A zoo in the city … It’s Ragunan zoo :)

Let’s have an intermezzo first before I continue to the next post of my China trip series.

This time it’s about my recent visit to the zoo in Jakarta city. It’s Ragunan zoo!!

In terms of popularity, yes, Safari zoo is more popular than Ragunan, perhaps it’s because Safari is located in Puncak, out of Jakarta, and the weather is cooler there rather than in Ragunan.

What I remembered the most from my last visit to Ragunan some years ago, was the Pusat Primata (Primate conservation centre) Schmutzer.

My recent visit to Ragunan zoo was mid of last month (May 2012) during the public holiday, so I could imagine that it’s going to be crowded.
Ragunan zoo - Near the entrance

My plan was to go with Sinthya – my travel buddy, but then others decided to join us.

Ragunan zoo is located in … well Ragunan area (South Jakarta). If you decide to go there by public transportation, it’s going to be quite easy. There’s a TransJakarta line where its last stop is in the Ragunan zoo, or perhaps nearby the zoo.

If you decide to use the car, then not too worry, as they have 2 parking spaces. One is outside the Ragunan Zoo (where I parked my car), then the other one is inside the Ragunan Zoo.

Myself and Sinthya decided to meet in front of the zoo, as she was using the TransJakarta. After I met Sinthya, then we explored the zoo, while we waited for the rest of the gang 🙂

Ragunan zoo - Elephant statue on the pond

No, it’s not real elephants … 😀

As I expected, the zoo was crowded on that day. Many people came with their family and friends. They brought a mat so they could use it to sit on the field and have some quality time with their family. There were also people who did some game activities, such as tug of war or we call it ‘tarik tambang.’
Ragunan zoo - The Crowd

Ragunan zoo - Pecel sellerInside the zoo, there were a lot of eating places and food vendor. We found many pecel sellers in the zoo. Pecel is basically a mix of raw vegetables with peanut sauce. As we stood near the pecel seller, so we ate pecel as our lunch.

Finished with lunch, we walked around to see the animals.

Ragunan zoo - Cute Raccoon

Cute raccoon … 😀

So our first animal to see was the RACCOON!! It’s so cuteee … and the fur is thick and makes it even more cuter … 😀 But I guess it’s a bit shy, after it noticed that we’re watching at him, it then walked away and hid inside a hollow wood -___-

Some of the cage inside the Ragunan zoo is categorized as the enclosure. It’s the cage with the similar surrounding with their original habitat.

Ragunan zoo - Monkey

Monkeyyyy …

After I was upset with the raccoon that walked away from me … we noticed some noise somewhere in the zoo. Aahh … the noise came from the monkeys!! Apparently, there were already many people in front of the cage.

After the monkeys, then suddenly Sinthya said that we should take a picture with a snake … Whoa … Where did the idea come from :o?? Well,. as I’ve never taken a picture with a snake before, so I guess I should try it too haha!

So we found this person with a snake on his neck, and few people already took a picture with the snake. So we brave ourselves, and asked the person to take a picture with a snake. First was Sinthya. Haha, from her face, I guess either she scared or … err not sure! And now it’s my turn … And apparently I felt the same way too haha! Either I scared, or not used to have a snake on my neck, or I just felt the goosebump, or something something … ! The body of the snake was soft (???) and the snake scales was like … err … lol!
Ragunan zoo - Me and the snake

Ragunan zoo - Peacok (Burung Merak)

The Peacock (Burung Merak)

After the snake experience (!), we went inside a dome. It’s the birds part. They have several kind of birds inside.

Then our friends, Winda, Yovita and friends, messaged us that they have arrived in Ragunan.

So after we met them, then we asked each other, what animal should we look. Then my thought than thinking of komodo! ‘I want to see the kodomo eh I mean … komodo!!’

So komodo then …

But as we walked around, we couldn’t find the komodo … -___-

We found the sleepy lions, the cute honey bears (with very scary nails!!), then I also had a chance to kiss the elephant, and finally … the komodo!! Haha …

Ragunan zoo - The Lion (Singa)

Sleepy lion … Hoahhmm …

Ragunan zoo - Honey Bear (Beruang Madu)

Cute, but need some menicure and pedicure … lol 😀

Ragunan zoo - Me kissing the elephant

Kiss kiss …

Ragunan zoo - Komodo


After the komodo, we just walked around a bit to find some ostrich walking around in their cage … Next to the ostrich, we found kangaroo … The kangaroo was not as big as I thought, I guess it’s still young, but it’s still cute!! 😉

Ragunan zoo - Kangaroo (Kanguru)

Kangaroo (Kanguru)

Then Sinthya said that we needed to take picture with the giraffe!! She heard that from the announcement … 😮

Ragunan zoo - With the Giraffe (Jerapah)

Feeding the giraffe (jerapah)

So we walked to find the giraffe then we passed some toys seller along the way, and also the bubble gun!! Sinthya was really happy to see many bubble in the air and she asked me to take the pictures of her with the bubble in the air … haha 😀

And there it was … The giraffe … Standing alone with the zoo staff, and some people taking pictures with the giraffe. We bought some vegetables for the giraffe. So as we are not as tall as the giraffe (of course!), we needed to use the vegetable so the giraffe would bow down to eat it 😛

It’s a great adventure in the zoo, but also it’s was a very hot day!! Yikes …

It’s already in the afternoon, so we best went to the Schmutzer … 🙂


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