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(Advertorial) KLM Mobile Application

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KLM Mobile Application – Nowadays, we tend to use our mobile phone to do what we usually do in our laptop. We use our mobile phone to check our emails, opening some social media applications, browse for flight ticket, and many more mobile application! Because of that, I always bring my mobile phone to everywhere I go, even inside my house. And just like this video, where this guy likes to bring his mobile phone to everywhere, including to the … Wait, perhaps you just watch this funny video, called ‘Chopsticks’ 😉

Hahaha … well, even I bring my mobile phone to the bathroom, I don’t drop it to the toilet!

This video is actually a crowd sourcing challenge from KLM for Asia region, to promote its KLM mobile application. The challenge asked video creative to communicate the wide variety of mobile and online services of the KLM mobile application. This resulted in some very funny videos, all communicating that one important message: with KLM, you can take full control of your trip with your mobile.

For me who loves to travel, I like to search my flight ticket using my mobile phone. It’s easy and fast! I don’t need to open my laptop, wait for it to load, open the browser, then type the website address. So much hassle!

Just like KLM mobile application which is very user friendly, and I just tap tap tap on the screen to get the flight that I want!

If you haven’t downloaded the app, you can download it here.







So, once you have finished the download and open the KLM mobile application, you will see that is very easy to use it 😉


Very easy step-by-step to use the KLM mobile application

See, I am not lying! It’s very easy to use, right?

So, are you ready to fly now?! Why wait to book your flight using the KLM mobile application? Have a safe flight! 😉

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