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6 places to visit in Samosir Island!

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Lumban Suhi Suhi village - Batak traditional cloth (Ulos) - Thumbnail
Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Parbaba village - Lake Toba - White sand beach - banana boat

Banana boat in Lake Toba (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

What will you do if you only have one day to explore Samosir island in North Sumatra, Indonesia? 

Well yes, you can’t cover a lot of thing, but I think six places are much better than nothing, right?!

1. Museum Huta Bolon Simanindo to watch Batak traditional performance, including the Sigale-gale (a puppet made from wood) dance

2. White sand beach in Parbaba village
A white sand on the lake side? Haha yes there is. It’s on the side of Lake Toba. And in this place you could also find many water activities, just like when you go to the beach! One thing that I saw during my visit there was the banana boat!

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Parbaba village - White sand beach

White beach sand in Parbaba village – Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

3. Lumban Suhi-suhi village to see the making of Ulos 

Ulos is a traditional cloth in Batak tradition, and it is possible to see ‘the making’ of Ulos in this village. If you are interested, you could also buy the cloth directly from the maker! That beautiful ulos traditional cloth is made by their own hands and some traditional tools.

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Lumban Suhi Suhi village - The ladies with Batak traditional cloth (Ulos)

The ladies with Ulos – Batak traditional clothing in Lumban Suhi-suhi village – Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

4. Ambarita village and its stone chair 

5. Sigarantung Hill to view the Lake Toba from above and for a stunning view

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Tomok - Batak traditional museum

Batak Traditional Museum

6. Tomok village
There are many things to do and see in this place. First there are plenty of souvenir shops in the alley, then you could also watch Sigale-gale dance in one area. The highlight of this place is the tombs of Sidabutar King. The tombs (again) is on the surface not inside the ground, and they made the ‘coffin’ from stone. Batak traditional museum is another thing that you can visit in this place.

Not only you could visit these places in one day, but in Samosir island, you could also get plenty of wonderful view along the way! So get ready and sit beside the window so you could take plenty of pictures! 🙂

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Tomok - Tombs of Sidabutar King - Entrance gate (2)

Tombs of Sidabutar King in Tomok – Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia) 

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Tomok - Tombs of Sidabutar King

Tombs of Sidabutar King in Tomok – Samosir Island (North Sumatra – Indonesia)

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