conservation centre for primate.

I visited Schmutzer during my visit to Ragunan zoo. It’s in the same area, but I guess it has a different management because Schmutzer is funded by The Gibbon foundation.

Not so many people in here, perhaps because when it’s already afternoon and we needed to walk quite far from Ragunan zoo.
Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer

We’re not allowed to bring food and drink inside Schmutzer.

From the entrance, I could see that the building of the conservation centre still looks good!
Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer

So we started from the bridge that connected with the front building so we could see the conservation from above.
Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer - The Bridge

What people are looking for in Schmutzer is absolutely the gorilla! And I could see the gorilla from above …

Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer - The gorilla (from above)

View of the gorilla from the bridge

Then we went downstairs, and could see the gorilla closer. I think I only saw one or two gorillas in this enclosure.
Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer - The gorilla

As this is the primate centre, there are a lot of varieties of the monkeys besides the gorilla.

Owa JawaRagunan zoo - Schmutzer - Owa Jawa

Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer - Boti

Boti’s cage (enclosure)
Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer - Boti's cage

Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer - Bekantan

Well, it’s already late afternoon, and I guess Shmutzer would be closed at 5PM, so we exited the centre 🙂

After some years, apparently Schmutzer is still quite an attractive place to visit … But if I can remember from my previous visit, it seems that the area was larger before, or perhaps I’m wrong we didn’t go to some part of Schmutzer. I also talked with Sinthya about this, and she said the same thing. So perhaps we just missed this part … 🙁

Anyway, here’s the map of Schmutzer
Ragunan zoo - Schmutzer - Map of Schmutzer

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