Patong: the bars, the markets, and the beach

I think for the first timer, the first thing that you will be looking for while visiting Phuket Island would be the Patong area (well, I guess besides visiting Phi Phi Islands).

And why is that?

From what I heard and from what I read, Patong area is the area that has everything! It has a beach, plenty of bars, nice street food, café, and restaurants (from Thai, seafood, Turkish, Indian, and more) – that I only tried a few, a lot of massage parlor, souvenir stores, tattoo studios, and (surprisingly) tailors!

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Street food - Pancake

Surprisingly, there were plenty of pancakes seller in Patong! I think the most popular one would be pancake banana :3 [Phuket – Thailand]

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Seafood - Big lobsters

Big lobsters at one of the restaurants in Patong area [Phuket – Thailand]

If you miss going to a mall, Patong also has a mall, called Jungceylon Mall.

Unfortunately we really did not have the chance to enter this mall, as every time we walked to this mall, either we decided continue to walk to other places or the mall has closed :-/

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Jungceylon Mall (1)

Jungceylon Mall during the evening [Phuket – Thailand]

The beach

I think I have said this many times that Patong beach is (I think) the most popular beach in Phuket Island. It was quite a long beach too, which shaped just like letter ‘U’, but this time, I did not explore the beach from one end to the other end lol.

Just like other (popular) beaches, there were also some bars, café, and restaurants just beside the beach.

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - The beach

Hallo Patong beach! [Phuket – Thailand]

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - The beach - Bars and cafe

Cafe or bars beside the Patong beach [Phuket – Thailand]

One thing that I really like with this beach is it also has a park behind the beach, where I could see many people have a picnic with the family. It was also quite lovely to just have a walk at this park as it is quite shady with many trees at the park.

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Park behind Patong beach

The park just beside the Patong beach. Great for picnic or to avoid the sun! 😀 [Phuket – Thailand]

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Park behind the beach - during the evening

The park just beside the Patong beach during the evening 🙂 [Phuket – Thailand]

The Bars

Since I arrived at Phuket in the evening, I did not really have the time to explore the area much. That was why, after I checked-in at Rayaburi at Sawatdirak Road, my friend and I decided to check the famous road in Patong area … the Bangla Road!

I did not google anything about Bangla Road, and why it is famous, so I just wanted to surprise myself. The one thing that I know was they closed the road in the evening.

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Bangla Road - The bars

One of the alleys from the Bangla Road [Phuket – Thailand]

It is true that the road is closed during the evening, and I literally could do bars-hopping (which I did not do lol) as there were a lot of bars in this road, from regular bar until the go-go bar! The bars are located side by side and music was played loudly to attract visitors. Meanwhile for the go-go bar, I could see women dancing on the table at the bars, or even inside something like a ‘display window’.

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Bangla Road - One of the go-go bars

One of the go-go bars at Bangla Road [Phuket – Thailand]

This is really the heaven for people who seeks for party and party and party!

Bangla is really crowded, but … if you just want to have drinks and wanted to visit bars in a quieter area, you could just head to Otop Market. It also has plenty of bars, but like I said before, it was more quiet then Bangla Road. I think this place is more relaxing when you just wanted to chill out with your friends there.

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Otop Market (2) - Inside the complex

Here at Otop, you could also find bars and restaurants, but with less crowd 🙂 [Phuket – Thailand]

The market

I actually was confused on where to put the Otop Market, since the name is ‘market’, but it has plenty of bars inside the complex, although it also has some souvenir stores :-D.

Anyway … to get a real ‘market’ feel, so we walked to Malin Plaza (and it does not even have ‘market’ at the name lol).

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Malin Plaza

The market at Malin Plaza [Phuket – Thailand]

Once I found this place, I could see that there were a lot of food and fruit stalls at this open-air market place. It seems that I wanted to try a lot, from big fried chicken breast covered with flour, a lot of fried food with satay style, the pancakes, and more. So we just walked around the food stalls and look for anything that interesting to our eyes. My friend decided to grab some sushi with the cheap price.

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Malin Plaza - Sushi express

Sushi express at Malin Plaza [Phuket – Thailand]

Then my eyes caught something interesting in front of that stall.

Crocodile meat!

What? Is this for real? I have never tried it before!

Although I was quite hesitant at first, but then I decided to try it, as I am pretty sure that this is something that I will not see quite often in my home lol. I could not really describe the taste, but it seems like a bit of beef and a bit of dendeng (jerked meat) lol.

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Malin Plaza - Crocodile satay

Crocodile meat?!?! [Phuket – Thailand]

Have you seen a video that circulated in Facebook about the new ice cream trend (if I could say that a ‘trend’) in Thailand, where the ice cream seller made the ice cream from a ‘scratch’? Well I was hoping that I could find the ice cream seller in this market and try this kind of ice cream. And I did!

At first I heard a sound like someone is hammering a nail to a steel over and over again. Apparently it was from this ice cream stall.

There were various kind of the ice cream, from M&M – chocolate to mix of fruits – Oreo. If you order the M&M – chocolate, the guy will mix them with the cream, and ‘crush’ them together with his tools, which made the sound that attracted me to this ice cream stall at the first place. It was a very unique way in making an ice cream.

Thailand - Phuket Island - Patong - Malin Plaza - Ice cream

Ice cream express at Malin Plaza 😀 [Phuket – Thailand]

If you have not seen the video yet, I recorded a video when the seller made the fruits ice cream.

Soooo … you think Patong is a good start before you explore Phuket Island?

Yep … I think Patong is a great start for a first timer in Phuket Island. No need to worry about the food, the entertainment, and the sight seeing (the beach). Everything is available here 🙂

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