Ride that betor when you are in Medan :-)

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‘Betor’ or ‘bentor’ with an ads on the cover of its becak part (Medan, Indonesia)

You perhaps have seen many ‘becak’ or trishaw on the street …
You might also have seen ‘ojek’ or a method of public transport that is using motorbike …
But in Medan, you will find a different public transport which is the merge of ‘becak’ and ‘motor’ … And the combination of both transport has made a new name: ‘Betor’ or ‘Bentor’ (Becak – Motor).

So how does it work?

‘Betor’ is actually similar to ‘becak’ but instead of using the human power, ‘betor’ is using the motorbike power! The passengers are still seating inside the becak, and the driver is on the motor bike which is  attached on the right side of the ‘becak’.

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In ‘betor’ or ‘bentor’, the driver is riding the ‘motor’ part on the right side of the ‘becak’ part – where the passengers sit (Medan, Indonesia)

When I reached Medan and looking for a transport from the train station in Medan to the place that I stay, I have two choices … Taxi or ‘betor’? So I think why not trying to ride the ‘betor’. As there’s no argometer in ‘betor’ just like in taxi, I have already asked the hotel staff about the price from the station to the hotel. It’s okay to bargain if you think the price is too expensive 🙂

This was my first ‘betor’ ride and apparently the space inside the ‘becak’ is actually not that big but enough for me and my bags. I think the space is also enough for two persons, but if both passengers are adult it seems that you need to squeeze yourself so the seat is enough for you two haha! I’ve also just noticed that ‘betor’ is actually had a small seat in front of the main seat for the kid (so the kid is facing your side)! I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of that!

So when you’re in Medan, why don’t try to ride ‘betor’ just for fun or perhaps just an alternative method of transport in Medan 😉

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - Traditional transport - Betor Bentor) - (Becak - Motor) - My driver (web)

My ‘betor’ driver! 😀 (Medan, Indonesia)


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