MyLoc Coffee & Bistro, a hidden gem in Braga Bandung

It seems that there is always some cafe in Bandung that I have never tried before, and this time it is located in the famous Braga road in Bandung. I was invited to taste some new menu on a coffee shop and bistro, called MyLoc Coffee & Bistro. I was surprised that this was the first time I entered this place, and it’s like finding a hidden gem on Braga!


Welcome to MyLoc Coffee & Bistro at Braga Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

The place

The place is surprisingly quite cool and cozy. MyLoc has two floors, where the second floor has more seats than the first floor. It seems also the second floor is brighter than the first floor. If I could make comparison, the ambience at the first floor is similar to Blue Doors, while the second floor which of course is more crowded is quite similar to the ambience at Yellow Truck haha! Oh btw, It has also additional seats and table, outside the first floor for smokers, and there is a private room at the second floor that can occupy up to 10 people.


The first floor of MyLoc Coffee & Bistro (Bandung – Indonesia)

I love what they do to this café and it seems the owner loves paintings. I could see paintings everywhere! I could see murals on the first floor and the second floor. The interesting thing about the murals is they painted it on the bricks, and you can see the shape of the bricks. They also painted the bar table, and there some canvas paintings collection on the stairs wall, which I really love as most of the paintings has the vintage looks. Perhaps I have a vintage soul too, as I easily fall for something that has vintage looks haha.


Some of the canvas paintings on the stairs wall of MyLoc Coffee & Bistro (Bandung – Indonesia)

And since you know that I love working on cafe, you might curious about the power socket or Wi-Fi connection? Haha! Yes, they have! Plenty of power socket and Wi-Fi connection, even I saw some people working or doing their homework at this place, so this means that this place is a nice working place too!


MyLoc is one of the great places to work or to do your homework 😉

The drinks

I was happy that I got the chance to see the barista in action doing the manual coffee brewing. Even though I have seen so many times the manual brewing using V60 method, but it’s always a nice thing to see the process of the manual brewing, including their equipments! And of course to taste and the smell the coffee drink after that 😉


The coffee made from manual brewing!

The other thing that I love when the barista makes the coffee is the latte art. This time the drink is the caffee late. You might also already familiar with the process, right?


Caffe late in the making

But if you are not a coffee lover, they also serve some non-coffee drinks, including tea drinks 😉

The food

Well, this is why I got invited. To taste their new menu. They have some variations on the food menu, starting from the salad, pasta dishes, sandwich, and the main course. Even the main course has some Indonesian food also, such as Nasi Goreng MyLoc (MyLoc fried rice), which is their favourite menu, and I would love to try this some other time!


Spaghetti creamy pesto with smoked salmon at MyLoc (Bandung – Indonesia)

The new menu that I tasted are more to the Italian dishes, which are Big Baguettes Cashews and Cheese and Spaghetti Creamy Pesto with Smoked Salmon. My favorite is the first one. Anyway, at first I thought, the baguette is a personal portion – I didn’t really see the menu, but when the dish came out, I was so surprised that it was quite big for one person. Yeah, I know, it’s for 4 persons haha. The baguette is a one long baguette with plenty of toppings on top of it, and if you are a garlic lover – like I do, and prefer saltier food than sweeter food, then this is for you. The taste of the garlic is so strong, and I just couldn’t stop eating it!


Love this Baguette cashews and cheese of MyLoc Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

Is it easy to find MyLoc Coffee & Bistro?

As I said earlier, MyLoc is located in Braga street in Bandung. If you come from the entrance of Braga City Walk, then it’s on the left side.

However below is the location of MyLoc coffee and bistro on Google Maps:

Don’t forget to follow their social media account, who knows they share some promotion or new menu on their social media account 😉

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MyLoc Coffee & Bistro

Jalan Braga 111
Phone: +62 22 85880219

Opening hours:

Mon – Thu          : 08:00 – 22:00
Fri – Sun               : 08:00 – 23:00


The menu of MyLoc Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)


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