An amazing spot called Perpas Waterfall

A while ago, I joined an interesting bootcamp called Newmont Bootcamp (you can check the event on Twitter and Instagram using #NewmontBootcamp). Although the main point was to experience the mining life, and also to see the environment and the social life around the mining area, we also had some fun and saw the beauty of Sumbawa Island, and one of the amazing and beautiful places that we visited was the Perpas Waterfall.

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The river with clear water from Perpas waterfall (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

The Road to Perpas waterfall

The Perpas waterfall is located in Kemuning Village of Sekongkang district in West Sumbawa. Visiting a waterfall would be very nice, especially if you are in Sumbawa where sometimes the weather can be hot during the day. But … to get to Perpas, we needed to walk for about 45 minutes from where the bus dropped us. It’s a long and sweaty walk, but we enjoyed it every moment, as we were displayed with some beautiful things along the way. We passed a river with clear water originated from the waterfall and we walked under the blue sky. It is much better to walk in the morning as the sun is not on top of us!


It’s a bright and hot day during our way to Perpas Waterfall, but the sky is blue! Haha (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)


Iqbal and Bu Intan is taking picture of Daun Ketimus which is one of the ingredient to make Rarit (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

Do you want to know, what is Rarit? Well, you might want to check Bu Intan’s blog post 😉

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The purpose of this piping system installed by Newmont Indonesia, is to distribute the water from Perpas Waterfall to some villages (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)

After we passed the Sekongkang dam, we entered the jungle area, but there is already a track so we can walk easily inside the jungle. Sometimes the track is not that flat, as we needed to walk up and down the hill. Then, I was quite happy when I heard the sound of the flowing water, as I thought we were getting closer with the waterfall … but apparently, the sound was from the water that flows inside some pipes, and we still needed to walk a bit further before we reached the waterfall. Pfftt … haha!


We passed this Sekongkang Dam on our way to Perpas waterfall (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)

The piping system here, was actually installed by Newmont Indonesia, so the abundant water from Perpas waterfall can also be distributed as a clean water to three villages, such as Sekongkang Atas, Sekongkang Bawah, and Kemuning. Currently the water management is taken care by the local water utilities company.


The pipes are installed to deliver the water from Perpas Waterfall to the nearby villages. Picture is taken from here (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)

Hello, waterfall!

It was a relieved when we finally reached the waterfall! Finally!

Apparently, Perpas waterfall is not like other waterfalls, where the water does fall from a higher ground like Sendang Gile waterfall in Senaru, Lombok.

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The water at Perpas waterfall is like sliding in between rocks, instead of fall. And we are actually still on a higher ground, so we can see the water flows from above to the river below, which is called Plampu River that is usually used for irrigation.


Let is slide, let it slide, let it slide … – Location at: Perpas Waterfall (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)

Anyway, apparently the water did fall, but the distance is quite short haha. The water falls into a natural pond of fresh water surrounded by big rocks, and it tempted some of us to just get into the water. A few of us has started to climb the rocks and jump, then some of us also entered the pond to taste the fresh and cool water of Perpas, including myself!


Bram tries to swing before he jumped to the pond at Perpas Waterfall (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)

I had to try, as I had to walk quite far to get to this place, and was not so sure, when I will visit this place again. And also, it’s a good thing to open your sweaty cloth and put it on a rock to let it dry. If you can’t swim, there are also rock under the water, so you can step on it, but it’s quite slippery.


Play-play the water like kids with the famous Cumilebay (left) at Perpas Waterfall. Picture is taken from here (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)

The important thing is you got to get inside the water! Haha.

It was super cold at first, but when I dipped all of my body into the water, after a moment, I felt so fresh! It was a cure to the hot and steamy day for sure, and I didn’t want to go out from the water so soon …

Another thing that makes this place even more beautiful, is that the place is actually surrounded by a vast greenery!


Kadek is taking photo of Donna Imelda. Location at: Perpas Waterfall (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)


Cumilebay is enjoying the sun. Location at: Perpas Waterfall (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)

If you climb to the higher rocks, you will amaze to see a beautiful and picturesque nature of the surrounding.


Great view from above! Location at: Perpas Waterfall (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)

It is indeed a fun trip, and I didn’t really want to go back … As we needed to walk again for another 30 minutes or so to our bus! Lols …

This is a must visit if you go to Sumbawa 😉


Enjoying the fresh air of Perpas Waterfall (West Sumbawa – Indonesia)


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