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The modern and stylish Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya

Indonesia - Surabaya - Pop Hotels - Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota

Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)

Where will you stay when you are out of town and you plan to have a full day activities, so all you need from the hotel is a comfortable room, but you also are on a budget? Well, my choice would be the budget hotel; and Pop Hotel would be a good choice, as it is a modern and stylish budget hotel, just like the one that I stayed recently at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya.

During my recent visit to Surabaya, I did a lot of activities on a day, and only stayed in a room to rest for a while in the afternoon and then sleep in the evening. Even when I was in the room, I did not fully rest, but I used my time to open my laptop and did my homework lols. That means, I needed a working Wi-Fi connection inside my room, and that what Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya also has.

When I said ‘modern and stylish‘ hotel, I could see that the hotel has a modern and sleek design, also playful and popping colours of yellow, red, and blue that I found on the hotel ornaments and properties, such as the pillows at the lobby, some of the lightings and the tables at the breakfast area, and also the stylish chairs that I found at the Mezzanine floor beside the smoking room area. Even I noticed that the staffs of Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota are young, stylish, and friendly.


The receptionist area of Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)


A beautiful light at the lobby hotel of Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)

But why the Pop Hotels, including the Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya, are also dominated by green colour ?

It is because the Pop Hotels are also smart and eco-friendly hotels. One thing that Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya does to become an eco-friendly hotel is not using the air conditioner on the hotel corridors, that is from the elevator to the guest rooms. Instead they use the air circulation to make the corridors cooler.

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There is only 1 type of room at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya. A 15 sqm room looks spacious to me for a budget hotel. The room is already equipped with an LCD TV with international channels, a compact bathroom, a safe deposit box, and 3 electric sockets! The last one is important for me as I have few things to charge after a whole day activity haha!

One of the things that I love for the Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya is the colourful wall mounted cloth hangers just beside the door. It’s really cute for a cloth hanger haha!


The washing stand at the corner of the room (top – left), colourful wall mounted cloth hangers (bottom – left), and a compact bath room of Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)

The other thing that I love was of course the bed! It’s such a comfortable bed, and I just fell asleep at night, even though I was playing a game on my smartphone. And you know what … They provide bolsters too – or perhaps you know it as the ‘Dutch wife’! It is very rare for hotels provide bolsters on the bed. I think this is good to ‘accompany’ solo travelers … right? 😀


The comfy bed with pillows and bolsters! Yep … There are two bolsters provided inside the room at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)


Another view of the bedroom of Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)


Fried rice wrapped inside the banana leafs (top – right), as one of the breakfast. The left picture is one part of the breakfast area. There is also a mini mart at the ground floor at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)

There is another thing that I love when I stayed at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota. It has a minimart at the ground floor! Haha … As a budget hotel, Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota only provides breakfast for the guests, such as fried rice wrapped inside banana leaves. I think a 24-hour minimart is essential for a hotel that does not have a 24-hour room service for food and beverage. Well, just like myself that bought a cup noodle and ate it at 12 midnite!

For most people, the location of the hotels is also an important factor in choosing a hotel. So … what can we find around the Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota in Surabaya?

What I saw through the window of my room was some of the old buildings with vintage roof. It seems that Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya wants to highlight the vintage or the old area around its building.


The view from my room at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)

Even the location of Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya is located near Pasar Atom (or Atum), a famous traditional market!

It was unfortunate that I didn’t get a chance to taste some of the traditional food inside this market. There are plenty of food to try there.

Just checked what @yantiearie suggested to a friend of mine, when we stayed at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota:

Lontong Mie Marlia that opens from 10AM:

She also suggested other delicious dessert, such as traditional snack at Kedai Kartiko and black glutinous rice dessert.

Yummy, right?

Okay, so I think I am ready to book another stay at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya again to explore this Pasar Atom! Haha!

Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya

Jln. Waspada 58

p: +62 31 3550111
f: 031 3550700

Click here to book a room through Pop Hotels website

Thanks to Tauzia Hotel Management Indonesia for having me at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya. Although I was a guest at Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota, but all opinions are my own.

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Pop Hotel Stasiun Kota Surabaya is located near Pasar Atom – on the right side (Indonesia)

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  • tesyasblog

    Aaaah, suddenly I miss going to Surabaya…
    By the way, I love the last picture!

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Yep … so many to explore, so we should revisit it soon! 😉

  • cumilebay

    Yang gw suka di POP ini ada nya sofa hitam di kamar nya jadi ngak perlu extrabed lagi hehehe

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Wah iniii … suka selundupin sapa kaakkk :p


        Kamu ngak usah ikutan kepo dech, suka2 gw dong mau masukin siapa aja hahahaha

        • Timothy W Pawiro

          dan aku makin kepo, kaakkk :3

  • @nurulrahma

    Halo, Timothy…

    Ini dirimu yg ikut acara MPR di Jogja kuwi, kan?
    Ya ampyuuun, blognya keceeeeh binggo!

    Lam kenal yak #eaaaa
    *emak2 dari suroboyo


    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hiiii Mbak Nurul.

      Wah iyaaa bener yang di MPR huahaha. Woowww, dr SBY ke JOG nih? Mantabhhh 🙂

      Terima kasih sudah berkunjunggggg wkwkwk

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