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Sitting on a Rabbit Hole in Bandung

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Rabbit Hole - featured image
Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Rabbit Hole (01)

The Rabbit Hole – located below Miss Bee (Bandung – Indonesia)

At first, I did not have any intentions to come to this place, but to the restaurants located upstairs – which is Miss Bee Providore. Miss Bee was sooooo crowded at that time. I thought Rabbit Hole was the same with Miss Bee – well, technically you could order Miss Bee’s food and eat it at Rabbit Hole, but it was actually different. Mostly, Rabbit Hole provides … … WAFFLE! Yep, it was just what I love! Haha …

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Rabbit Hole - The entrance

Come inside the Rabbit Hole! (Bandung – Indonesia)

The place only occupied a small area, so they could only fit around 5 small tables and 1 medium table, but that what I love about small place … Not many people inside it.

I love what they did to this small place, with simple decorations – such as mini plants, they keep the wall looks worn, and no tiles on the floor.

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Rabbit Hole (02)

A small crowd which is a good thing for me haha! – at Rabbit Hole (Bandung – Indonesia)

The interesting this about this place is what they use for the tables.

Do you know what this is?

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Rabbit Hole - The old SINGER sewing machine table

This is SINGER – the sewing machine with its vintage table – at Rabbit Hole (Bandung – Indonesia)

Yep … this is the Singer vintage sewing machine table, but without the sewing machine on top of it, of course. However, you still can play the legs part haha … I still remember that I played the leg part of my grandma’s sewing machine table, and pretended to sew something lol.

How about this one?

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Rabbit Hole - Coca Cola (Coke) Bottle cap

How big is the Coke bottle if the bottle cap is this big?!?! – at Rabbit Hole (Bandung – Indonesia)

Well … As long as I could remember, I’ve never found a big Coke bottle that requires this big bottle cap haha!

You might wonder, what is that a box on the floor that is covered with white thread?

Well … That’s actually the place to put your precious bags! Haha … 😉

The other thing that I love from this place besides the waffle was this place could be your comfy working space too! It has electric socket, besides each tables, and it is also has a good Wi-Fi connection! Plus, like I said before, this place is not that crowded.

So what else are you looking for …

Find a seat … (I prefer the corner table near the doors)

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Rabbit Hole - My spot on the corner

My spot at the corner near the doors – at Rabbit Hole (Bandung – Indonesia)

Eat that waffle …

Take out that laptop …

And … well, it’s up to you, what’s next … 😉

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Rabbit Hole

Jln. Rancabentang 11a, Ciumbuleuit – Bandung
IG: rabbithole_bdg

Location on Google Maps (it’s in the same location with Miss Bee):

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Rabbit Hole - Milo Dinosaur Waffle

This is the Milo Dinosaur Waffle at Rabbit Hole (Bandung – Indonesia)

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