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A look inside the restaurants at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis

restaurants at royal tulip gunung geulis

A look inside the restaurants at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis – So you must have read my blog post about my stay at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis, right? If you haven’t you can head to that post first then go back here haha:

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When you stayed at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis, it’s like you are having an escape there, as it has a good location for an escape, which means it’s a bit far from the city – the distance to Botani Square is like 16 – 20km, but the place has a nice surrounding. As you are having an escape, you might feel lazy to go out from Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis, just to have something to eat, am I right? Well, you should not need to worry as there are two restaurants at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis that can serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

LL One

LL One is one of the restaurants at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis, and it is your destination for your breakfast meals when you stay at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis. LL One is the main restaurant at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis, as it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and opens from 06:00 – 23:00. The seating area at LL One is divided into two, indoor – full of aircon and no-smoking area, and outdoor for smoking area.

indoor seating area at ll one

One of the corners at LL One

The restaurant

Talking about the restaurant itself, the design looks like the country kitchen style with the use of wooden panel and some of the set is using black steel as the border. Yeah it looks like the kitchen at the cooking show on TV, with many accessories of ceramic plates, jar full cooking ingredients, and so on haha. Meanwhile, the decoration and style inside the room of LL One looks like café, which looks good to me. The other thing that I love is the placemats that is made from webbing. It’s like a well-made placemat!

inside ll one

Inside LL One

cute interior ll one

Cute interior of LL One

And if you come to LL One at night and sitting outside, no need to be afraid of dark, as they put some cute light installed inside what it looks like third-quarter of a big egg, I don’t know what it calls in the design world hehe. It looks nice and romantic though when the lights on.

outdoor seating area ll one at night

This egg-shaped light replaced the candle light for your dinner at LL One! Psst … look at the place mats. Look pretty, right?!

The meals

The food is served a la buffet style, with various cuisines that you can pick, starting from Indonesian, Asian, to international cuisines. Don’t forget to ask for omelette or sunny side up if you love fried egg. Well, I always asked for it during breakfast haha. And sometimes, you can see the chef does some trick with big fire when making the omelette, and when he did that, I was just like ‘whoaaaa …’.

fire attraction by the chef

Fire attraction by the chef when making the omelette haha!

One of the meals that I love from LL One is the laksa one. The laksa meal is like CYO meal – create your own meals haha. You can put more bean sprouts in the mix, or more tofu and fishball into it. Well, depends on what your liking is. Then when you are done, just give the bowl to the chef so he or she can pour the laksa soup to the bowl. Delicious!

favourite meal ll one laksa

My favourite meal at LL One, laksa!

Not, every day you can get the laksa though, sometimes you can get the meatball soup with noodle.

creat your own meatball

Create your own meatballs with noodle meal at LL One

meatballs with noodle ll one

Voila! The meatballs is served


If you are a sweet-tooth, then you might love this LL One, as there are pastries in many places inside LL One haha. Just pick one each of the cakes, but don’t make your stomach full yet, as there are more endings to your meals.

Well, do you love waffle with ice cream on top? How about churros with two scopes of ice cream and chocolate syrup on it. A good end to my meals ????

plenty cake pastry ll one

Plenty of cake at LL One

churros with ice cream chocolate syrup

Churros with ice cream and chocolate syrup

FIRE Gril & Bar

What kind of food identical with fire?

Okay, we do mostly need fire when cooking, but what crossed mind when thinking of food plus fire is grilling. I love grilled food. And there are plenty of choice on grilled food at FIRE, which is also one of the restaurants at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis.

fire grill and bar royal tulip gunung geulis

Is it cold outside? Then let’s light up the fireplace 😀

The restaurant

The restaurant is a semi-open restaurant, so no aircon inside the restaurant. Luckily Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis located in Bogor, which sometimes can be cool – but sometimes can be hot and humid too haha.

seating area fire with fireplace

Outdoor seating area at FIRE with fireplace

The size of the restaurant is smaller compare to LL One, but still it is a good place if you want to just chill with friends here, as they have some big sofa outside the restaurants. Don’t worry with the sunlight during the day, as there is big umbrella to protect you from the sunlight. Meanwhile, on the other side of the restaurants, there are some seating area too, but this one has some fireplaces.

chill with friends at fire

Chilling with friends at FIRE

The meals

As I said earlier, the main star at this restaurant is absolutely the grilled food. Various grilled meat, from fish, beef, and lamb, all you can get in this restaurant. People who know me, would already guess, that I would get as much lamb as I can haha. Nah, I didn’t take that many haha, just a few, as I wanted to taste the other yummy grilled meat.

grilled fish fire royal tulip gunung geulis

Various of grilled fish at FIRE

grilled lamb fire bar royal tulip gunung geulis

Grilled lamb at FIRE

But hold on, FIRE is not only known as the grilled meat restaurant, but it also has pizza on the menu. And, it’s using the wood-fire pizza oven! Uuh, I love the thin pizza that comes out from this oven, the taste of the pizza crust, so delicious, especially when you choose to have cheese on top of the pizza. Surely the cheese is melted, and you can see the melt of the cheese when you take one slice of the pizza from the pan. Yes, FIRE’s famous pizza is the Quattro cheese pizza – there is mozzarella, parmesan, and so on on top of the pizza dough! Order this one please if you decided to dine at FIRE ????

quattro cheese pizzat at fire bar

The delicious Quattro Cheese Pizza at FIRE with its melted cheese!

So, if you can choose, which of the restaurants at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis do you love the most? Is it a hard choice? Hahaha.

pizza at fire bar royal tulip gunung geulis

Another pizza that you can order at FIRE as one of the restaurants at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis

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  • Goiq

    makanannya banyak banget yah kak Mothy

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Iya kakkk … kenyang deh huehe … 🙂

  • Nur

    Hi, salam kenal. Untuk nyicipin pizza bakarnya hrs mengeluarkan brp idr ya? Thx 😀

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hi, boleh tolong langsung tanya ke Royal Tulip nya ya 🙂

  • duniamasak

    enak banget jadi laper liatnya

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