Prepare for Festival Teluk Jailolo …

Festival Teluk Jailolo - 2011 - Ritual Laut Ceremony

Photo credit: Festival Teluk Jailolo 2012

Jailolo …

Have you ever heard about that name before?

I haven’t until recently.

It’s apparently a name of the capital of West Halmahera regency (Kabupaten Halmahera Barat) in Maluku (Moluccas). Maluku itself has many islands, and Halmahera island is the biggest island there.

Apparently, the tourism department of West Halmahera regency, has organized a festival called Festival Teluk Jailolo since 3 years ago, and next month is their fourth festival. It will be held on 17-19 May 2012.

This festival is actually to promote the tourism in the area, and also to showcase their cultural and nature beauty to the world. And for this year theme is The Amazing Year of Golden Spice Island. This is to remind us about their richness in spices.

The organizer of the festival has made the agenda for the visitors, so the visitors will have a great time in Jailolo.

17 May 2012
Spice Expo
This expo is to showcase the handicraft or souvenirs made by local people. In this event, you can see the Art and Cultural performance too, and also there’s a media expo trade. So I guess, this one is more to business purpose, to help promote the local products.

Ritual Laut Ceremony

Festival Teluk Jailolo - Ritual Laut Ceremony

Photo credit:

This ceremony is a local custom to give an offering for the gods of nature so this event will run smoothly. This ceremony will start from Bobo beach in Jailolo to Buabua island. Kesultanan Jailolo (Jailolo empire) will also involved in this ceremony, and follow by many decorated boats.

18 May 2012
Spice Trips
We know that Maluku is famous with it spices, so why don’t we go explore the spices plantation, such as cloves and nutmeg. Do you know that the people had to chew the dried cloves flower before they meet the emperor of Tang Dynasty of China? Well you could try to chew it here 🙂

Festival Teluk Jailolo - Grilled Fish Festival

Photo credit: Festival Teluk Jailolo 2012

Grilled Fish Festival
What will you do when you face a 10 tonne of fish in front of you? Eattttt … !!! Haha … This event called Horom Sasadu. With many delicious food, and the rituals that the local do, it’s surely an event that we shouldn’t miss. Just mingle and socialize with the local people 😉

19 May 2012
Spice Parade
This parade is one of the series of spice adventure in this festival. We could see farmer from the area with their traditional dress parade and showcase the spices. And one more thing, get ready and prepare your stomach! They will display delicious and yummy food that is cooked with the spices. Humm 🙂


Cabaret on The Sea

Festival Teluk Jailolo - 2011 - Cabaret on The Sea

Photo credit: Festival Teluk Jailolo 2012

This is the main event on the festival. A cabaret that is played on the sea. With colourful costumes, an interesting story, and beautiful sky and sea as the background, this will give you something different to watch. It’s an contemporary show that is mixed with traditional dance and songs is the icon of this festival! 🙂

Festival Teluk Jailolo - 2011 - Cabaret on The Sea

Photo credit: Festival Teluk Jailolo 2012

Those are the agenda of the festival!

But, don’t you want to explore the other area in the region? Haha! Well because I can’t dive yet, so I will prefer more to land adventure! 🙂

First why don’t explore the Ternate island?

Festival Teluk Jailolo - Ternate Island - The Sultan's Palace

Photo credit:

The airport if we want to go to West Halmahera is here in Ternate Island. And actually there are many things to explore here. With Mount Gamalama as the background, you can find the Sultan’s Palace. Then, there are Dutch fort called Benteng Oranye, and Portuguese fort called Benteng Tolukko. Here also sits The Great Mosque that becomes the ‘Indonesia’s 100 Most Beautiful Mosques.’

The next day, you can have a one-day trip to the neighbouring island of Ternate. Tidore Island.

Festival Teluk Jailolo - Tidore Island - The Sultan's Port

Photo credit:

Just like in Ternate, you can also find a Sultan’s Palace, museum, forts, and many other things. The different with Ternate is, Tidore is not as crowded as like in Ternate. You could also go to the most popular beach in Tidore, beach Akesahu with its hot spring. In Tidore also lies the Magellan’s Monument (Magellan was one of the Portuguese explorer).


Next one is a 20-minutes travel by speedboat to Sidangoli from Ternate. You will pass small islands that filled with mangrove, and between the islands you could see coral reef. This place is very nice to do snorkeling or perhaps sailing with boat fishing, and kayaking. And if you like tracking, just go explore the land. The journey will take about 2 hours, but you could see the Kingdom of bird-of-paradise. This area has the most unique and endemic species of fauna that only can be found here. Interesting 🙂

Interested in having a cultural adventure?

There are a lot of tribe in West Halmahera, such as Sahu ,Wayoli ,and Tabaru Tribe.

Sahu tribe lives in Sahu village. They preserve their local custom and culture so well, that make their culture and life unique. The traditional house has roof that is made from sago leaves, calles Sasagu.

How about Wayoli tribe? They are mostly farmers, because their land is so fertile.

And lastly, Tabaru Tribe. Tabaru’s people loves to sing. They appreciate music in their daily life (but actually the people in Halmahera loves music, so not only in Tabaru). They will play music in their religious ritual and festivals.

How about one last destination? It’s Loloda.

Festival Teluk Jailolo - Loloda - Kahatola waterfall

Photo credit:

It’s located in the north of Jailolo. There’s a speed boat that you can use to go there. It will take about 3 hours. And, hey, don’t sleep during this trip 🙂 You could see a waterfall on the cliffs of the beach, and the water falls to the sea. 🙂

In the village of Loloda, you could see some Cakalele dance accompanied with traditional music.

Actually the activity in this area is diving. Humm … Again as I can’t dive, so perhaps I just explore Loloda 😀

Well, I’ve never imagined to go to Maluku before, probably the main reason is because the flight ticket is quite expensive. After I know that there’s such festival and the beauty of the islands and the surroundings, I surely want to visit here someday 🙂 It’s something that I don’t want to miss.

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