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Last Night in Guilin

This is another part of my China trip series. I did this trip in February 2012. Yes … A long time ago haha, but better late than never 😉

After river cruise all day long … We planned to have another river cruise in the evening. It seemed that we didn’t have enough river cruise haha!!

The river cruise would be in the city, it’s called Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise! So we’re going to pass Li River, Taohua River, Ronghu Lake, Shahu Lake, Guihu Lake, and Mulong Lake. It’s said that Mulong Lake is the new lake. It’s been recently dug and connected with the others.

We shared our plan with KFC (our tour guide), and he said that we could buy the tickets from his office. That’s nice! So we headed to KFC’s office to print the tickets. His office is actually near the Elephant Trunk Hill. Also from the office parking space, I could see the Sun and Moon pagoda, which is located in the Ronghu Lake (or it’s also called Banyan Lake). So his office is in a great location! Lol.
China trip - Guilin - The Sun and Moon Pagoda on Banyan Lake (Ronghu Lake)

There were some timings for the river night cruise at night, but as we wanted to see another attraction around 8:30PM (the waterfall at the central square), so we preferred to do the river night cruise at 7:30PM.

So after we got the ticket, he dropped us near the pier for the river cruise. The location is quite strategic. Nearby, I could see a big hotel, then many eating places, and also the central square.

It’s still around 6PM, so we still have plenty to do before the river cruise, but first to do thing was to find food! 😀

So we scoured the area, and also predicted where the location for the waterfall is. We suspected that the waterfall is at the big hotel nearby the pier …

China trip - Guilin - Food Street VendorAfter walking around the block of the shop house, and restaurant complex; we found this food stall that sells light food. Mostly they sell fried chicken … The interesting thing was, they put the fried chicken on the stick! It’s a deep-fried food, and when I held the chicken, suddenly the oil dripping to my fingers, lol!! What a mess hahaha!! The fried chicken is simple, but it’s surprisingly nice! 🙂

So while we’re walking alongside the river bank, we already could see the beauty of the city at night, with beautiful light on most of the buildings.

Reaching the pier, apparently there’s a group of musician that played cheerful Chinese music. When I looked at them, I suddenly remembered The Twelve Girl Band, which is the twelve girls that play the Chinese instruments. The crowd, including myself, was enjoying the music!
China trip - Guilin - Musician beside the pier

Aahh … It’s 7:30PM already, and the boats were ready to take us all. I thought there would be only one boat, but actually there were quite a few boats that would cruise the river with us. So hopped on to the boat then!! 🙂
China trip - Guilin - Sun and Moon Pagoda - Banyan Lake (Ronhu Lake)

I will share about the river cruise in the next post … 🙂

So after a one-hour-freezing-river-cruise, we arrived at the same pier, and the musician was still playing, but this time there were many crowds that dancing. They seemed to really enjoy the music! It’s really fun to watch the crowd dancing … 😀

But we didn’t have the time to enjoy the music again, as we needed to rush to the waterfall area that we thought was located behind this big hotel …

So we ran to the location … … … And … we didn’t find anything 😮

There’s no sign of waterfall, even on the square park. Nothing!! We ran to the other side of the hotel … Same thing … Nothing! Lol … Oh well … 😛

It’s still 8:30PM, we still had plenty of time before we headed back to the hostel … So we decided to walk around, and there’s a night market! The location was beside the hotel, so it’s in the big alley. There were plenty of things there, mostly for souvenirs. Not only the night market, there were also plenty of stores there, from clothing stores, and also café and restaurants. No need to worry if you are hungry after the river cruise. We decided to have a coffee later at night after our dinner. So we continue to walk around, and I could see the name of the street of the night market, it’s called Zhengyang Walking Street.
China trip - Guilin - Night market

Then … In some point, we found there are many street vendors that sell light food, including the similar lamb satay that we found in Guangzhou. The seller has more variations of the satay, but all looks delicious! Haha … We also found quail eggs satay … Yummy yummy yummyyyyyy!!!!
China trip - Guilin - Satay

So after sometime, we thought that we needed some real food! How about McDonalds!! Hahaha …

We discussed what we should do after the dinner … We still didn’t want to go back to the hostel yet, of course, it’s our last night in Guilin!!

We finished our dinner around 10PM, and we then went to Zhengyang Walking Street to have some coffee there … But … suddenly the crowded street that we just passed a few hours ago, now became a quiet street … So it seems that the stores closed at 10PM …

… Hmmphh …

So we just looked for a taxi and headed back to the hostel …

Arrived at the hostel, finally we went inside to our room. It’s in the first floor … And there is already guess inside. It’s a room with 4 beds. Our roommate is a Korean, named Jay. Guess what!! He travelled all the way from South Korea to China on his bike! And yes, he plans to travel around the world using his bike! This Jay is marvellous!!

He shared that he put his entire bag on his bike – front, side, and back; he sometime slept in any places that he could find, and the most important things, he made friends during his journey! A lot of friend!! And he still young too … I asked for his Facebook, so I could see where he is now. (I’ve literally just checked his Facebook, and after he visited Thailand and Laos, he’s already back in China again haha. He really enjoy his time! *envy* haha).

Before I end this post, here’s the video of the musician beside the pier that I was talking about. Hope you enjoy their performance like I do 😉


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  • Kania

    I’m going there this coming August! XD

    • timothywp

      Really!!! Make sure you stay longer than I did haha! One night in Guilin was not enough -___-
      Ditunggu update-an blog nya 😀

      • Kania

        One week kok 😀
        Tapi ikut travel dan sama keluarga besar -__-
        Will not be as fun as if travelling solo or with friends kayaknya :p
        Tapi yah lumayan, kalo ngga gw ga bisa ngapa-ngapain juga di sana, ga bisa bahasa cina :)))

        • timothywp

          Wah gileee, 1 minggu mah asikkk, bisa explore lebih banyaakk …

          Lu pikir kami yg ke cina bs bhs cina hahaaa, kagak ada euy 😛

          Wah wah wah, ditunggu laporan di blog nya nieh 😀

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