Plus Priority could be your friend in Bali :-)

Plus Priority shuttle service

One of the shuttle minibus provided by Plus Priority: Nissan Evalia for 5 Pax [picture provided by The Management]

When you are in Bali, what kind of transportation that you usually choose?

Usually I will choose to rent a car without a driver, so I can drive at anytime that I want, but for short term holiday, this option will be okay. The rental price usually will start at IDR175,000 and above, depends on what kind of car that you choose. At that price I could get a small city car, such as Karimun Estillo.

I also once tried to book a car [this time with driver] when I stayed in Ubud area where the service cost me around [didn’t remember the promotional price, so I just made an estimate] IDR250,000. The real price was actually below that, but as the location in Ubud so there was an additional cost. Another time, I booked a tour package with several destinations [this price is for the car rental + driver] from a hotel that I stayed and it cost me around IDR450,000.

Imagine that you stay in Bali for a longer period, let’s say 1 week. How much money should I spent if I decided to rent a car and drive it by myself? Let’s calculate:

7 days x IDR175,000 = IDR1,225,000

Whoopss!! That’s a lot!

I can use that money to other thing or pay for more nights in a place to stay in Bali.

How about if there’s a service that will help you to travel in Bali and it only costs you US$25 [for foreigner] or IDR250,000 [for local]. Wait … $25/night? No … You’re wrong … The price is actually for 5 days! Yes … 5  as in ‘five’ days.

5 days = IDR250,000

The service that I am talking about is called ‘Plus Priority‘ – a product by Tjendana Corporation. It’s one of the Bali transportation options that will make your travel easier and comfortable. Once you buy this service, you will get a card that will give you access to a daily free seating on luxury coach shuttle services to the sightseeing areas such as Uluwatu, Ubud, Kuta, Tanah Lot, and Kintamani. It has several hub located in Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua, then from the ‘hub’ you can continue the journey to your selected destination.

Plus Priority Airport Lounge

One of Plus Priority Lounge: International Airport [picture provided by The Management]

Well … Yes, a shuttle bus means it has a fixed schedule … But hey, with this card at least you don’t need to drive … Even if you’re stuck in traffic, you just sit in this luxury and comfortable ‘minibus’, or even just go to sleep. The minute you open your eyes, you’re already arrive in your selected destination 😉

Besides having access to the shuttle bus, the holder of the Plus Priority card can also get more benefits such as discount in some high end to affordable restaurants, such as Toro-toro in Sanur, Johnny Rockets in Kuta, Ryoshi in Ubud and many more. Besides the restaurant, you will get an interesting discount in having a spa treatment in several luxurious hotels and resorts, such as 15% discount in Anantara Resort and W Bali Seminyak. And if you’re a foreigner, you can also get an additional service from Plus Priority … A local phone Sim card. Great right? 😉

Anyway, here’s the map of the Plus Priority route, so if you’re interested, you can just match your travel plan with the shuttle bus service.

Plus priority - Route Map

The route for the shuttle bus service from Plus Priority [picture provided by The Management]

So if you’re interested in having this Plus Priority card, you can just go to their Kuta Hub in Kuta Central, or just dial the numbers that are listed at the map above:

– (62) 812 3899 701
– (62) 812 3899 702
– (62) 812 3899 706

[Now, you can also purchase the Plus Priority at their airport lounge located in the International Airport]

You can also check their schedule in the Plus Priority website, then go to: About Us -> Membership Benefits -> Shuttle service.

PS: Although I already got their Plus Priority card, I actually haven’t used this service yet. Why I posted it here, as I like their idea to make travel easier and comfortable. Plus it has a good price for 5 days ;-).

My Plus Priority card

My Plus Priority card


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