Blogger party … ON|OFF 2011

Event: ON|OFF – Ideas Meet Opportunities

Date: 30 November 2011

Time: 10AM – 6PM

Venue: Epicentrum Walk – Kuningan, Jakarta.

Have you attended any such event before?

Well this was the first time for me.

Apparently, this was their fifth year in organizing this blogger party.

From the program that I got from the on|off website, I could see that there’s a ‘breakout session’ after lunch time. It’s like a short seminar with the duration of approximately one hour. There were many sessions at the same hour so I needed to choose.

I was planning to attend that ‘breakout session’ which was started from 1PM.

I reached the venue at about 1:35PM.

Actually I have chosen the first session that I would like to attend, which was about ‘writing and publishing,’ but then I thought I have missed the session. So I decided to just go around the venue. The main event was at the same place where Train concert took place, which was at the semi-outdoor venue.

The view of the venue from upstairs

There’s a stage at the centre, where there were some performances took place.

At the left and right side after the entrance, there’re many booths, related to blogging activity, and VOA both. Also booth for sponsors, such as: Acer and @america.

@america booth

For the breakout session, the location took place at the first floor. They used the unused unit from the malls (the mall is relatively new).

And then, I just went upstairs to see the sessions, hoping that I could still catch the first session. And yes, it’s still going, although it’s already Q&A 😛

Session #1 – Writer | Publisher

The speakers were from Gagas Media book publishing.

Speakers from Gagas Media

Session #2 – Ideas | Incubator

with Kevin Mintaraga (@kvmin) as the speaker

The speakers were from Project Eden with one of their successful project called ‘telunjuk.’ Project Eden is an incubator for start-up. They will act as a mentor, and will find you an investor to invest in your idea. So your first job is to present them a great idea, a creative idea. Where they’re interested with the idea, they will help and work together with you.

During the session, there was a slot for 3 participants to present their ideas, and they got the feedback on the spot.

One of the participant, Diki Irawan from was sharing his idea

Session #3 – ASEAN’s Digital Landscape

The session was about the blogging community in ASEAN. So they invited bloggers from ASEAN countries, except from Myanmar (Hillary Clinton was visiting Myanmar at that time, so the blogger from Myanmar was covering the event. Awesome! :)).

They’re talking about the social media presence in their countries. It’s an interesting knowledge 🙂

After attending the session, it’s time for me to see the booths in the event.

As a newbie in blogging, I actually didn’t know much that there are blogging community here. *oops* 😛 I met people from Blogdetik Semarang in one of the booths there. I shared with them that I lived in Semarang before 🙂 So may be I will contact them in my next visit to Semarang 🙂

And hey … there’s a big hat sitting on a seat!

This event was interesting! Hopefully they will still organize this event next year 🙂

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