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Checking out the new La Laguna with its Bohemian style …

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Featured Image

On one afternoon in one of the beach clubs in Canggu, my friends and I decided to move to other places and change the scenery between the beach club in Canggu, to something else – which is current and popular. Lol …. We were torn between La Laguna and another one, but this ‘another one’ requires us to dress properly … Hmm … Not for me in the hot Bali weather – although the place looks good in the photo.

So we picked … La Laguna!

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - (01)

Halloo La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

It took us around less than 10 minutes to reach the place, which is apparently quite near from the previous place, and I bet, La Laguna is located at the same beach line with the beach club that we just left haha.

It was Monday, and the place already filled with some people already – my friend said that ‘everyday is holiday in Bali!’

From the parking place, we walked pass-by several truck modified wood wagon on our left. I think these are for the romantic dinner setting or … ? – It was still under renovation, so we could not enter it, and I am upset that I could not find any pictures of the wagon in my photos rrrr …!

The place occupied quite a wide area, from the outdoor seating, including the bar, and there was a semi-indoor place too.

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Indoor seating

Prefer sitting under the roof? – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - The bar

or … There are seating area too just beside The Bar – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

And there was that ‘laguna’ that divides this place with the beach.

However, … there’s a bridge that connects La Laguna with the beach, so you do not need to swim the laguna to reach the beach haha.

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - The bridge to the beach

Miss the beach already? Just cross this bridge that connects La Laguna with the beach. This could be a lovely setting during the sunset (Bali – Indonesia)

As the place is can be categorized as the ‘sunset’ spot, so it is quite logical to pick a sit on the ‘front row’ (beside the laguna) of the restaurant facing the sunset. We did have pick a good spot for this, but … it was scorching hot! I just could not bear the heat! Haha.

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Seating beside the laguna

Dining with your love … Perhaps you want to sit on this table just beside the lagoon and wait for that sunset – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia) …

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - The bridge of romance

… or you can choose to sit here on the romantic bridge, with your love one – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

I suggested to my friends that we just sit on the ‘yard’ section – beside The Bar, where there are several short-long tables with some seat pillows around it. It looks like that we were having a picnic! And the most important thing … it was not hot, but the weather was cooler! Love this!

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Seating on a yard

I feel down to earth seating on this ‘yard’ … lol  – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Brownies with vanilla ice cream

An ice cream (on top of brownies) to cool down my body temperature lol 😀 – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

After we ordered some snacks, I walked around to see that this place is so Instagrammable! Every where the design and the settings are unique. They used rustic furnitures and colourful pillow cover, and I could see from its official Instagram account, they always put the hashtag #bohemian ! Yeap, I guess, this kind of style is the bohemian style, and I love it as it is colourful!

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Bohemian style seating beside the lagoon (01)

Colourful and lovely pillow covers are everywhere! – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

Many people were taking pictures everywhere, especially on the bridge area.

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Posing beside the laguna

Posing just beside the lake – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

Near the sunset hour, people started to come in.

Many would just hang out on the bar at the centre of the complex, and others like us … we just sit on our colourful pillow in the yard area, while enjoying the smooth cool wind …

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Crowds are increased nearing the sunset hour

Crowds are increasing nearing the sunset hour – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Chill and relaxing with friends

A great place to hang out with friends – La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

But … during the sunset … I did not want to miss a chance taking pictures of it, right?!

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - Feeling the sunset

Beautiful sunset at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)

Cool place, right?!

I am curious with its line of wagons near the entrance! Should come to this place again, and take pictures of them next time! Haha.

La Laguna

Jalan Pantai Kayu Putih, Berawa
Badung, Bali, Indonesia
p: +62 361 4741214

Location on Google Maps:

Indonesia - Bali - Canggu - La Laguna - when the lights turned on

When the night comes, it is time to turn on the lights – at La Laguna (Bali – Indonesia)


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  • cumilebay maztoro

    Tempat ini lagi ngehitsssss banget, dan Ternyata sodaraan ama lafavela di kayu aya jd pantes aja konsep nya sama

    • timothywp

      Oalaahhh pantes yaa … tipikal decor-nya mirip2 ya.
      Ternyata! Haha 😀

  • sooyun

    mau tanya dong, kalau mau duduk di area picnic with those lovely cushions itu harus booking dulu gak? thanks.

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Kurang tau sih ya, apakah ada area yang perlu reserve dulu atau ga. Dulu cuma asal duduk aja huehe.

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