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The luxury stay in JW Marriott Medan

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - Thumbnail (web)

What the first thing that will cross your mind when you heard the name of ‘JW Marriott’?

Well, for me, the first thing that I thought when I heard JW Marriott is ‘luxury’, and I’m glad that I could taste the luxury of JW Marriott during my visit in Medan, Indonesia.

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - The lobby (web)

The lobby area of JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia) during the Chinese New Year month

The JW Marriott Hotel in Medan is a really noticeable building as it’s a very tall while surrounded by much lower buildings. During the night, you could see this one elegant and tall building with a bright lighting on top of it shaping the name ‘JW Marriott’.

Every time I stayed in a hotel, I always request to stay in a high-floor room if possible. The reason is simple. I want to be able to see the panoramic view of the city. Just like what I got from my comfortable room on 22nd floor.

My room at that time was a deluxe room. I could say that JW Marriott provides a quite spacious room, where there’s enough room for the working desk and two sofas near the window. Not too mention that there’s a flat TV with many channels just in front of the bed. To add the touch of what they called it ‘contemporary design’, JW Marriott also puts a few of their painting collection inside the room.

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - The room and flat TV (web)

The design of the deluxe room in JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - The view from the room (web)

The view of the dense city of Medan from 22nd flood of JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - The room (web)

The comfortable and spacious deluxe room of JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

I really love the double bed in this room, as it’s accompanied with plenty of pillows and comfortable and soft bedding sheet on top of my bed.

How about the bathroom?

The bathroom is an essential part of a room especially in a luxury hotel like JW Marriott, and I was surprised that they have of what I called it ‘I can see you from outside’ bathroom! Haha …Well, no … This is actually not a ‘see-through’ bathroom, but they use a ‘see-through’ glass as the divider so it’s possible for you to watch the TV while you soak yourself in the tub. But if you’re not getting use to a bathroom with a ‘see-through’ glass, you just close this part by pressing the ‘down’ button at the control panel so a curtain will roll down to close the ‘see-through’ glass.

The comfortable and spacious deluxe room of JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

The ‘see-through’ bathroom in the deluxe room of JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

The big bathroom in my room not only has a bathtub, but also has a rain shower area inside the room. I always love to take a bath under a rain shower, it feels like I having a shower below a waterfall! 🙂

As a 5-star hotel, JW Marriott Hotel Medan also provides a one-stop health service in one of its floor. If you prefer to exercise indoor, there’s a sufficient fitness centre to be used. If you want to enjoy the weather, there’s an outdoor swimming pool on the same floor with the fitness centre. But if you want to relax and rejuvenate your body, you can just head to the Quan Spa still on the same floor.

At the swimming pool area, it doesn’t mean you must swim in here. You could just sit beside the pool inside a bale-bale and enjoy the windy weather or your drinks. Well, as for me, as this is an outdoor area, this is good place for me to take photo of the surrounding!

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - The swimming pool (web)

The swimming pool at JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - The traffic from the swimming pool floor (web)

The view of the traffic from the swimming pool area in JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

If you are lazy to go out to have your lunch or dinner; JW Marriott has a few selections of restaurant to choose for, such as Jade Restaurant for the Chinese food, or The Prime Steak House (well you know what they serves here! 🙂 ).

JW Marriott is also well-known for its extensive selection of breakfast. The breakfast that they serves in Marriott cafe ranging from Asian to Western buffet style breakfast with theatre style kitchen – where food is prepared in full view of the guests. I always love if there are many food to choose for the breakfast. The breakfast time is only until 10AM each morning, but Marriott cafe will open all day, all night to accompany the other restaurants inside the building of JW Marriott.

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - Marriott cafe (2) - Theatre style kitchen

Theatre style kitchen in Marriott Cafe of JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - The lounge (web)

The Lounge at JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

There’s also a Lounge area in JW Marriott where you could also ordered the food in here, while listening to the live jazz piano music.

Overall, I did have a great and comfortable short stay in JW Marriott Hotel Medan. The location is also quite close to the famous Merdeka Walk where there are various restaurants in that area too.

So if you plan to have either a quick luxury escape or a long and comfortable stay in Medan, you could consider staying in JW Marriott Hotel Medan!

JW Marriott Hotel Medan
Jalan Putri Hijau No. 10
Medan, 20111 Indonesia
Office: 62 61 455 3333
Fax: 62 61 452 3333
Toll-free: 0 01 803 606278
Website (booking):

I was a guest of JW Marriott Hotel Medan, but all opinions are my own 🙂

Asia - Indonesia - Medan - JW Marriott Hotel Medan - The lounge (web)

JW Marriott Hotel Medan (Indonesia)

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  • tesyasblog

    Keren pool nya! Sayangnya tiap kali ke Medan mentoknya di bintang 4 nih hehe..
    And I love the pictures! Makin keren aja nih fotonya Oom Timot 🙂

    • timothywp

      Makasih kak Tesyaaaa 😀

      Iyaa ada pool for kids juga kok di seberangnya … 🙂 Cobain aja sekali2 🙂

  • Rina

    Too bad gak sempet ketemu…next time around! btw foto dari pool itu super gorgeous!!!! Glad you enjoyed your stay 🙂

    • timothywp

      Thank youu … 🙂 Iya nih next time ya mesti ketemu kita! 🙂


    Duch kolam renangnya mantep banget, ajak aku kesana kak 😉 #Ngarep.

    Tp jw marriot ini mmg keren hotelnya, perna nyobain di jkt + sby + bkk dan selalu terkesima sama menu sarapan nya yg berlimpah ruah 😉

    • timothywp

      Yukkk kakakk nyemplunggg …

      Mestinya aku yang minta diajakiin donggg … Blm pernah nyobain yg JKT ama BKK nihhhh *wink2*

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