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One last river cruise in Guilin … :)

China trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - A bridge on Rong Lake

China trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - ICBC Building

So we hopped to our boat to have the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise.

Why it’s called that way, because we would pass those during the river cruise. There are Li River, Taohua River, Ronghu Lake, Shahu Lake, and Mulong Lake.

As I said, there were a few more boats that will do the river cruise with us.

I wonder what can Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise offer to the tourists after a river night cruise in Guangzhou that offers the beautiful light that decorates the building and also Canton Tower or, two river cruises in Guilin: Yang Di river cruise, and Yulong River Cruise that offer beautiful scenery.

Well, we’re about to find out then … 😉

Again, just like the river cruise in Guangzhou, they provide seats and tables inside the boat, and heater too, so if we feel that the weather is too freezing outside, we could go inside the boat. There’s also a solo musician that will accompany the guest during the cruise 😉

China trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - The Sun and Moon Pagoda (Banyan or Ronghu Lake)

The Sun and Moon Pagoda

But … why would I go inside the boat when the attractions are outside …

So I stood outside, didn’t really care about the cold wind haha … I wanted to see what the attraction is …

First to see is of course the Sun and Moon Pagoda on the Banyan Lake (Ronghu Lake or also called Shan Lake). We could see these two copper pagoda from the pier as they’re tall enough … In fact, The Sun Pagoda, which is a nine storeys tower, is the highest copper tower in the world (the moon pagoda is a seven storeys tower).

Then as the cruise went on, we could see more buildings with beautiful light, from the ICBC buildings, then Guilin Park Hotel, and then we could see the Ancient Song City at the Mulong Lake.
China trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - Guilin Park Hotel

China trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - Song City (Mulong Lake)

Ancient Song City

China trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill

The next interesting thing that I saw was this big hill beside the river, called Fubo Hill. They installed some light on the hill which makes the hill becomes more beautiful … 🙂

Still in Mulong Lake, I could see another pagoda that stands high on the hill. It’s called Mulong Pagoda. The Pagoda is really bright, I think they installed the light at the entire pagoda.

During the river cruise, we passed many bridges that have different and unique architecture, where some looks different with the bridge in Pearl River, and some looks the same.

Also, another interesting thing was that we also passed some people that play music and dancing on the house-boat.
China trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - A bridgeChina trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - Another bridgeChina trip - Guiln - Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - Performance on a boat

If the ending of the river cruise in Pearl River is the Canton Tower, Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise has different and interesting ending. A 4-minute musical performance! Nice isn’t it 😉

After we watched the performance, we’re heading back to the pier. As we passed the same route, we decided to go inside the boat where the heater is on! Haha … 😀

Actually, in this river cruise, I’ve realized that I passed many interesting things at the river banks, such as exploring the Fubo Hill, entering the Sun and Moon Pagoda, and soon. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to explore those … Perhaps next time then 😉

Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise: CNY180.00

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