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A one night stay at Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo


On our last night in Labuan Bajo, Flores, we decided to stay off from the popular street Jalan Soekarno Hatta. After browsed some of the hotels there, we decided to stay at Puri Sari Beach Hotel. It was our first stay there, and the decision was made just based on the photos haha!


Welcome to Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo (Flores – Indonesia)

How to get to Puri Sari Beach Hotel?

The hotel’s location is at Jalan Pantai Pede, which is actually still at the same coast line of Jalan Soekarno Hatta. I am not really sure that there is a public transportation here. However, the hotel can pick you up from the airport for free. The same thing to going to the airport, the shuttle service from the hotel can drive you to the airport for free too! When I went there, I have just finished my Komodo LOB trip, so the trip provider dropped us directly at the hotel, so there was no hassle for us to look for transportation.

Is the hotel located near the beach?

Well, definitely yes. Read the name of the hotel: Puri Sari Beach Hotel, so it is located in front of the beach. In the previous post about sunset in Labuan Bajo, I said that it is actually easy to see the sunset if you stay in Labuan Bajo area. I didn’t catch the sunset from the hotel, as I preferred to see the sunset from some of the café in Labuan Bajo, so I am just guessing now that this one should have the sunset too haha!

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Hello beach! – at Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo (Flores – Indonesia)


The beach in front of Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo, during the low tide (Flores – Indonesia)

How was the room?

The room was really spacious and clean! You can do some exercise in the room if you want. Perhaps it looks too spacious, as there are many empty spaces in the room. Plus it has a balcony. Supposedly you could see the beach as all the rooms here are facing the beach. But as the highest floors of the hotel’s building is the second floor, so you could not see it, as there is a garden in front the building. However, I always love a room with a balcony, especially each of the room at Puri Sari Beach Hotel, has its own balcony, and not one long balcony from one end to the another end of the building for several rooms. However, we were quite surprise when we were looking for the remote control of the TV, as we could not find it anywhere in the room, and of course … there is no TV haha! So it’s the same with Green Hill Boutique Hotel. That was why, we decided to go and check some of the cafe in Labuan Bajo from the afternoon till evening 😉


The comfy bed in a spacious room at Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo (Flores – Indonesia)

Is there any restaurant or do they serve breakfast?

Yes, they have their own restaurant, that still open until the evening. It’s an semi-outdoor restaurant. The hotel serves buffet for the breakfast, and I love seating facing the garden while having my breakfast.


Nice view of the garden, while eating the breakfast at Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo (Flores – Indonesia)

The facilities of the hotel?

It has a pool! A swimming pool!

Well, yes of course you can always run into the beach and play play the water there, but sometimes, a dip into the pool is also nice haha!

If you choose to enjoy the beach, the hotel also provides beach chair for the guests 😉


The swimming pool at Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo (Flores – Indonesia)

How to get around?

If you don’t have any transportation, then you can rely on hotel shuttle service. It can drop you to nearby area, such as Jalan Soekarno Hatta. If you need a pick up, then just call the hotel to pick you up. Tell them when and where 😉

Very easy, and I love this hotel shuttle service. I should ask them next time to drive me to Paradise Bar haha.

Overall, how’s the hotel?

If you want a different scene than the hotels at Jalan Soekarno Hatta, then you can pick this hotel. The hotel staffs are friendly, and the location is not crowded. The most important thing that this hotel has a beach and a swimming pool haha! I would love to go back to this hotel and enjoy more time at the beach 😉

Book a room at Puri Sari Beach Hotel via Agoda from here.


Puri Sari Beach Hotel is one of the good choices to stay while in Labuan Bajo (Flores – Indonesia)

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  • Noni Khairani

    lumayan keliatan hotelnya 🙂

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Iya lumayan oke kokkkk 😉

  • Goiq

    ihhh keceeee

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Eymmmmmm …

  • arikus

    Mungkin dikonsep menjadi tempat istirahat dan benar-benar rilek Mas, jadi nggak pake Televisi kamarnya..hehehe, salam kenal Mas

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hahaha bener sih, biar istirahat abis jalan2 haha!

      Salam kenal juga Mas 🙂


    Please kak … jangan demen ONS, inget HIV yaaaa. Pake kondom jangan lupa

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hahaha! Tenang kaaakkk … *ihiyyy*

  • Jonathan Bayu S

    Hotelnya keren! Tahun lalu sempat pesan hotel ini satu malam pas mau ke LBJ eh tapi tiba2 batal karena pesawatnya delay sehari dari Jakarta haha

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Wooohh .. delay kok sehari :-/ Cobain deh, enak kok tempatnya, plus ada shuttle service juga 😉

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