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A day trip to Phi Phi Islands …

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When people visit Phuket Island for the first time, it seems that one of the places that people will visit would most probably be the Phi Phi Islands, either you do a day trip, experience the Live on Board (LOB), or stay on the island. Just like I did during my first to Phuket Island, I also put a visit to Phi Phi to my itinerary. I was also tempted to try the LOB experience, but I did not really have much time during the visit. So I chose the day trip instead.

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (1) - Ready for the day trip!

Ready for Phi Phi Islands?! We used the speed boat [Phuket – Thailand]

As a popular destination, there are lot of tour providers to Phi Phi Islands, and mostly provide a day trip from Phuket Island. The tour provider will also use various boat to bring the guests to Phi Phi Islands, from big boat that (I am guessing) could occupy for more than 50 people, and also a small speed boat that can occupy less. You could always book the package directly once you are in Phuket or you could also book the trip online. I did the latter through Be My Guest. It is a website that gives you several options of tour providers. Cool right?!?! I did not have to browse the tour provider one by one!

During the day, my friend and I were picked up at our hotel at Laguna Phuket in the morning with a minibus. Then we went to a couple of resorts to pick up another guests before we headed to the harbour at Royal Phuket Marina. Apparently there were already many people that has gathered there, and we were divided into several groups (= boats). We were lucky that we used the speed boat, and we could sit at the front side of the boat! No obstacle for the view, right! The trip itself to the islands took for about 1 hour.

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (2) - On the way to Monkey cave

Approaching the first stop! [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

We visited several spots during the day trip to the islands, so not just the Phi Phi islands.

Anyway …

Our first stop was at the Monkey Beach. Not really at the beach, but more to the cliff with the trees that came out from the rock. Then, when we approached the cliff, the monkey will ‘walk’ on the branch and ‘meet’ us? After a few photo shoots of the monkey, we then went to our snorkeling spot, not far from there. By the way, have I told you that the water was very CLEAR?!?! Yep it is! Luckily I already bought the water proof hand phone pocket, so I could bring my phone while I was snorkeling – although the result was not that good as this was my first try use the water proof pocket! Sigh …

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (3) - Monkey cave

Monkey beach … Monkey cliff … ? [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (6) - Snorkeling time and look at that clear water!

Snorkeling time! [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

The lunch time buffet was provided at the Phi Phi Don Island on a restaurant located just beside the beach. We did not have really much time to explore the island, as we still needed to go somewhere else. After I had my lunch, I just walked around a bit, and I felt that I would really love this place! It has a small pedestrian behind the restaurant, but not really sure whether it has another road for vehicle. This reminds me of Gili T and I really want to spend a few nights on this island during my next visit haha!

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (7) - Long Tail Boat at Phi Phi Don

Arrived at Phi Phi Don to have a lunch. Anyway the one in the picture is called ‘Long Tail Boat’ [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (23) - Inside Phi Phi Don island

This Phi Phi Don reminds me of Gili T, no? [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

Another short stops were at the Viking cave and the Phileh Cove.

Short stop means that it was just a short stop to take photos and we did not explore the area.

Talking about Viking cave, does it has any relations with the Viking ‘Viking’?

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (9) - The Viking Cave

The Viking cave aka Bird Nest Cave [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

The term came as there were painting of the sailing ships on the cave walls. Although the painting of the ship is not yet proven to be the Viking ships, but this term has been used until now.

Even though this spot is named as the Viking cave, but the thing that I saw first when we arrived at this spot was many bamboos at the entrance of the cave. Apparently these bamboos are used to take the bird nest placed on the ceiling of the cave.

Meanwhile our next short stop after the Viking cave was the Phileh Cove.

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (10) - Phileh cove

Another short stop at Phileh Cove, but for others, it was the snorkeling spot too [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

To be honest, we only stopped at the mouth of the cove and the staff only shared that this is the lagoon or I could say, the Phileh Cove?

When we arrived at the location, we only saw that there were a lot of boats already there, and I guess, it was another snorkeling spots too.

The next stop of this Phi Phi Islands day trip was the most famous location in Phi Phi Islands. It was the Loh Samah Bay, or some of us knows the beach more … The Maya Beach. Have you ever watched one of Leonardo diCaprio’s movie called The Beach? Maya Beach was used as one of the locations of the setting. I understand why they chose Maya Beach, as it was just beautiful! The place is hidden behind the big rock karst stone, and the water is just that clear!

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (11) - Loh Samah Bay - Maya Beach

Welcome to Maya Beach! [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (12) - Loh Samah Bay - Maya Beach - Inside the island

Walking inside the island of Loh Samay Bay [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

As it is really famous, thus this place was flocked with plenty of people that joined a day trip just like us haha. Many boats and even the long tail boats docked at this beach. We actually want to explore to the island more, as we saw a sign board to the middle of the island. My friend and I did walk a bit away from the beach, but as we have limited time, and we saw that it would be a long exploration, so we decided just to enjoy the beach!

There will always next time, right?!?! 😉

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (14) - Loh Samah Bay - Maya Beach - Clear water

Play play at the clear water of Maya Bay [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

Our last stop would be the Khai Nai Island. It was really a small island that you could easily circled the island if possible.

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (15) - Khai Nai Island

Little island of Khai Nai [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (16) - Khai Nai Island - Shade from the sun

You could also rent the beach chair complete with its umbrella [Phi Phi Islands – Thailand]

There is no accommodation here, only a few eating places and a lot of beach chair with the umbrellas. We did rent the chairs, just to take a rest for a while, as we had plenty of time here. We also did not buy any foods here as we got plenty of supply of fruits and cold drinks that were distributed by the staffs. Cold drinks were really my best friends as the day was getting really hot!

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (19) - Khai Nai Island - Clear sky!

Luckily we had a clear blue sky during the day trip! [Phi Phi Island – Thailand]

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (21) - The beach at the other side of the island

The beach at the other side of the island. It was more crowded! [Phi Phil Islands – Thailand]

We did walk from our beach side to another side of the island, and were surprised that there were more people at the other side! Phiew … Luckily we were at the less crowded side haha.

Although it was only a day trip, but we were really satisfied with this trip. All the activities went smooth, and we just really enjoyed it! Did I say that the staffs are very friendly too?! I also mentioned that we got plenty of soft drinks too on the boat.

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (23) - Royal Phuket Marina - Queueing to enter the marina

Queuing to enter to Royal Phuket Marina [Phuket – Thailand]

One thing for sure … If you do not want to get the sun burn … Bring that sun block lotion as it was really hot during the day! However, we were really grateful that the weather was really good that day! 🙂

Anyway … I really recommend this tour provider for your day trip to Phi Phi Islands. You will be picked up from the hotel and will be returned to your hotel.

You could also search for other activities that you can find while you are in Phuket.

Thanks to BeMyGuest for letting me try one of their activities!

Although I was the guest of BeMyGuest, but all opinions are my own :-)


All photos are taken using my humble iPhone 5 camera, unless stated ;-)

Thailand - Phuket - Phi Phi Islands - (24) - Royal Phuket Marina

The Royal Phuket Marina [Phuket – Thailand]

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