Sydney Opera House: A show called La Soirée …

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - La Soiree - The Studio

Entering the Studio!

It’s almost 7PM, and the crowd already gathered in front of the door of The Studio in Sydney Opera House to watch La Soirée!

Once we entered the Studio, all the seats were almost full (the standing ticket holder could enter the venue after 7:30ish), and we’re lucky to get in the first row of the standing area (just behind the sitting area).

The venue is considered to be quite small, but it has a second floor. I didn’t really look at the second floor whether it’s a full seating area or a mix with standing area. The stage itself is in the middle of the venue, and it’s a round stage.

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - La Soiree - Marawa

Marawa with her hoops! Watch her in La Soirée at Sydney Opera House

To be honest I didn’t really expect anything from the show. We just wanted to watch a show in Sydney Opera House lol. But it turned to be a really great and memorable show! We even didn’t feel tired standing for more than 2 hours to watch the show.

There were many performers in the show, but it seemed the audience favourite was David O’mer  ‘the bath boy’! Haha!

He was a gymnast before, and now he combines his gymnastic skill to give the aerial ballet performance in wet jeans! So if you sit in front row, get ready to get a splash from The Bath Boy! Nahh … just kidding … 😉

Have you tried to play hula hoops?! How about if you play the hoops while you’re using roller skates? Well it seemed Marawa can handle both! Not only with one hoops, but 2, 3, 4, and more hoops! ;o)))

In La Soirée, there’s also a puppet show! What? Puppet show?!

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - La Soiree - David O'mer (The Bath Boy)

David O’mer – The Bath Boy in La Soirée

Yes, it’s a puppet show by Cabaret Decadanse, and it’s not an ordinary puppet! This puppet is tall, this puppet has a springy body, and this puppet can give that sexy move following the dance music from the 1970’s!

Don’t forget the elastic man! Captain Frodo! No he doesn’t have hair on his feet, it’s a different Frodo! He was surely confident to go through the smallest ring that he brought to the stage.

Oh so many to share! But words can’t describe the excitement of watching it live!

So, don’t miss the show in Sydney Opera House! The show has been extended until 10 March 2013!

Here’s a snippet video of their performance:


To book the ticket online, click here.

To see the performers details and other info, just go to La Soirée official website.

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - La Soiree - Cabaret Decadanse

Cabaret Decadanse in La Soirée

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