Kopi Manyar, a homey coffee shop in Bintaro

I’ve been heard about Kopi Manyar in Bintaro since some time ago when my friend told me that he accidentally found a coffee shop in Bintaro sector 2. He said that he was actually want to find an alternate route, since the regular route was crowded. As a coffee lover, he recommended me to visit the place, not because of the coffee only, but also because of the design. Yes, I am a sucker of coffee shop with good design haha!


Welcome to Kopi Manyar in Bintaro

On my mission to search for coffee shop in Bintaro, I went there on purpose, but when I checked the location, I really really could not find the place. I drove back and forth, but to no avail. I didn’t see any signage in front of the house. Apparently when I read carefully their profile in Instagram, it said that it only opens from Tuesday to Sunday. And that day was Monday. Doh!

How does Kopi Manyar look like?

I just checked that Kopi Manyar is owned by a group of architects, including the famous Andra Matin, that’s why it has a very nice design! The place is beautifully designed with simplicity. They put the small model of the houses or buildings that they have (probably) designed as part of the decorations on the wall, beside some of the arts. They even have a small ‘showroom’ on another house below that connected to the main house.


How does Kopi Manyar look like?

Basically Kopi Manyar is not fully indoor, as in between the houses, it has an open air area, where they still keep the tree planted there. Near this area, you will see stairs going up to the praying room. You might see people use these stairs a lot for the photo shoot, either they sit on the stair or walk on the stairs.

Oh, don’t forget to check their bathroom. They have a very high-tech toilet! lol.


The show room at the second house of Kopi Manyar

How about the seating area?

Kopi Manyar has quite a lot of seating area, but my favourite is the long table in front of the coffee bar. The height is more or less the same with regular table, so it’s good for me if I want to work there with my laptop. (Yes, they have Wi-Fi and power outlets).


The seating area with the long table at Kopi Manyar

Unless, if I want to just hang out with friends, I could just sit on the area just beside the entrance, which has only a small lower table, but with a comfortable sit haha.


Loving this corner!

Kopi Manyar also has sits and table on each of its corners in the house, including inside the room behind the long table. It’s just like a semi meeting room.


Seating area inside the room at Kopi Manyar

How’s the food and drink?

As they named themselves as KOPI (coffee) Manyar, they have various kind of coffee with various equipment of the manual coffee brewing. They also have a free infused water that you can take by yourself.


Free drink! Yeayy …

How about their food menu? I don’t really remember, but if I’m not mistaken, their food menu is not so much. However, I like the name of their food, they use a more traditional name, even though it’s a spaghetti with chicken – which now I did not remember the name (I think it’s like noodle something lol).


I tried not to spill my drink to someone’s papers seating in front of me haha!

How about the parking space?

They have limited parking space. I think the space can only fit to three cars only. But they have a valet service.

Overall, what do you think?

I love the place, and I could just sit there for hours. I just love the ambiance! The place feels so homey and comfortable, it’s just like sitting inside a home … with plenty of strangers haha!

I would love come to this place again and again!

Don’t forget to follow their social media account:

Instagram            : https://www.instagram.com/kopimanyar/

Phone   : +62217353932
Email     : infokopimanyar@gmail.com

Opening hours (during Ramadhan):

Tuesday – Friday               : 11:00 – 21:00
Saturday – Sunday           : 11:00 – 22:00

Location on Google Maps: (turn left on the intersection with Snapy on the right side)


Love love love this part of Kopi Manyar!


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