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A quick escape to Phuket Old Town …

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Featured Image

Phuket Old Town was my last destination when I visited Phuket island. I did not have a fix schedule on what to visit as I only had a couple of hours until lunch before I finally headed to the airport.

So after I had my breakfast at Angsana Laguna Phuket, then my friend and I went to the Old Town.

This was my first time to the Old Town, and did not know what to expect there, but I thought something like many shop houses that are preserved and turned into shop, hostel, or cafe like in Penang or Ipoh.

Once we arrived at Phuket Old Town area, thanks to Waze that directed us from Laguna area to this place, I just looked for a parking space at Thalang Road to park my car just beside the shop houses – just like what I imagined lah. There was no parking machine, but there was a parking lady that will collect the parking fee – remind me of Indonesia haha!

Even from where I stood, I could already saw, that there were many cafe, shops, and hostels in that lane.

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town (01)

Thalang Road with plenty of cafe, shops, and hostels

So we just walked around, and after took some photos of the street, we entered a souvenirs shop. Yep, that was the first place we entered lol … I think we also grabbed the Phuket Old Town map here with its walking tour, but as we did not have much time, so we just really walked around and took photos from the outside haha.

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town (02)

Krabi Road but in Phuket!

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Music vending machine

This is interesting! Music Vending Machine … You can buy a headphone too here!!

Even when we found this Museum Thaihua, we decided not to enter it, but … we entered a cafe located just next to it, called Cafe’in lol … Oopss sorry!

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Thaihua Museum

Thaihua Museum

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Cafe'in

Cafe’In located next to Thaihua Museum

There were still many old houses and some still maintains its Sino-Portuguese style. You can guess that it is the mixture of Chinese style and Portuguese style. FYI, Portugal is the first European nation that arrived in Phuket and gave its architectural influence.

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Chinpracha House - Blue Elephant cooking classes

Chinpracha house with its Sino – Portuguese style, is also used for Blue Elephant Restaurant & Cooking School

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Sino-Portuguese house

Another house with Sino-Portuguese style

The area also housed several Chinese temples, that we only walked pass by …

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Thye Guan Tong

Thye Guan Tong in Krabi Road

We actually had a plan to have our lunch quite far from the city, but as the time did not allow us to go further away from the airport, so we just chose a cafe near the place that we parked our car. So we chose Eleven Two & Co.!

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Eleven Two & Co (01)

Our last stop in Phuket Old Town was this cafe! Eleven Two & Co

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Twin Ha Phuket - Vintage shop

There is also a vintage shop inside Eleven Two & Co

Wow … I finally finished this Phuket trip blog post series! Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to share my blog post! 🙂


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Thailand - Phuket - Old Town - Eleven Two & Co (2)

Equipment for the day – hat, sun glasses, map, and Sony A6000! Haha – at Eleven Two & Co (Phuket Old Town – Thailand)

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