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Lombok has its own Gangga …

Lombok Gangga trip - Gangga waterfall direction - cover page

Visiting Gangga, which is one of the sub-district in North Lombok, was actually not part of the plan.

Our plan was actually going to Senaru to see the waterfalls there.

I knew that we’re going to see something else, when Faiz, our driver, woke me up after a quite long journey from Senggigi.

‘Hey … Do you want to see this first?’ asked Faiz.

I instantly look at the direction made of a board saying something like ‘Tiu Pupus waterfall … This way.’

Even though I don’t know what we’re going to see, I needed to answer it quick as we’re approaching the intersection.

After I said yes to him, we’re off the main road and followed the direction to Tiu Pupus.

The direction to the waterfall was all written on a board, but it’s quite useful, until we reached in an area of a village where we couldn’t continue the trip with the car.

Just to make sure about the location of the waterfall, Faiz asked an old woman who was beside her house using Sasak language, and then returned to us.

‘Yes, we’re in the right location. We just need to walk down there, and follow the creek.’

We started walking alongside the creek on a dirt road until we saw a bridge in front of us, and a small building on the right side. All has been paved, including a small part of the road near the bridge.

‘Aah … The waterfall!’

Lombok Gangga trip - Tiu Pupus area

Tiu Pupus area

Lombok Gangga trip - Tiu Pupus waterfall

Tiu Pupus waterfall

Lombok Gangga trip - Tiu Pupus waterfall - The pond

The pond in Tiu Pupus waterfall

The water came up from a rocky hill, which made the rock becomes mossy.ย Unfortunately, there’s not much water flowing from the hill during our visit, so it didn’t makeย a big splash.

I think, they also intentionally built a small wall from stone not far from the waterfall, just to block the water so it did not flow directly downstream. Therefore it makes a pond.

Sadly, there’s no one visiting this waterfall besides us and a couple of villagers.

We then decided to go back to the car, and continue our trip to the next waterfall.

Lombok Gangga trip - Trekking back from Tiu Pupus waterfall

Trekking back from Tiu Pupus waterfall

‘Kak Faiz, where we going now?’

‘We’re going to Gangga waterfalls.’

Gangga waterfall? Humm … .

The direction to Gangga waterfall was also looks like a self made board with painted the direction. I could see it from the main road, which was 7 Km more to the waterfall. Then I could see another self made direction but this time, beside it, there’s an official direction to the waterfall. It’s 2 Km from the waterfall.

The waterfall is still in the area of a village. That’s why we passed some fields beside the road. Mostly the plant were peanut and sweet potato when we visiting this area.

Lombok Gangga trip - Welcome to Gangga waterfall

Welcome to Gangga waterfall

We parked the car, then we walked to a post, where there were a few villagers. They apparently also acted as the guide to the waterfall. Our guide name is Madi.

Gangga waterfall, or also known as Kerta Gangga waterfall, is a 3-stage waterfall.

To reach the waterfall, we needed to do a little trekking.

The first stage waterfall is located in the upper part of the hill.

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - The view from the hill

The view from the hill

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - First stage

The first stage of Kerta Gangga waterfall

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - First stage (1)

The first stage of Kerta Gangga waterfall taken from a different angle

The stairs are already being paved, so it’s easy to go up and down.

The first stage waterfall is actually beside a small floodgate, so we needed to climb and cross this floodgate to be in the waterfall.

The first stage waterfall was not really disperse. It seems, the water flows on a groove of the rocky hill.

When I looked at my photo of the first stage waterfall, it seems that the waterfall was not that high.

Then I looked at Sinthya’s photo, which was taken from a bit different angle, but shot at the same location. Now I could see that the waterfall is actually quite high. Look at the different on the photo on the right.

Although the first stage waterfall was not as I expected, but the view from here was beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ …

Different with the first stage of the waterfall, at the second stage waterfallย we didn’t need to climb and cross a floodgate … But bamboo sticks! Interesting! Climbed a little bit to go up and voila! The second stage waterfall, hidden behind the hill.

This one is more beautiful than the first stage.

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - Going to the second stage waterfall

Crossing the bamboo stick for the second stage of Kerta Gangga waterfall

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - Second stage waterfall

The second stage of Kerta Gangga waterfall

When I wanted to go back and cross the bamboo stick, I looked at the scenery and then an image of a swimming pool of a hotel in Ubud flashed in my mind. The difference is, this one is not a swimming pool, but merely a pond, but the view was also nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - The pond at the the second stage waterfall

If only this is a swimming pool … (at the second stage of Kerta Gangga waterfall)

The last stage of the waterfall was at the bottom of the hill, so we went down on a dirt road until the bottom of the hill.

We walked alongside a creek and between very high rocky hills.

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - Trekking to the third stage waterfall

Trekking to the third stage of Kerta Gangga waterfall

Then we stopped in front of a pond, and I saw a strong flow of water coming from a hole on the side of a hill not far from we stood.

I was busy taking pictures here and there, and not realizing everyone already stood below the hole, and ready to climb a stick to go through the hole.

I didn’t want to miss the fun, and I didn’t really care that I would be wet if I went there, so I rushed there.

I needed to be extra careful when going up by stepping on that stick because the water flow coming from the hole was quite strong.

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - Third stage waterfall - Looking through the hole

Looking through the hole … (at third stage of Kerta Gangga waterfall)

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - Get inside to see the third stage waterfall

The third stage of Kerta Gangga waterfall …

Inside, I had two choices, joining Madi, playing the water and enjoying the waterfall, or going up to the dry side, and watched him enjoying the waterfall. Sadly, I had to choose the latter. I didn’t bring any spare clothes!

So this was the last stage of the Gangga waterfall.

I did really enjoy this Gangga waterfall very much, and probably will go back here with a spare cloth! Haha.

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - Madi's handicraft

Madi’s handicraft

After trekking back to the parking area, Madi brought us around the area, and passing some Sasak house, including his house. He then also showed us some of his craft. We bought two of his craft, it’s like a cylinder made from bamboo. He also made some paintings too, but we didn’t buy it.

He also brought us to the field at the side, and showed us the waterfall from afar. Well, it didn’t look big from that spot ๐Ÿ˜‰

He said that there will be some lodging here; I guess it’s more a simple lodging for people who wants to live in a countryside, and trekking to the waterfall. Who knows I’m going to be their guest in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - The Gangga waterfall from a distance

The Kerta Gangga waterfall from afar

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - The scenery

The scenery in the village and a lodging is being constructed on the left

Lombok Gangga trip - Kerta Gangga Waterfall - Relaxing after trekking to the waterfalls

Relaxing after the trekking to Kerta Gangga waterfall – with Faiz (left), and Madi

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  • Khai

    Walaweiii!! Very beautiful and looks adventurous. Especially crossing the bamboo bridge ;D

    • timothywpawiro

      Yess, it’s beautiful and I just want to go there and jumping around on the waterfall haha.

      PS: I really miss people saying something like ‘walaweii’ … It’s been so long that I’ve never heard that word here ๐Ÿ™‚ I even didn’t know the meaning haha *oops*

      • Khai

        Haha. Walawei is just an expression to show how impressed we are with something. Exactly like ‘fuiyooo’. Hehe.

        Come to KL then. U will hear a lot of walaweiis here. ;D And do notify me if you’re coming to KL. I can show you around and bring you to my house and I’ll treat you to some good foods here at my house area. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • timothywpawiro

          Haha never heard of fuiyoo though! ๐Ÿ˜›

          Of course, I will definitely let you know when I’m in KL. Thanks for the invitation, and I look forward for the yummy food! Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Khai

            Haha. Fuiyoo is like ‘Wowwww!’ so to speak. ;D

            No problem. Do let me know and I can fetch u from anywhere in KL ๐Ÿ™‚

          • timothywpawiro

            Yiiyy!! Thanks for a nice offer!
            Definitely will let you know when I’m around KL ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sinthya

    Too bad we didn’t have a shower or swim on each waterfall ๐Ÿ™

  • randompeps

    wooooow! cool!

    • timothywpawiro

      It is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lramadhania

    waah… seru banget keliatannya…. kapan ya gw kesana :((

    • timothywpawiro

      Akomodasi di Lombok kan udah tersedia, jd kapan aja lu bisa deh ๐Ÿ˜›

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