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The new Armor Kopi Bandung

new armor kopi bandung

The new Armor Kopi Bandung – Do you still remember that I made a blog post about Armor Kopi that was located in Taman Hutan Raya Juanda (THR) in Bandung (click HERE, if you haven’t read it yet), well it has moved to a new location now. The location is quite near to Taman Hutan Raya Juanda, it’s at Jalan Pakar Kulon to be exact. Don’t confuse if you look at Google Maps, that there are 2 Armor Kopi, one is just Armor Kopi, and the other one is Armor Kopi Garden. And this post is about the former one.

main house new armor kopi bandung

Let’s get inside to the new Armor Kopi Bandung 🙂

New and bigger Armor Kopi Bandung

I know that we all love the old place, where it sat just beside the pine forest of THR with the view of the lake. Well, although the new Armor Kopi Bandung is not located beside the pine forest, but it has a bigger space. I think, it’s more like a backyard haha. It’s big, but they don’t fill all the space with tables and seats. If they fill all the space, wow, it would be too crowded.

outdoor seating armor kopi bandung

The outdoor seating of Armor Kopi Bandung

It’s a backyard, so it’s an open space, although they have another little house at the back and several saung / bungalows. Other than that, it’s just wooden table and wooden chair. It’s quite simple actually. My friend and I chose to sit at this area just beside the bamboo trees.

backyard armor kopi bandung

Well, we can say that this their own backyard now hehe

outdoor seating new armor kopi bandung

Plenty of seats at the backyard of Armor Kopi Bandung

saung bungalow armor kopi bandung

Well, they also have some saungs / bungalows (?) too

little house new armor kopi bandung

Or, you want to seat inside this little house at the backside of the new Armor Kopi Bandung?

To be honest, we could sit there for hours. It’s just chillaxing. The weather was chill and a good place to relax. It’s a good thing if you come here during the afternoon. However, we didn’t stay until the evening, so we didn’t know how it looks like during the evening.

chillaxing outdoor seating new armor kopi bandung

Chillaxing while eating cireng and enjoy the hot coffee

Food for your stomach and coffee to warm you

Like the previous menu, the New Armor Kopi Bandung also provides coffee – of course!, from Robusta and Arabica, with various manual coffee brewing technique that you want or just regular coffee and other drinks. As a suggestion, you might want to order a hot drink to warm you in the chill weather 😉

barista new armor kopi bandung

You can also order your coffee using the manual coffee brewing technique

staff new armor kopi bandung

Various coffee at the New Armor Kopi Bandung (I thought she’s smiling at me, but she’s not! Lols)

As of the food and snack, seems there is no change on the menu. I still remember that I ordered cireng – it’s like a fried corn flour – with a delicious rujak sauce. I think I said the same thing about the sauce on my old blog post about Armor Kopi Bandung. Yeap, the sauce is still the same. Oh, but I think they make an additional on the food menu. Seems they don’t have real food in the past – I think – but now they have nasi pecel, which is rice with mix vegetables and peanut sauce.

cireng new armor kopi bandung

My favourite is their snack, cireng with delicious sauce! Uh la la!

coffee new armor kopi bandung

Let’s drink the coffee!

They own a parking space

On the previous place at THR, I think we all still remember that we had to pay an entrance ticket to enter the THR complex, even though our purpose is to just visit the Armor Kopi Bandung, not the THR. But now, they have their own parking space, so you just need to pay the parking ticket.

So have you been to the New Armor Kopi Bandung?

What do you think? Do you like it?

Let me know 🙂

The New Armor Kopi Bandung

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Location on Google Maps:

welcome new armor kopi bandung

So have you been to the new Armor Kopi Bandung already?

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  • D Sukmana Adi

    the place is very cozy for lounge, and cireng is one of menu that my favorite as long with sauce

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Yeah, it has the right sauce for the cireng 😉

  • nia nastiti

    Kangen cirengnya Armor Kopi, haha

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hahahaha! Iya samaaa … Enak sausnya 😀

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