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[ Photo Essay ] Road trip in Samosir

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Scenery - Great scenery - Thumbnail -

I’ve never thought that Samosir Island would be that big! It’s an island that is bigger than Gili Trawangan. It’s much much bigger than any of the Gilis that I have been with different landscape and uniqueness.

Samosir Island is a volcanic island that is located in Lake Toba, so it’s actually an island inside an island (Sumatra island). Lake Toba itself is a caldera as a result of a massive explosion that happened thousand of thousand years ago. The caldera then was filled with water so it becomes a lake until now. This remind me of Lake Maninjau in West Sumatra, but the different is there’s no island in Lake Maninjau.

When I went to Samosir island and had a small road trip, I witnessed of how amazing and beautiful the scenery along the way. There are still plenty of paddy field along the way, but with the background of the high hill and Lake Toba! It’s just lack of one thing: a blue sky! Haha. Nevertheless, I became very ‘busy’ with my camera and took photos as many as I could. It’s not that easy taking picture in a moving car – well I couldn’t stop every time I saw a nice view, right, if not, the trip would never end! Haha.

I did say that Samosir Island has its own uniqueness right?

Well the unique thing is that I saw many tombs that are built so nicely and unique beside the road. It’s reminded me of Sumba people who is also built a tomb in front of their houses (story soon!). The different is, in Samosir, the tomb is not always near a house. I presume they bought a land dedicated just for the tomb area! And I think, the bigger the tomb, the more expensive it becomes! 😮

The next thing is their churches. It seems that their churches is simple but it has classic architecture, without modern touch!

So I have picked five photos with the nature theme, and five photos with the tomb and churches nature. The selection process was hard! It’s a five round selection process! Lol kidding! The rest of the photos will be posted in my Flickr.

I will let you know which one is my favourite, and you can share with me, which one is your favourite 😉

The lovely nature of Samosir Island

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Scenery - Paddy field and Hill

Terracing photo in Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Scenery - Paddy field and Hill

Another terracing photo in Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Scenery - Paddy field and Hill

The perfect combination of the paddy field with its farmers, the Lake Toba, and the hill in North Sumatra, Indonesia 

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Scenery - Paddy field and Hill

This is a more perfect combination! Hahaha … The view of paddy field, Lake Toba, and the hill in North Sumatra, Indonesia

This last one is my favourite!

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Scenery - A girl with her dogs

A girl with her dogs

Now, let’s go to the next theme …

The Tombs and the churches of Samosir Island

The first one is special, as it’s the tomb of my driver/guide’s (name: Anto Sembiring) family during the Samosir trip.

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Batak traditional tomb

My driver/guide’s family tomb beside Lake Toba in Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Batak traditional tomb

Beautiful view of the tomb beside the Lake Toba (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Batak traditional tomb

A tomb in the middle of forest? – Samosir Island – North Sumatra, Indonesia

Anto said that this is the biggest tomb in Samosir Island, and it has an elevator! This is The tomb of King Manihuruk.

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Batak traditional tomb

The tomb of King Manihuruk in Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

This last photo is my favourite. HKBP stands for ‘Huria Kristen Batak Protestan’ (Batak church). It’s a very nicely built church. Simple and classic architecture.

Indonesia - Medan - Samosir - Church - Batak HKBP

A nicely built Batak church in Samosir Island (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

So then … which one is your favourite? 😉

Mixed Up Already

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  • Danan Wahyu

    Wah aku Belum Pernah nyebrang ke samosir ternyata banyak objek bagus

    • timothywp

      Iya, ternyata memang banyak nih! 🙂

  • Khai

    Definitely the photo of the views AND the church. I think the church’s design is amazing and unique. In fact when I was there, I was so excited looking at all the churches lining up the street.

    • timothywp

      And don’t forget the tomb too! There are plenty of tombs along the way 🙂

      • Khai

        Yeah, looks different. In fact, the environment really made me feel that I am indeed overseas! 😀

        • timothywp

          Well, you were overseas! :-p

  • Halim

    Kalo dateng pas sawahnya ijo royo-royo mungkin sipp banget yah landscapenya 🙂
    Wahh kuburannya nyeni banget, kelihatan lebih waaahh di Samosir ktimbang yang di Sumba ya hehehe

    • timothywp

      Hahaha masih inget aja Oom ama Sumba *kabuuur*
      Iya nih, makanya selalu terpesona ketika ngelewatin kuburan yg desainnya macem2, apalagi yg makam raja itu yg sampe ada liftnya! Sayang ga masuk … 🙂

  • Agness

    I absolutely love the sky and palm trees surrounding the temples. This scenery is just breath-taking!

    • timothywp

      Yesss I love that too!! 🙂

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