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Sunset On The Rock at Karon Beach – Phuket

Thailand - Phuket - Karon beach - Thumbnail

After a whole day of driving around visiting some of the viewpoints on Phuket Island, we then decided to make another stopover at Kata or Karon before we drove back to our place in Patong.

We did not have much time as we needed to return the car in the hotel at around 8PM!

We just googled which restaurant was more interesting, which restaurant has a good location, and so on … We then decided to just visit Karon to have early dinner at On The Rock restaurant.

Thailand - Phuket - Karon beach - Marina Phuket - On The Rocks restaurant

On The Rocks Resort at Marina Phuket Resort (Phuket – Thailand)

From what I can recall, it was not that easy to find this place, perhaps it was the Google Maps, or we just did not notice that it is actually at the same place with Marina Phuket Resort. That would be easier! Haha.

Apparently the location of the restaurant from the parking space is not that near, as we needed to walk passed the resort into just beside the beach. Yes, it’s beside Karon Beach and on the rock … Just like the name ‘On The Rock.’ 😀

Thailand - Phuket - Karon beach

Karon Beach view from On The Rock (Phuket – Thailand)

When we entered the restaurant, which is a semi-open restaurant, they directly gave us Hawaiian shirts as we only wore sleeveless shirt and even wearing shorts lol …

As we saw that it was going to be sunset soon, and we could not really see the sunset from the restaurant – the restaurant is facing to the beach, so we decided to go out first to the beach to see the sunset.

We walked down to the beach and stepped on some big rocks and just enjoyed the sunset!

It was beautiful!

Thailand - Phuket - Karon beach - Enjoying the beach with family

Quality time with the family at Karon Beach (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Karon beach - Photo shooting on the beach

Photo shooting on the rocks at Karon Beach (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Karon beach - Fishing on the beach

Fishing on the rock at Karon Beach (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Karon beach - Enjoying the sunset

Swimming while enjoying the sunset – Karon Beach (Phuket – Thailand)

We did not realize that it was already 630PM, and we should go at 7PM! We even have not ordered our dinner yet!!!

Then we just rushed back to the restaurant hop hop hopppp … Put our Hawaiian shirts back, and requested the fastest food that can be cooked!

Haha …

It was really unfortunate that we could not stay there longer and enjoy the restaurant! Should return again someday and have proper dining experience … 😀

On The Rock

47 Karon Road, Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand
(p) +66 (0) 7633 0625, 7633 0493-5

Location on Google Maps (I have fixed the marker location … gheez!):

Thailand - Phuket - Karon beach - Dining beside the beach

Dining on the rock beside the Karon Beach (Phuket – Thailand)

Anyway, we found that Karon area is really interesting! Remind us of Bali … Is it? So next trip to Phuket, it would be great to stay here! 🙂

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  • winnymarch

    mirip kupang ya kak

    • timothywp

      wahh aku blm pernah ke Kupang nihhh … Ajak2 dongsss lain kali 🙂

  • Fahmi Anhar

    craving a beach vacation! insang kering, ingin menyesap sari pati udara laut! dan liat pasir putih karon beach ini bikin semakin sakau… aku belum pernah ke phuket pula… ajak aku halan-halan dong kak

    • timothywp

      yuk kapan kaakkk, halan2 bareng … tp aku ga punya insang gpp? *kabuuuur* 😀

  • Pic in this article are mindblowing!

    • timothywp

      Thank you! 🙂


    cakep banget. panoramanya keren abis. mahal gk wisata ke sana?

    • timothywp

      Mahal atau murah tergantung nihhh 😉

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